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Nami Build Guide by Reaxetion

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Reaxetion

TNT (Tanky Nami Top) 7.23

Reaxetion Last updated on November 29, 2017
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Tanky Top

Nami Build

LoL Path: Precision
LoL Rune: Press the Attack
Press the Attack
LoL Rune: Triumph
LoL Rune: Legend: Tenacity
Legend: Tenacity
LoL Rune: Coup de Grace
Coup de Grace

LoL Path: Resolve
LoL Rune: Font of Life
Font of Life
LoL Rune: Conditioning

+9% Attack Speed and +15-135 Health (at levels 1-18)

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Win 53%
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Threat Champion Notes
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Hello, and welcome to my guide! If you found this, odds are you enjoy the finer things in life, such as winning lane in unorthodox methods that leave the enemy team confused and raging. Well, good news! I have just the thing that will suite those needs. So grab your gills, fillet your fish, and lets dive in on Tanky Nami Top!

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Pros / Cons


CC Monster
Great utility with heals and speed buffs
Long ranged harass in lane
Easy to CS and bully your opponent at the same time

Team will think you are troll
Relies on your team to follow up on CC for kills
Not innately tanky, needs items to shore up
Can be mana hungry if mismanaged
It is tempting to build damage. DONT DO IT!

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Many of you at this point are probably wondering how viable this build really is. Well, I have had quite a bit of success so far, and plan to explore deeper how far I can push this wave. The thought of Tanky Nami Top (TNT) came from the inventor of the first TNT, Nautilus himself. Naughty Naut works well because he is tanky and throws out a ton of CC. Nami here can do the same thing! Except her CC hits more than one target, and can jump minions!

As TNamiT, you want to really work on your bubbles, as they are your bread and butter. A single double knockup bubble could change the fight outcome greatly, not to mention your Tsunami that will follow! Learn to team fight, and learn the range and speed of your Q and you will be climbing the ladder in no time!

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Press The Attack
This keystone is the key to your early game success. The damage it provides gives you a huge leg up, and makes ganks even more devastating. Late game, this transitions into a team wide buff against whatever enemy is the priority. Throw three autos out on the target to increase team damage by 12%, this is INSANE!

This is simply the best option here. During team fights, you can proc this up to 5 times, healing for insane amounts over the course of the fight. In lane, extra gold from kills and sustain to take out the turret afterward add up nicely.

Legend: Tenacity
You are the CC monster, don't get CC'd. 5 tenacity for free is nice, and being able to build it up to 20% over the course of the game is great for a non-keystone rune!

Coup De Grace
This last one isn't that great, as you don't do too much damage, but I suppose it helps. It is certainly better than your other two options seeing as you should have more health then almost everyone on the enemy team.

Font of Life
I LOVE this rune on Nami! You can CC with Q, E, and R. Free allied healing is great, especially when they heal for 35+ health each auto attack! Little bits add up a lot over the course of a team fight.

Extra Armor and MR later in the game is exactly what you want. You are already a lane bully, so pushing the advantage toward late game is definitely what we want to be looking at. Other options for this slot are: Iron Skin, Mirror Shell, Overgrowth- depending on the damage types of the enemy team.

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Laning Phase

Lane Phase should be about farming and bullying. As a ranged champion, you can easily last hit CS and weave in harass when you have no minions ready to last hit.

Tips and Tricks to Harass and CS

Stand near a bush when possible. You want to drop minion agro as quickly as possible after poking or trading

Go for 3 attacks on the enemy champ when possible (DONT MISS CS!). Press the attack is pretty strong!

Don't be afraid to use your abilities!

Overall Laning Guide:

When it comes to lane, you have some big advantages going your way. In addition to your easy CS and bully prowess, you have incredible disengage from ganks, as well as above average sustain thanks to your W. Make sure you hit your CS! Beyond that, look for opportunities to harass the opponent as much as possible. You should be able to keep them off of their own CS for the first few levels if they are melee.

You have surprisingly good kill pressure early on. If you are confident you are safe from a gank (Use your wards!) feel free to throw your bubble out for some extra harass or to all in. E yourself to give your autos a slow, land an AA, and go for the bubble. You will get a strong CC, as well as proc your PTA every time. It is impossible for them to out trade you if this is done correctly. Don't forget to use your W to heal and damage in the middle as well.

ROAM! You have TP, use it! Walking down to mid, or TPing behind the enemy bot lane will set up your team for success early on. Avoid taking the kill if possible, but make sure you proc PTA, and dont risk them getting away to give the kill to someone else. Even without your ult, you can CC an entire lane. With your wave, you roams almost guarantee a kill!

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Team Fights

Team fights are the reason we play Nami as a tank! Prioritize the most fed enemy and keep them locked down with Q, R, and E slows. They should be annihilated from your teams damage plus PTA 12% bonus. Keep throwing your Q and healing your team with W until the fight is over.

Even though you are ranged, you are still the front life for your team. Don't be afraid to get in close to make bubbles easier to land and make sure you stay in range to proc PTA. Of course, stay close to your carry if they have a heavy dive champ. CC to lock the enemy out, or CC to peel for your fed carries, you are here to HELP YOUR TEAM. If the enemies get behind you, you are failing as the front line.

Don't be afraid to disengage. If a fight is not going your way, Throw a wave and/or Q out and back up with your team to safety. Only Janna has better disengage, but she doesn't play as good of a tank as you do.

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Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read my guide. I will update it as needed with new patches, items, and experience. Feel free to ask any questions or give any criticism, as this is my first guide!