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Humor Guide by Ninjah ReaperZz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ninjah ReaperZz

They Get Knocked Back But Don't Get Back Up Again

Ninjah ReaperZz Last updated on March 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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Lee Sin: Jungle
Singed: Solo Top
Gragas: Mid Lane
Blitzcrank: Bot Lane
Vayne: Bot Lane

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The Game Plan

As you can see by these champions they all have knock backs or pulls. Use this to your advantage with Lee Sin ganks by knocking them back or pulling back towards your turret and then Lee Sins knock back as well will prove a challenge even for flashing. This is only for lanes when it comes to team fighting wait and see what happens when Blitzcrank lands a pull. He can land a pull into singed fling into Vayne condemned. If that doesn't pull them down the lane far enough you can use Lee Sin Ultimate and/or Gragas Ultimate. Overall this will leave the other team playing defence and being scared for their lives.

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Why Do They Not Do Much Damage?

They do not do much damage but are more tanky because no one can turret dive them and get out alive. This is because they are really tanky and they can take a lot of hits then when the other player realises they are going to die due to the turret everyone on the team has a way of keeping them in the turret range. Vayne can condemn them into a wall, Blitzcrank can pull them back to the turret, Singed can fling them back into the turret, Gragas can throw his ulti and knock them back, and Lee Sin can ulti them back as well. This is more a trolling technique to piss them off with a lot of crowd control.

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Possible Changes

You can change out blitzcrank for a real support such as Janna who can still knock them back with her ultimate but this then means you are using 3 ultimates for knocking back and even though she is a good support blitzcrank has the main pull throughout the entire game. You can also replace lee sin for alistar but it is not a good idea considering lee sin is a great champion to have on the team.

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When ganking another lane with any of these characters make sure you have your pull/knock back and try not to gank mid as much since your ultimate is so useful in a team fight unless you are using the characters without the ultimate e.g. Vayne, Blitzcrank and Singed. If you are going to gank make sure that they have at LEAST 2 people in the lane so you know that your ultimate was useful when you used it as i said before unless you are using any of the other characters. Anyway when you are in the bush make sure there that your cool downs are ready. Then jump out through your pull/knock back preferable vayne gank so she can shoot them into the enemy and get Gragas to ulti them into turret if you really want to secure the kill. When your team mate is there to help they will often both get killed. If you are unsure with this technique get blitzcrank to come up with and this will secure both the kills. If you notice that there blue buff is up its a good idea to gank then because they have to options. 1. you are going to get blue buff 2. you are going to gank this can confuse the enemy team.

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Jungler Ganks

If you have a jungler a good jungler to have with this combo is Lee Sin or Alistar just for stuns and knock backs into blitzcrank to pull. These work really well because Lee Sin can just fly in there out of nowhere and slow and kick them if needed then get vayne to stand infront of blitzcrank and blitzcrank pulls them in vayne fires them back into the turret if blitz lands the pull this almost always works. Finally Alistar. Alistar ganks can be very good when they over extend hitting them staight towards pull straight into the turret and if they flash out vayne hits them back in and then the turret will just take down all their life.

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Patch Notes

V1.0.0.135 28-Feb-2012 Fiora Blitzcrank added to Co-op vs. AI, monster camps now restore up to 30 mana in addition to health, champion kill messages are now more specific

V1.0.0.134 14-Feb-2012 Nautilus Shen remake, improvements to allied ultimate HUD interface

V1.0.0.133 01-Feb-2012 Ziggs Co-op vs. AI improvements, Emblem of Valor rework, Stark's Fervor remade and renamed to Zeke's Herald, Locket of the Iron Solari added.

V1.0.0.132 17-Jan-2012 Sejuani Jax rework, Sword of the Divine replaced with Ionic Spark, Ninja Tabi rework

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Does The Patch Affect This?

The past few patches have had no effect to this epic team combination. This team does work really well and patches aren't really going to make a difference. These patches will only make the opposition stronger or weaker but no one can beat the knock back.

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Team Work

Team work is essential in this type of team. YOU NEED TO BE GOOD AS A TEAM. If you guys do not work well together I wouldn't attempt to use this team. Skype is very helpful to set up this awesome set up because you can collaborate very well together. It is really funny to watch this happen and I recommend getting a good team and trying this out.

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Ranked Play

This as weird as it sounds works in a ranked game. But as I have mentioned before you need to have good team work. You can feed your vayne hardcore if you sit as blitzcrank just behind the edge of the bush and get vayne to sit in the edge of the bush blitzcrank lands a pull and vayne hits them into the turret. As for singed he will have to wait for ganks before he can show of his magic. He flings them over his shoulder and then lee sin fly's out of the bush to kick him straight into the turret.


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