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Thresh Build Guide by The Rubble

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Rubble

Thresh Express (Season 4) Rubble's Guide

The Rubble Last updated on March 7, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi Guys, My name is Rubble and this is my Thresh Guide !

I've being playing Thresh for almost a year through out season 3-4 and i think i know the character in and out, so i decided to make this guide. It's being a lot of fun making it and i hope you can get some understanding of playing Thresh how i can.

I would most grateful if you leave this Guide a thumbs up and i hope i can make more guide's for you.

If you could help me grow even more and Follow/Like the following links I will love you forever


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Thresh is one of the most strongest and mobile characters in the game, he has both engage and disengage features. Such as (Q) Death Sentence for engage and (W) Dark Passage for disengage.

Thresh has high auto attack damage and is the master of CC when it comes to team fights.

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+Sucks your souls

+Amazing amount of CC

+Strong auto attacks

+Good Engage/Disengage]

+Little mana costs when spamming Q Death Sentence

+Hard to gank

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-Thresh's Q Death Sentence is sometimes hard to hit.

-The cooldown reduction sucks until later game.

-Short ranged attacks.

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- [Ancient coin] is a Mana/Gold/Health item which provides 3 Mana Regeneration. UNIQUE Passive: Favor: Being near a minion death without dealing the killing blow grants 2 Gold and 5 Health. and is used to create which is by far one of the most important items in Thresh's build. Taking this item first means you have a greater chance of success in lane.

- [Talisman of Ascension] is a strong utility item and isn't much of a defensive item, It's basically a movement speed buff which is one of the best items for your your team, It can be used for when you are getting slowed or even if your team needs to disengage from the fight making it very important.

- [Randuin's Omen] is a heavy defensive item which i find is the best item for thresh due to it's list's of advantages such as Unique passive which Slows the Movement Speed of nearby enemy units by 35% for 2 seconds + 1 second for every 100 Armor and Magic Resistance you have (500 range). 60 second Cooldown. As you can see in the runes i have selected this provides lots of heath and armor keeping thresh alive and protecting your ADC.

- Getting boots of moba on Thresh means be can be everywhere and anywhere whether it be warding, helping mid lane or keeping in front of your team catching people of guard for a team engage, so find going boots of mobility to be the best unless your losing your lane bad and you need some armor i would suggest taking

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Laning Match-ups

Annie is one of the most deadliest supports there is due to both her late game and early game stages. She can burst you and your carry down and she has a bursty ultimate which is strong. When playing Annie i first tend to see if she's playing aggressive or not then i will try and move in for a pull. BUT only if she hasn't got even though she is strong you are still tankier and you can certainly chunk her.

Leona has a hard engage but each time Leona uses her Zenith Blade (E) to engage, you can counter with a Flay.

Nami is a mana heavy champ, If she is constantly engaging on you losing mana and when she becomes OOM (Out of mana) you can strike in, making her pretty much usless.

Thresh is very tanky for Morgana making it hard for her to do anything then pretty much Q you your auto attacks are so much more stronger then her's making it hard to protect her carry so you should just keep constantly engaging on the adc, due to him having to protect himself.

Lulu is difficult all stages of the game for thresh. Lulu's strong poke makes it super hard to trade with your attacks and the amount of CC she has makes it difficult to kill her.

Zyra is one of the best picks against Thresh. Her strong range poke makes trading very hard, but if Zyra gets pulled, Her health will burst down. Try get as much pressure/CC against her or she will trap you on your turret making you useless taking unnecessary poke.

Soraka is most likely the weakest support on the game but if played to her full advantage she can become a pain. But she is the easiest champ to go against so make sure you engage 24/7 and be sure that you have wards down, because being a soraka makes you need your jungler more than usual due to you damage.

Sona is quite a difficult champ, She will always keep behind the minions and poke you or your adc making it hard for you to Pull her and she has great sustain due to her Health spell. The best advice i can give you would to try and make grabs because she isn't very tanky and don't get unnecessary poke.

Taric is also tanky and made of GEMS :d, It's not very wise to pull a taric as he can stun you straight away with his , so try to concentrate on the carry .

When going against alistar try and do as much damage before he hits level 6. He also has a lot of CC and not forgetting he has a heal. If you see Alistar miss his (Q) Or hits you with his (W) follow up straight on there ADC as he has long cooldowns and he uses quite a bit of mana.

Blitz isn't a hard match up, But don't underestimate his Pulls because if he gets you under a tower your pretty much screwed, Blitz has longish cooldowns so once you see his grab being used go straight in on him or the Carry. NOTE- Don't get baited by his mana Barrier

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Thresh is a very good & fun champ to use and has the most best abilities out there in my opinion. If you have any comments then don't be afraid to leave me one and i will try to keep up to date with upgrading this guide.

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