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Sylas Build Guide by m0rfeazz

Middle They will ALL end up to the slaughter

Middle They will ALL end up to the slaughter

Updated on February 22, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author m0rfeazz Build Guide By m0rfeazz 5,446 Views 4 Comments
5,446 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author m0rfeazz Sylas Build Guide By m0rfeazz Updated on February 22, 2022
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+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
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Champion Build Guide

They will ALL end up to the slaughter

By m0rfeazz
A little about this guide
Hello there, my name is Morfeas and I play a lot of mid. I usually play ZED and SYLAS. I find them both superfun and hard to master, but really rewarding if you do. So I make this guide for people who want to play something fun and rewarding but its also difficult to master or even learn(AKA Sylas). In this guide I will explain Sylas concept,Strenghts and Weaknesses, matchups, laning phase, and late game, some tips and tricks and in General how to approach the champ.
Why Sylas?
Sylas is a great pick for all ELOS. YEs, due to his high skill needed he isnt really effective in low elos but with practise he can be. Sylas is a versatile and really intresting champ to play. His ability to steal ultimates makes him a great pick in almost any scenario. He also has one of the best late game scales and also great carry potentional if you play early correctly.

Strong late game
Can steal enemie Ults
Strong 1vs1 at all stages
High outplay potentional with his W
Good wave Clear
Good sustain
Very low cooldowns in late game

if enemy ult used wrong can backfire
Weak vs range matchups
Not really good if enemy comp doesnt have good ults(AOE,Peeling etc)
KInda weak early
High cooldowns early
Can be countered by grievous wounds
REALLY hard to learn and master
How to approach LANE
So in the early stages of the game if you face a RANGE enemy or someone who can zone you out all you care is about farming(go Q for lvl 1) as you arent that much of a threat to them that early, Avoid damage by farming with Q and save E if enemy missplays or if are going to get ganked. Against Melee I always play super agressive. Level 1 i go for E then wait for enemy to lose his abillitie and then I go in for a short trade, make sure 2E will hit him so you maximize your damage and AA him twice as you leave, after that i dont farm that much and i mostly go for kills and its really easy to live out (W is great that early as enemis doesnt have much damage and u can heal it out)or if i am even here in a bad matchup so i farm mostly, farming should be your primary goal if you just started sylas OR if you still cant get the hang of him
After 6
after 6, i obviously keep farming and roaming(roam depends in the matchup, for example if i have a malzahar mid i cant do much after 6, so i take his ult and roam with it). Also help with objectives, help your jg as you are a great pick for zoning and securing objectives that early. Dont forget to be present in your lane as your powerspike begins, crash waves, use wards and try to play around your team, but now you can make plays by yourself
This is where the fun begins, you will have very low CDs and you will be super strong if you havent fed and you kept farming, now all you focus is teammfighting as you are important AF, position well depending on the ult you have and carry the game, Be sure to have oracle by now as you are melee and you dont wanna facecheck any brushes. Follow your jungler or the rest of the team and look for teammfights, either engage or peel, it depends on the stolen Ult
Tips for early
While close to your opponnent E1 then W him to gap close(yes, sometimes keeping W to end the trade so you heal up is sometimes good but its not that effective that early)and then E2(make sure there arent any minions who can block the chains) then AA Q and finish with the 3AA

Farm safely with Q if it is too dangerous to walk up(vs ranged or champs like Zed)

Use abilities on minions and combine them with AA for best waveclear

Maximize your DPS on 1vs1 with combine AA between abilities

Sometimes is better to take enemy mid R and roam, in some matchups such as malza and vlad is hard to 1vs1 them so the best option if roam
Tips in TF
Depending in your stolen ult, either peel or engage, you dont wanna sit back for no reason or even go in if you dont have the needed ult

Although you are squishy, you can frontline for your team, if your team need a frontliner you can be for 1 or 2 fights

Focus the main carries(ADCs or midlanes)your gap closers are great to reach backline and your W will keep you healthy for a while

IF you have a engaging ult(like dianas)combo it with a stopwatch or zhonyas, if you ult them correctly you will find your self in the center of the enemy team, stopwatch will buy you time

Dont be afraid to start a fight, as I said earlier you can easily start fights so dont wait from your team, just notify them you are going in
I would like to say thank you for reading this guide and I truly hope it helped you, I will try to update it if anything new comes out. Have fun with Sylas
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League of Legends Build Guide Author m0rfeazz
m0rfeazz Sylas Guide
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They will ALL end up to the slaughter

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