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Udyr Build Guide by Jamesrulez1

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jamesrulez1

Tiger Jungle Udyr

Jamesrulez1 Last updated on June 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi I'm a player who plays ranked often and have seen [Udyr] be built many ways. This is however a better build and has more information ;). Currently I have no idea how to format in pictures and such which i will be adding on later.

I am a 1.9k Elo player and used to play Udyr through 1200~1600 but have been playing AD carry at high elo. I also frequent back to Udyr when I can.

You can grab [Ghost] and get improved ghost in the utility tree if you want to but [flash] is for instant ganks. Ghost is prone to people flashing away from you when you come to gank.

Pros of [Tiger Stance] Udyr:
One of the strongest 1v1 champs in the game
Extreme tankiness and deal tonsofdamage with
Strong single target damage
Strong ganks
Super fast mobility if maxing Bear stance over Pheonix along with

Slower than phoenix jungle by a few seconds
Has less aoe

Some general tips and tricks
-Tiger stance's DoT effect will continue even after you change stances for 5 seconds. This means you can bear stance immediately after tiger stancing and if you hit a enemy fast enough you will deal the DoT and the stun. Keep in mind that multiple DoT just refreshes the DoT.
-When ganking try to assume that the enemy team has wards and try to hit them hard. Udyr ganks best and mid and top as most of the time the Tanky DPS and or mage will have CC to help as well.
-Use Tiger and Pheonix stance to push down towers
-Flash stunning is awesome
-More to be added

Updated on 29/06/2012

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I take 10 armour penetration to deal more damage to the jungle minions as most only have 10 and Tiger Udyr bases most of it's power through the DoT. I take some attack speed marks and quints to help with the early jungle with a faster clear and a safer jungle route as the more attack speed means more turtle heal.

I take dodge yellows just because they synergise well with my dodge masteries and passive, you can also build ninja tabi later on if they are a autoattack reliant team.

Armour yellows are needed as there are no other better runes for Udyr and it helps keep him alive in the jungle and early ganks. I take MR/level glyphs just because i don't want to blow up to a mage late game and with mercs you can easily hit 100 MR where diminishing returns start to go in effect.

Alternatives to these runes are taking 10 armour pen in marks and flat ad for the rest with flat AD quints to capitalize on early game damage and super fast clear. Glyphs can be replaced with Attack speed but they aren't actually that much but will shave a few seconds of your jungle time.

Movespeed quints are expensive but I would recommend investing in them as you will be able to keep up with running enemies and become harder to kite. It allows moving faster through the jungle and makes our early ganks incredibly strong.

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I have completely removed my old masteries which I have recommended as there are abundant options for Udyr as he's one of the most flexible champions.

21/0/9 Will allow you to deal a lot of damage as a tanky dps bruiser and allow you to deal massive sustained and burst damage. This is recommended against lanes which don't have many escapes and or if you know you won't get bursted down. I personally take this as I'm cocky as !@#$

0/21/9 this is recommended for newer players who've just started jungling to stay alive and sustained in the jungle. I personally don't use this but you can if you want.

0/9/21 is a great set up as it allows for extra gold production, movespeed, XP, and generally all round the utility tree is the strongest of the 3 tree's.

There is also a 9/13/9 mastery set up which I personally don't use but I hear is good. You grab the extra armor pen in the offensive tree and the extended buff duration and some movespeed from the utiliy tree.

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With items if you are jungling start up with a [Cloth Armour] and 5 potions. You can take boots and 3 pots if you're a confident jungler as it will speed up your jungle even further with the new jungle rework.


Udyr's stance changing cost a lot of mana early on so make sure your team defends and gives you a good leash/pull at blue. After finishing your jungle and getting some gold from ganks/taking lanes buy a Wriggles lantern. This item is a core as it gives EVERYTHING udyr wants. Back when I started playing Udyr wriggles and razers would heal you if you where turtle stanced and got a proc. This lead to a devastating top lane udyr with infinite sustain. Now though Udyr uses it to kill minions faster and get lifesteal. The bonus AD and armour is awsome too.

From here on out get your level 1 boots then grab any GP/5 you may want to grab like a [Heart of Gold]. DO NOT GRAB A [KAGE'S LUCKY PICK] OR A [AVARICE BLADE]. Udyr does not need AP and does not need crit. After this proceed to build a starting with a sheen as sheen's procs enhance every stance meaning Tiger stance gets a massive bonus. Once you finish your trinity force you will be a beast. Your stances almost always proc [Trinity Force] and [Tiger Stance] will be ripping people apart.

After building build whatever you want to. I tend to go for the tanky side and you can finish up on your randuins. HOWEVER if the enemy team is a high hp team you can build a Madred's Bloodrazer. I do not recommend this unless they are stacking hp since a lot of the cost of this item is in the proc and the proc is useless if they have low amounts of health. Lategame you should have a good amount of health and can build a Atmas impaler for the extra damage and the armour.

Good items on
= Provides a awesome proc which allows you to deal massive amounts of damage with [Tiger Stance]. It also provides movespeed which Udyr needs to catch up to people.
= Great sustain and gives everything Udyr needs
= Tanky DPS item FTW
= Good item for Udyr as it allows him to catch up to fleeing enemies and slows the attack speed of everyone around him. REMEMBER TO USE THE ACTIVE
= Good item if you can stick on people or they have a AD team.
= Great item to soak up the initial cc can be swapped with ....
= Good hp regen and more movespeed.
= Dodge OP
= CC reduction #1
= Good item if you are getting fed or it's just a natural pubstomp
= Just past the moderately good items as it gives a good amount of AD and gives a nice armour debuff to help the team.
Moderately good items
Madred's Bloodrazer = Good if they are stacking hp though generally not a good item due to a waste in gold.
= Doesn't give AD although gives MR and some attack speed. Generally used on Pheonix not Tiger Udyr.

Every other boots that where not mentioned in the good items. CDR is not needed, Magic pen is not needed, Attack speed is a waste of a slot where you could get a unique stat.
-Might be adding more. Generally use your common sense
No go since turtle can't crit and it wastes a lot of gold in doing that.

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Skill Sequence

Take your first point in tiger stance because it helps take down blue faster. More of skill sequencing will be explained in the jungle section. Later on decide on whether or not to take bear stance to move faster or phoenix stance to push down towers faster. I tend to get bear stance if we are dominating and need to catch up to enemies and stun them. Take pheonix if you are backdooring or no towers are down yet and you can take one with a minion wave.

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That is your basic jungle route (For newbies)
Start with a Cloth armour + 5 health pots through your jungle. After hitting level 2 at blue take your second point in turtle stance. If you want however to get a early gank on top you can take bear stance combined with boots and movement speed quints you will be a fast bear flying through the lane able to gank top early. You should only do this if you know top might need a lot of help or to countergank the enemy jungler who would start at red and immediately come to top.

Turtle stance will help you clear the jungle more safely. Due to the recent xp nerfs to the jungle I would recommend here on out to clear the wraiths and immediately walk back to wolves to take them out and hit level 3.Depending on how much hp you're on now, If you had a good leash taking tiger is good but if you're scared of dying you can take turtle. Continue on to red buff (smite will come up here) and clear up the jungle at double golems. You can gank if you are healthy because you should have a spare pot left and can gank bottom/mid but if you didn't get a good leash don't worry about it. Take your 4th point in Bear stance and then blue pill. After coming back you can take one or the other of the item you started with (e.g you started with boots buy a cloth armor) or take a longsword. You should be looking for ganks constantly. Look at top and mid and if you see anyone low go in for the stun to help your lanemates get a kill. From here on out start building wriggles and your build.

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Counter Jungling

I've completely removed this section and will only be putting in brief tips as counter jungling isn't as effective as it was before except for buffs

Remember the timers on their buffs in the jungle (5 min per big buff)
If you're a blue dependant Jungler like Amummu or Fiddlesticks make sure to ward up blue buff before 7:10~ so you can be there when it spawns and you can take it. If the enemy jungler is there just make sure that they cant see you and you can smite it over the wall. If needed getting your lanes to help will increase the chances of stealing the buff and maybe getting a kill by a greater amount of chance.

Other than that Udyr should just be constantly looking for kills early game as his tiger stance is incredibly powerful and will melt people.

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Team Work

In teamfights your main goal should be a tankyDPS running up and stunning the ranged carry or peeling off anyone who's on yours with your stun.

Continue after with Tiger stance empowered with trinity force dealing a massive amount of DoT. Continue in teamfights going after the squishies. If you have bought a Randuin's Omen remember to use it as it will help with the chase and stop enemies from doing more damage. It also is good at stopping vayne's who are a big threat. Most people will ignore Udyr if you built right as you seem like the actual tank but with Trinity force you will melt their squishies. If they do start focusing you it is a good thing. Let your ranged carry and AP carry blow them up while you turtle stance to soak with the shield and heal. If you do find yourself melting (Rare) start bear stancing and Turtle stancing away. People underestimate the shield that turtle stance gives and it can even protect against any DoT's. It also has a short cooldown making it actually a bigger shield over a longer period of time.