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Udyr Build Guide by The Grizzly B

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Grizzly B

Tiger Build S3 Jungle

The Grizzly B Last updated on July 30, 2013
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(Please understand that this guide is still in developement so don't downvote just yet. Any help I can get on how to make this guide better is appreciated. I simply am publishing it now to get help from the community so that as I improve the guide, I can use the critism of others to shape the best guide possible.)

Hello, my name is The Grizzly B and udyr was one of my first favorite champs. This guide might night be as fancy as others with pics and videos but honestly I'm just gonna get straight into the juicy details you all want to make udyr the games most unstoppable and deadly champ.

But first, lets just look at what other guides have to say about facing udyr

Jungle Amumu: A Guide to Depressing your Enemies:

"Udyr’s skills seemed designed for jungling. Like Shyvana, Udyr has excellent mobility thanks to Bear Stance, an efficient method of clearing jungle camps quickly with Phoenix Stance, and great sustain provided by Turtle Stance. Overall, Udyr is one of those champions that has the potential to ruin Amumu’s jungle if allowed. As a general rule, I would not advise choosing Amumu if the enemy team has selected Udyr. However, in those situations where he is selected after you have locked in, wards are necessary to prevent a good Udyr from shutting you down. Recall as soon as you can afford both a Philosopher's Stone and two Sight Wards. Use these to monitor your two buffs, which will be close to spawning by this point. If you spot him in your jungle, call the nearest lane over to assist you, as fights between you and him will more than likely go in his favor.
Difficulty: 10/10"

S3: Jungle Diana Building Her Offensive Or Defensive Build:

"Udyr - (High) Depending on how his lanes are doing actually depends on how much he invades you but the chances are pretty high with this guy. He has a shield a stun and a movement speed increase for a short duration his sustain in the jungle is a-lot better then yours. If he catches you at any point when you are low you are probably going to die."

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Decisions Deicisions

Before we talk about Tiger Vs. Phoenix lets be clear about a couple of things, and about how to use this guide. First and foremost Udyr has no ultimate, which is good and bad. Because of this udyr is able to choose between 4 abilities rather than 3, and each ability has 2 skills (rather than the bland regular champion who usually has 1)

What this allows us to do with udyr is something quite unique compared to other champions. Because there are so many options his play style is not truly defined as one characteristic. You can focus on making a tank and go straight for full turtle stance, go all out AD and max tiger stance, or focus on AP and max phoenix stance. This gives you options making it easier to adapt to any game. This guide isnt fool proof, its a guide on how to use udyr a specific way that I like, and I think is usefull to your team on most occasions but udyr really should be that champion that can adapt to any situation. If the enemy is building tons of armor or has little Magic resist, adapt and start going AP udyr and drop this guide. That's the beauty of such an adaptable champion and thats why he has less counters than most champions. How you do in the game really is based upon knowing what your enemy is thinking and trying to do and countering it.

Now to the good stuff!

Ok so many of you must be wondering, why pheonix stance last? isnt it best for jungle udyr?

yes and no

Is pheonix stance great for jungle udyr? of course, but late game the ability simply does not synergize well with your team and your items unless you are fed.

The thing about udyr is that he isnt very item reliant and with a really ****py recommended page of items phoenix stance is seen as very powerful because of its jungle clear times. If itemless yes I would recommend a phoenix stance jungle method, but hopefully this guide will help you find what items to get and how to maximize udyrs damage output, tankyness, and utility

The reason I choose tiger stance is for many reasons:

-Higher single target damage

since you're the jungler you are responsible for the majority of your team's ganks. Because of this, you shouldn't be rocking an ability that is best used against multiple targets, but rather an ability that can shred down one target, so then you or one of your carries can take the kill.

You aint getting no penta kill early game cuz of that phoenix stance

In addition tower killing is much easier with tiger stance

-better synergy

The fact of the matter is that pheonix stance is an AP reliant ability, forcing you to choose between building AD or AP. What I have found is that this forces udyrs who choose phoenix stance build as simple tanks, sometimes with AP items. This is fine if you want to be a regular udyr, but to win fights you need even the slightest advantages.

This guide will teach you why tiger stance is much more valuable. We are building a AD off tank udyr with high life steal, which bodes well for both the tiger stance-turtle stance combo

Yes you could build Spell vamp instead of life steal for your phoenix stance but the fact is you will never be able to regain nearly as much health as this method nor the bursting ability

**If you dont want to be an awesome, AD off tank, and would rather play udyr the old predictable way and hope for the best then simply leave this page. In addition dont ever think about using both abilities in the jungle. You lose all of your sustain with turtle stance and you excel at nothing. Being the jack of all trades is good for everything but killing the enemy.

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The other two guys

I'd like to make this chapter brief because I go into depth about the abilities later but formalities are formalities.

When fighting your foes switching to turtle stance will grant you a shield of up to 250 health, increase you attack speed by 10% (monkeys agility passive), and add up to an extra 18% lifesteal (24 with the lifesteal quints) you want to get this second for jungle sustain after you get the blue buff.

Another pretty self explanatory skill, except with one annoying feature that you really must keep in mind. When engaging an enemy make sure to measure the amount of time that has passed since your first stun. Nothing is worse than popping bear stance too early and hitting an enemy only to have them continue running away and wasting one of you precious hits.

Interesting passive, but honestly isn't that great. At full stacks it gives you a nice 30% buff in Attack speed, but this is nothing compared to the other Attack speed passives like jax's Relentless Assault . I really which that this passive scaled towards the late game like jax's, but enough complaining how to use this passive well.

-Ganking: if you have the mana, before you jump out of the bush get you passive up to full stacks and then run out with bear stance, this gives you a very nice Attack speed buff and helps you net that quick kill or helps your teammate get the kill

-Teamfights and solofights:

spam your abilities. nuff said.

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Ok so everything is pretty standard except for the marks and the Quints

Ok so this is pretty unusual so let me explain. on almost ever udyr guide i've seen people run the quints of movement speed, which is good on udyr, but wastes the opportunity to give udyr the things he needs but doesnt have. The fact of the matter is that bear stance is plenty when it comes to movement speed, and in addition getting a zeal (which is a part of the final build) isnt that hard to do.

Lifesteal isnt that expensive when you look at its gold value (its the same as attack damage at 40 gold per unit) but its much harder to get.

why? there arent that many lifesteal items in the game, and most of them are fairly expensive. These quints give us a nice boost of a rare commodity and allow's our champion to sustain even longer.

Think of it like this, your level 1 udyr could have the equivalent LS as a fully leveled turtle stance udyr, and your tiger stance now has 6% life steal.


greater mark of armor penetration

Ok so I prefer armor pen marks over attack damage marks but honestly it doesnt really matter all that much to me, Really all you are choosing is early game over late game, but as the junglier you should be relatively safe in your jungle and dont need to focus on last hitting minions, so i go with armor penetration runes rather than flat AD runes (check video why)


A very common rune, and very viable on udyr. If you want to use the glyph spot for something else go for it, but since we are building tanky udyr we really need the extra Magic resist.


Another very common rune, this helps us early game though because jungle monsters deal physical damage which is then calculated into our armor. This being said more armor = higher jungle sustain

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Ok so our item build focuses on AD a little more over tanginess, so our masteries have to make up for that. That's why I run 0 - 21- 9

I will be going into depth about why I chose what masteries soon

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Start + Initial Items

Start + Initial items

Ok so let the interesting fun being!

You and I, lets be honest right now... how useful is the recommended page for udyr?
its practically useless for this builds (if not most)

Lets make this udyr actually useful

ok so you start the with the good old pots and machete (you're a jungler dont freaking change that you deranged lunatic unless you're gonna surprise the enemy junlger at their red buff)


get boots of swiftness next and a spirit stone. Why swiftness over other boots? Well lets talk about bear stance now

Bear stance increases your base speed by a certain percent and, while other boots give you abilities and other utility, bear stance requires these boots. The greater increase in base speed is easily used the most by udyr than any other champion. It takes 6 seconds to CD and then you may use it again (this is of course with no CD items, lets assume we have some of our build done and we are at a 4.8 second CD or 4. The ability itself lasts from 2-3 seconds, allowing you (given you have enough mana) to be running at +15-35% base speed for 41-75% of the time. This is why udyr is one of the best chasers in the game. (get alacrity and then he is on freaking roids)

Also dont forget your 25% reduced slows

Got extra cash? then rush a spirit of the ancient golem, it gives nice mana and health sustain and makes you really freaking tanky. This should be your next item after spirit stone and is essential to your build

this item also gives you the tenacity buff, which is why you dont need to get mercury treads (see? you are still getting that utility we need)

Slows and tenacity- two seperate things, if you dont know them, look them up you bum i aint gonna explain it for you but i do want to point out that our masteries help us even further

so our tenacious mastery (15% reduced stuns) combines to our tenacity (35%) multiplicatively, which gives us a nice 40.25 reduced stuns ANNNNDDDDDD our boots of swiftness (25% reduced slow effects) combines ADDITIVELY to our Relentless mastery (15%) giving us a FREAKING 40% reduced slows.

So basically all slows and stuns are cut in a little under half, making udyr an amazing chaser, or escaper.

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Core items

So Our udyr is a little tanky now, you should be ganking and helping your team at this point and clearing the jungle as fast as you can.

This is where things get interesting


yup you heard me

go get a bloodthirsty. You need the massive amount of damage for your tiger stance and the huge amount of lifesteal helps you sustain fights and heal up with turtle stance. Frankly without it udyr is just a normal tank. This makes you a real threat to the enemy team, and an especially dangerous threat since you are hard to pin down and even kill.

Next spirit visage

Why? you just built up a ton of life steal, but you also need to still become tanker. This gives you health, a freaking nice amount of magic resist, a lot of CD, and the the cherry on top, 20% increase to all healing effects. This is all for only 2200, which really isnt that expensive compared to other items doing similar things stats wise

Lets do a little math shall we?

lets add our base Lifesteal quints (6%) and our bloodthirster (18% (full)) and then multiply it by 1.2 (6+18)*1.2= 28.8 lifesteal which is pretty nice during a fight using tiger stance


Math time (6+18+18(full turtle stance))*1.2 = 50.2 LIFESTEAL
THAT IS HALF YOUR AD (which should be up around or over 200 by now

This makes you devastating. You can heal up in the jungle easily after fights and even out sustain the enemy AD carry (using your 250 health shield, massive life steal, and crazy attack damage from tiger stance you practically are another AD carry on your team. Spamming tiger stance and turtle stance, in addition to your monkey's agility passive, will allow you to decimate any champion.

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Final build

Final Items

Lastly you want to start building a trinity force

Udyr is one of the few champs that can use every single aspect of the trinity force, which is why it is so amazing on him. I just cant tell you how much overall udyr gets after this item. Yes it is the most expensive item, but it is extremely gold efficient even when discarding the passives (cost 3800, stats yield 5132)

Build a zeal first for the movement speed, then whatever you prefer next. I am usually finishing my trinity force near the end of the game

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I plan on adding much more to this guide

-counter jungling
-champions who do well with udyr
-udyr counters
-In depth jungle guide

and many other things.

Please feel free to message or comment on this guide, just please dont downvote just yet :(