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Tahm Kench Build Guide by NecroGyre

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NecroGyre

Tired of losing because of Mediocre gameplay by your team ma

NecroGyre Last updated on October 5, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
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Ferocity: 6

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Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 18

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Guide for winning with bad team mates!!!!

Ok I wont sugar coat this, you need to be good with Tahm Kench to pull this off. I have won almost all my pvp matches with Tahm in the Jungle, a lot of times I'm useless and of no help, but if the rest of your team wants to have a dance off by the dragon, while the other team takes Baron, then this guide may help you actually win the match. And like I said, this play isn't exactly for lesser players, this guide is for those who are better then their team always. And tired of losing with no chance, no matter how well u play it.
! ! ! ! ! <<<<<<<WARNING!!!WARNING>>>>>>>> ! ! ! ! !
This play is definitely bad mannered to say the least, and it will give you a ridiculously high MMR with a low ELO, if you aren't careful, since it will put you against plat 2 ranked players in the jungle and no one else on the gold ranked team your on ever faces higher then plat 5.
True story, got on team finder, I was silver 2 after only 1 month of ever playing a MOBA and for some gold ranked player. Got on skype and they were trying to tell me that I would be facing gold 1 and 2 players, maybe even a plat 5, but they rarely see higher than plat 5. That game I faced a Diamond 3 Khazix in the jungle and he handed me my arse. There were 2 plat a gold and a bronze with the diamond. The next game I took top with poppy, in lane against an Annie, and did well for the first couple minutes, better, then Annie, then she disappeared off lane, killed our jungler and midlaner, then came back and I didn't stand a chance, she was 2 levels up on me and I couldn't do anything at that point, she mopped the floor with me.. Turns out Annie was a challenger rank

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Farming path If Starting top

As Tahm you are going to take a bit of a different path then normal. If u are starting top, start at the Krug first, either side, doesn't matter, I'd call no leash, it's kinda pointless with Tahm anyway. The order or your combo attacks is somewhat important early on. Against the Krugs, Start by smiting the large krug then wait for 2 auto attacks and then eat the smaller one and continue to auto the krug, don't spit it at him yet, keep it off the map as long as u can, once Tahm spits it at the main krug switch your attention to the little one till its dead then continue on the Larger till he is dead. Level your shield and head straight to the other sides blue, if you encounter their jg dont worry, you stun every 4th hit, and you can eat them, always ignite upon spitting them out so they cant heal as easily, there are few champs you wont get the kill on this early. Anyway, Take blue, smite the gromp but leave the gromp after, and head to the scuttle and murder the poor defenseless unarmed creature, Then straight to your red. Which has always still been there for me, then hit the raptors. From the raptors head into the river and across mid lane to scare there mage a little, make uhm sweat. If the scuttle is still alive, kill it. Don't go for dragon till Level 8 at the earliest without help. But see if your blue is still available and take it, then gromp, then the wolves, shoot back across for the raptors 1 last time before porting back to base Get the boots hunters potion, and ancient coin for lil boost in gold. Head back to krug, then Raptors, Red buff, Scuttle, scuttle, blue, gromp wolf repeat, always hit all camps for the extra lil gold you get, you need it. And Just keep farming, keep the invasions to a minimum, you don't want to alert the other team to a possible threat to early on. Just keep farming and keep your nose down until you have the warmogs and the phantom dancers. Over 3000 health and you become god like, with his passive from his teleport you do 6% of your max health as magic damage with every basic attack at lvl 3, with the mallet your basic attacks slow, and with the attack speed, if you do 2.5 hits a second, and each hit does 280 magic damage cuz you have over 5000 health, plus a good 250 to 300 base damage based on which masteries and the build you went with, plus the added damage from your tongue lash and your spit, and smite and ignite, your DPS will be will over 2500 to champs, only tanks will withstand your engage, even 2 on 1 most other champs cant take and survive, the other team will have to not only engage 3v1 minimum to shut you down, without a 4th covering your escape you will get away every time. Take a short time to heal, then follow your minions to victory, you should clear a turret in about 5 seconds flat with a wave at your back. If you can convince the rest of your team to just protect base (it won't happen, but...) if you can convince them too you will probably win, If your teleport is up hit a blue or red buff.. EVERYTIME, just keep clearing camp, usually it's less then a 2 second clear time per camp with Tahm. And the other team will always have to hit u with at least 3v1 to insure you don't get 2 more kills. With Tahms devour 2v1 quickly becomes 1v1, and with and avg dps after armor and debuffs of about 1000, you can deal out 3000 damage before spitting out the other champs. Remember, Auto, Lash, Auto, Eat. Spit, Smite, ignite, Lash, Auto.. RUN BEHIND MINIONS. Heal, Cooldown and Repeat.

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If Starting on bottom Farm Path

Krug, Raptors, Scuttle, your red, your blue, gromp, other scuttle, wolves, usually you can hit there raptors as well, just careful, if you get caught and they start huntin you too early it could cost you the game. You are banking on the other team ignoring you till it's too late.

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Pros / Cons

Start winning games for a change!!
Team work takes a back door to carry kench, either they follow your lead and help, or they don't, you can win either way, especially if the other team is up 30 to 40 kills on you and are just enjoying the slaughters, I mean team fights, while you continue to push down turrets!!
Not engaging till late game helps to keep your KDR respectable, and also almost always insure a win!!
It's feels good to know that not only did you win it for your teams, you won it without your team!!!

Bad Mannered
Failing is failing horribly, no in betweens, and since the other team will have won by shutting you down for thinking about respawning you will probably get reported if you lose the game
Because you will actually win games you shouldn't stand a chance of winning the game will think your a smurf and pit u in matches CL9 would have a hard time winning, and your team will report your... mostly for being Tahm
Proper meta will destroy you everytime unless you have a good team
If your team is good, you are worthless the whole match
Since not keeping you down early game could mean defeat for the other team, the could just hunt and stop you relentlessly the whole match and just using you to feed the whole team