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Fizz Build Guide by Devilservant1

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Devilservant1


Devilservant1 Last updated on January 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 18

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Utility: 12

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Fizz is a High Ability Power Damage Dealer.

My Guide in general is for a strong 5vs5 Mid Gaming, and in special to kill every kind of enemy very fast!

At the Moment Fizz is one of the strongest Mid champions in the League, because he has got all whats needed to deal significant damage to enemy Mid Champ and outfarm him as well with the right strategy.
I've played a lot games with Fizz now and from 40 games I got 39 with positive stats, so it seems to be very difficult to fail him.
Fizz isn't the right champ which search a tanky AP-DD to initiate a teamfight, of course his ultimate could be used for this but my build isn't really based on tanky gameplay.

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Centuries ago, an ancient water-dwelling race built a hidden city beneath a mountain in the sea. Though these creatures had their enemies, the city was an impenetrable fortress, and, in the safety it provided, they grew complacent. Fizz, however, harbored a curious spirit that could not be satisfied living so cushioned a life. Unable to resist the allure of danger, Fizz had a habit of sneaking out of the city to look for trouble. In his many adventures he grew to be a powerful fighter with a keen resourcefulness that let him skirt danger with clever ease. One day, Fizz returned to find the city abandoned: his people had vanished, leaving Fizz without a clue to explain their disappearance. With nothing left in the city to keep him, Fizz salvaged an enchanted trident from the ruins and set out alone.

For years, Fizz wandered the ocean, using the skills he'd learned during his adventures as a young boy to survive. Finally, Fizz discovered the port of Bilgewater. He was fascinated with the existence of life above the water and could not resist exploring the island. In his endless curiosity, Fizz inadverently meddled in the affairs of the humans who lived there and his presence did not go unnoticed. His mischief angered many residents who eventually sought to capture or kill him. Fizz found himself cornered, and he prepared to return to the sea despite the fondness he'd come to hold for Bilgewater. As he stood at the docks, a massive dragon-shark attacked the port. Fizz defeated the beast, using his resourcefulness and knowledge of the creatures' weaknesses to his advantage. Having earned the gratitude and respect of the humans, Fizz decided to stay in Bilgewater. He joined the League of Legends to further serve his new home.

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My selection of runes is a very basic one, used for many types of champions on the area of AP-DD's but it still got a significant use during laning and fighting in early game.
The most important Rune type in League of Legends are the penetration runes, because the percentage of penetration runes does not get lower as more magic resistance the opponent has, they stack on.
So the decision to take magic penetration Quintessences is very clear.
Of course its important to take some ability power runes for basic damage output in laning and it always looks bad only having the AP of your masteries and Doran's Ring.
Magic resist Glyphs are my favorite runes belonging to that build because the problem is often that you have to fight mid vs. another AP-DD like Annie, Karthus oder Katarina, so its even more important to be slightly protected vs. those characters.
As I said in the beginning its only a selection of my favorite runes for Fizz but its the most changable part of the guide.

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The Masteries are the lowest amount of advantage you can get during the Game.
I prefer the 18/0/12 Masteries because Fizz is an AP-DD and needs all ability-power-based Masteries in the Offense tree, as well as the buff duration mastery point in the utility tree, because with this combination Fizz is perfectly well prepared also for a long ranked fight(doesn't happen that often because you Fizz everyone!)
If you like your champ slightly more durable it's ofc a possibility to skill masteries 18/12/0

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I prefer to begin with a Doran's Ring because it's a very strong item for Fizz to survive the early game, because it includes everything Fizz needs.
The Mana-Regeneration,The Ability Power and of course the 100 HP that prepare a longer laning possibility for Fizz and one of the strongest advantages for Fizz is exept for the good farming, the advantage of becoming Level 6 earlier, because of his strong ulti that often forces the enemy to use flash to survive.

I continue with Sorcerer's Shoes because Fizz needs Magic Penetration and doesn't have to be scared of stuns because in critical situations his E-Spell rescues him.
Its very important that you buySorcerer Boots Boots directly after Doran's Ring because disadvantage of speed can destroy the whole gameplay.

Next i buy a Lich Bane because of the unbeatable combo of Lich Bane and Rabadon's Deathcap, of course its necessary that you farm enough and get kills and assists to fulfill your dream of buying these two strong and expensive items but once you got the combo you will be "unstoppable" and more.

As I just said Rabadon's Deathcap is important for the Combination with Lich Bane for maximum Damage.

Lateron i finish my build with some Items that make Fizz more tanky because in lategame you dont want to die before getting enemy team half killed.
Why I buy Rod of Ages that late?
Of course Rod of Ages is a strong item and it includes everything Fizz needs to be successful but the high damage output is only reached with a fast Lich Bane-Rabadons buy.

The last 2 Items are changable possibilities to make your champ more durable or max out your Damage in case of absolute won game, therefore is a perfect item for Fizz because of it's HP,AP and Slow ability.
The other Item, Banshee's Veil is only for being more durable in Lategame and not being stunned first in Teamfight, or perhaps to dodge Karthus's Ulti easily.

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Skill Sequence

My Skill sequence begins with Q because of getting more mobility in case of an early fight, if your jungler comes for a gank on lvl 2.
I go on with W for maxing out my harass possibilities at lvl 2 already, so that w, q on opponent and one basic attack and already deal significant damage.
Next i skill E because it always gives you the chance to get out of range of a possible enemy gank or get in range to initiate a fight.
I first max Q and W because it is the main damage combo of Fizz and makes it possible to take down your enemies very fast.
For Lategame your main DmG Combos are R,Q,W,E or if you prefer to keep your ulti back Q,W,R,E
In both ways it's very important to keep your E back to rescue yourself in the right moment if you get focused.

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Summoner Spells

My choice of Summoner Spells for me seem to be THE ONLY CHOICE because you always need Flash as an AP-DD in cases of ganks or if you cant get out of range in case of a gank enough with E or lateron if you dived in the teamfight dealt tons of damage and look for a way out.

Ignite perfectly stacks with the passive of Fizz's W-Spell so that also after your damage reached your opponent he will be hurt very much, also very often you try to chase down an enemy champion with half life and he survives with 200 hp after attacking so that you'd be happy of taking Ignite as Summoner Spell.

Another reason for not taking Exhaust for example is, that fizz already got enough speed advantages because of his passive,E-Spell and the possibility of diving into his enemy with Q-Spell.

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-High Damage Output already in midgame
-early mobility because of early Sorcerer's BootsBoots
-choice of spells and runes give advantage for laning and lategame

-squishy in midgame
-if you play guide too often you'll be bored of winning mid! :D

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Team Work

Your position in Team is very clear, you deal TONS OF DAMAGE!
You can use your ultimate in 2 ways: firstly you can initiate a teamfight in lategame by aiming the enemies ad carry and instant knocking him down with your damage combo, or secondly you can shoot in in the existing teamfight to dmg all enemies but not focusing your damage on one enemy champion what could be not that successful because focusing is the most important part of LoL Teamfights.
After taking down there ad carry you should focus the next lower one or first look that you dont get focused too much because you are exept for your ad carry the heavy damage dealer!

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As a conclusion there are 2 Rules for Fizz!:
1. Play defensively in the early game and try to wait for gank.
2. In teamfights try not to be focused and deal TONS OF DAMAGE!!

Happy Fizzing Guys and please subscribe below.