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Nautilus Build Guide by thilijan

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author thilijan

Thilijan's Guide to Nautilus (Top)

thilijan Last updated on August 25, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Lee Sin
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Why play Nautilus Top?

Nautilus is an incredibly fun champion that is easy to master and provides a **** ton of cc. His chain of knock-ups, stuns, slows, makes it very hard to disengage from him, nearly impossible. If you manage to lock an enemy ADC down, there is a very small chance he will make it out alive. Nauti is mostly seen bot lane as a support due to his amazing utility. In the top lane he brings a kit that's great for wave clearing. His damage is really surprisingly high, much like Maokai. His tankiness and late game scaling are fantastic. You are vs Lee Sin top? Enjoy your lane and be careful not to crush all of his bones. Riven? Be careful early, then just walk through her like you just don't care once you have some items. Your shield allows you to trade very effectively. Escaping ganks with your Q is easy as well!

You see where I am going. There are very few disadvantages to this champion...his kill potential isn't very high in a solo lane, if your jungle decides to come by, enjoy a free kill if it's set up correctly. Next up, he just takes some time to get started up top...without the necessary items you are just not very useful. Nautilus is like a cake. You but him top lane to bake for 20 minutes and if you've done it right, it'll be amazing.

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How to lane with Nautilus

The early phase will be relatively simple: Farm minions as much as you can. Use your E if you need to push but be careful, as you don't want the enemy to freeze the wave right in front of his tower. Try to keep the wave in the middle of the lane. You don't really want to commit to huge fights early, if somebody engages on you, stun them with an auto attack, E and walk away. Use your shield sparingly as it consumes a large amount of mana. When your jungler comes to gank, use all you have to cc the enemy. If your jungler is a devourer jungler or a runeglaive jungler, communicate them to take the kill themselves. I know having kills is great, but being a full tank doesn't require as much gold as being a high dps jungler that gets stuff like Tri Force or Rabadons. An early kill can allow these types of junglers to snowball heavly. Same goes for Rengar, get the drill.

Where possible, try to save your tp. If you feel like backing, shove the wave like a madman with your E, recall immediately and walk straight back into lane. Consider getting homeguards early as it's an amazingly valuable item on top laners due to the tp synergy. If you see an opportunity to help your team (make sure it's not a suicide mission), teleport to the closest ward/minion) and engage/peel as needed. Give kills to champions with a good late game!

Diving is another way to really get ahead once you have some items. Call your good 'ol friend Graggy to come by for a gang-bang up top.

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When to pick Nautilus

When to pick Nautilus:
- Need a tank? Check.
- Need crowd control? Check.
- Need engage potential? Check.

When not to pick Nautilus:
- Need damage in your team
- Need a split pusher

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Thanks for reading my guide to Nautilus! I hope you have some great games in the top lane with this insanely fun champion! If you liked this guide, feel free to up vote it and comment!