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Syndra Build Guide by Doomoverwhelming

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Doomoverwhelming

''This power is your to command!''-so says she

Doomoverwhelming Last updated on March 9, 2013
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So hey there,this is my first build guide for my favourite champion,Syndra,the dark sovereign.Syndra, as many people find her, is someway hard to master, but when u understand her spells and feel the way they go troughout on the field, you can own with her.I find syndra interesting because of: 1.ULTIMATE,2.The slow and the stun,3.The movability while casting and 4.The magnificent passive.

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Pros / Cons

-movability of casting
-neat survivability
-hard cc(slow and stun)
-huge burst dmg

-hard to master
-very focused in team fights

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So,the rune pick is pretty simple for Syndra. Ap quints and glyphs are somewhat standard gear for Ap-ers,there are those mag penet. marks which are very useful for very neat dmging and owning you lane early game.There is too that seal divide,mana regen is there just to calm the need for mana when u get in game,and ap to fill in what's left.I consider that syndra doesn't need protection runes because of her run away abilities,so to those that go chasing alone there is one thing to say: NEVER CHASE SYNDRA IF U DON'T HAVE SOMETHING TO GET TO HER FAST!

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Syndra's spells are all skill shots(atleast i see them like ones) with Aoe(not including ulti).Starting with passive(Transcendent):Her passive gives her massive bonuses to her spells when they reach rank 5,those are:Syndra's Q gains 15% dmg against champions.Her W gains more slow(33%),E get's cone width(it gets wider by 50%) and her ulti gets bigger range(75).So the Q(Dark sphere),this is what u use to bombard your enemies,low cd let's u destroy them it does 70/110/150/190/230 (+0.6) magic damage the summoned or will stay there for 6 scnds,remember if u have it in your W the orb stays on the field as long as your W is attached and if u ulti while holding the orb it will use the orb which you're holding too so don't be afraid to use this to summon more orbs if u can.Next is W(Force of will),this enables u to do some nice combos and some seriousy dmg with it,it has bigger range than Q so it let's u chase nicely.It deals 80/120/160/200/240 (+0.7) magic damage and slows for 25/30/35/40/45% for 1-2 scnds(now count in the passive buff to that,ya huge i know).Next is E(Scatter the weak),this is the ability which is gonna give u hedaches on syndra and make it fun at the same time.Hitting with E might be your best chance to kill something,and save yourself and team.Dmg wiht it is 70/115/160/205/250 (+0.4) mag. dmg.Note:Don't let your enemy see where u're going with that E pls cas u're gonna make it very hard for yourself,bcs of this spell i wouldn't recommend using smart cast on syndra.Last and the most powefullest spell R(Unleashed power),more dmg more orbs there are,don't forget the three around your head ;),in best cases u can summon 4 more bonus orbs,but that is just too much time,i recommend summoning two and then using ulti leaving 5 orbs on the field if u use E on all of them it should stun the whole enemy team which very nice.Ultimate deals 90/135/180 (+0.2) per orb u can calculate your dmg on your own.

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Skill Sequence

So yea.R=Q>W>E that skill sequence is the most powerful on syndra.Getting Q up fast activates your passive bonus on it and makes it extra powerfull against your opponent.We max e last bcs of the low dmg ratio and the cd ofc.

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A few tips for fighting

So your combo will be W(on minion or orb if u have one around,if there is none summon an orb),then Q then follow up with stun and another orb use your ulti and ignite with DFG this must kill your opponent if u fail try falling back and slowly poke with q and w then search for another unsuspected chance to go in for a kill.Running away is simple with syndra,tho cowardly u can actually kill a full healthed enemy with no health at all.When being chased use Q infront of yourself and then e the orb behind u when u pass it(it won't stop you since syndra casts while moving) if your e is on cd then quickly q again and w to slow him if your enemy continues to chase one more q and ulti him down if needed use e and q again to finish him,if he has too much health flash away.In team fights one thing,QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW,ulti the adc,E,QQQQWQWQWQWQWQW.Ya seams simple i know but is tricky when you're being focused,care for your positioning don't dive in too much.

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Well,the items chapter.As most experienced middlers know the starting items are grouped in two for most champs.Those are Boots+3hp and Flask+3/4hp.Bos and pots are for easy lanes and when u're sure u will win that lane,example is orianna vs. syndra.Flask is an option for pretty tricky lanes,and here i'm thinking of counters including Ad-ers(which can be a pain the the if u ask me).Next the chalice is what u get for you mana hungriness and ofc for you unholy grail.Doran's are also optional and are explained in tips above.Then rush straight for deathfire,many people say why,dafuq,y no raba...but i say,that cd red and active can bring u some serious dmg early game,ofc there is blue buff,but i recommend picking this first for maximum dmg,and it also allows u take your stuns to whole another lvl.Afterwards buy you boots,u can buy lucidity boots,but with this build u won't need no more cd red so go right for magic penet.Then raba which will give u doom dmg when u get it,usually if u're not good with syndra u might stink before raba,once bought u will be reborn.To connect it to real game,between DFG and raba i kinda go low for some time,then when raba's in the house boom deal some hughnormous dmg.Afterwards get your grail to get your mana fully stable,until u have you grail ask jungler to get you blue(remember grail also gives cd red and resist which serves as ultimate dmg and defense item on syndra).The last two items go between Zhonya's,Void and rylai.So i don't usually take rylai cas it won't defend u from some hard bursters like zed,which is not rarely picked lately.Void is here for even more dmg and that mag penet u got now is just full doom your Q enchanced with passive will melt tanks fully.Zhonya,eh,the one that can be forgotten is a doom on syndra(positive and negative).When playing with her zhonya is your safe tool in tf,u see someone going full on you?Bang zhonya and then burst him down in flames,when u go bursting someone who's got zhonya watch it,only thing that can stop your ulti is zhonya,i call it the biatch for syndra.Syndra's ulti is a small charge up and when activated it will og trough even if u die.So wait with your ulti to catch your enemy of guard with zhonya.

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Now this shouldn't be hard with syndra's spells being all AoE,ofc don't push,use basic until lvl 8 to last hit,then W the melee minion or tank to the casters and then Q them u can then Q and E meleers to kill them too.

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I know u will consider this guide pure text but it will get more lively bcs this is my first guide and i will soon upload gameplay pictures and everything i consider neccesary if u want to play with me i'm on EUNE,send your name to my mail i will add you.Gl playing with syndra.