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Yuumi Build Guide by Korippo

Support Today we are destroyers! - Guide to Yuumi, the Magical Cat!

Support Today we are destroyers! - Guide to Yuumi, the Magical Cat!

Updated on July 18, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Korippo Build Guide By Korippo 6 1 9,101 Views 0 Comments
6 1 9,101 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Korippo Yuumi Build Guide By Korippo Updated on July 18, 2022
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Runes: Standard Runes

1 2 3
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Presence of Mind
Cut Down

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Today we are destroyers! - Guide to Yuumi, the Magical Cat!

By Korippo
About Me

Hi there, my in-game name is Mementos (previously Korippo), but my friends call me Vivi. I am a Yuumi player amassing over 500k+ points on the cat now, and I have played League since January 8th, 2021, so the very first day of Season 11. I was interested in the game for years but never truly got into it since it seemed like it had quite a hard learning curve, but one day I just gave it a try thanks to the recommendation of my friend and now it's my favorite game!

I started playing Neeko midlane only to find that I'm really not as into the role as I thought. Then I tried Lux support, and one day I looked through the shop and thought Yuumi was cool, so I bought her. Ever since then I have been playing her and having a lot of fun on the Rift! I also love playing other champions such as Kindred, Lillia, Anivia, Veigar, and many more.

I also must add that I am not necessarily a Yuumi OTP either as I enjoy playing other lanes and champions from time to time just as much as support/Yuumi, so I do not fully put all of my time on the game into the champion. I am still very passionate about her, but I also use my knowledge about other lanes/champions to assess how she can play better in the game too. :)

As of 5/13/2022 these are my stats on Yuumi, for tax:

I hope that my guide can teach you about Yuumi and that it can help you pick up the magical cat we all know and love!
Pros & Cons


  • Untargetable when on an ally, and if on a tanky/fed ally can be essentially unkillable
  • Great poke, can zone out the enemy laners and allow your ADC to CS more effectively--enemies will learn at some point that you will walk up to them for your passive and mana sustain, so they will generally run away from you when you try, which is good pressure!
  • Extremely good healing mid to late game, you can pretty much heal any squishy champ from half health and get everyone prepared to contest objectives
  • Low CD ultimate late game thanks to majority if not all of your items passively building up ability haste, even early game it is very low CD compared to some other ultimates which will allow you to set up ganks


  • Very squishy and is essentially a free kill if she's caught out alone; this is where her stereotype of "half a champion" mainly comes from
  • Is very susceptible to CC of any kind as it locks her out of her attach, and you need to be hyper aware of all CC threats in teamfights as to not get yourself killed. You are often the key link to teamfights due to the sustain you provide, if you misstep and die it could lose you the fight entirely
  • Can be countered by antiheal, and if a fed enemy laner that has AOE abilities builds it, you aren't going to be able to provide as much for your team besides your ultimate and Q poke
  • She is very easily punished if you are not keeping yourself aware of CC threats and champions who can quickly 100 to 0 you in teamfights, which is why getting your passive in fights is generally a bad idea and will lose you fights entirely if you make even one misstep. Enemies are in the end waiting for you to get off as they know the sustain you provide, so you must be smart about when you decide to hop off

Yuumi is considered a mid to late game champion due to her lack of much early game power. Once she gets her mythic, her mana sustain is typically much better and she holds a lot more value in both lane and roaming. Pre-6 her job is mostly to poke down enemies with Prowling Projectile and keep getting her Feline Friendship to sustain in lane until she and her ADC can back. It is generally favorable for your jungler to gank post-6, as before then you likely have no CC in lane (unless you're with someone like Ashe or a mage APC such as Veigar) and it will be hard to get ganks off.

Prowling Projectile is Yuumi's bread and butter for laning phase. When attached, you can freely move her projectile around a designated area, and if you keep it flying long enough, it will become empowered and deal more damage while also slowing enemies. If you use this ability while not attached, the projectile will shoot in a straight line instead.
You and Me! is Yuumi's attach. She gets this ability by default at level 1 alongside being able to level either Prowling Projectile or Zoomies. Any shield that Yuumi gets from her passive will apply to an ally she attaches to, otherwise herself. Any ally she attaches to will give her more Adaptive Force and her ally will also gain a part of her Adaptive Force, which applies to the build of your ally specifically.
Zoomies is Yuumi's heal ability, which is either applied to herself or the ally she's attached to. The cost of this ability is totaled by her max amount of mana, which is why you want to stay away from building mana items as much as possible since it will make this more costly no matter how much sustain you have. Zoomies also gives movement speed when used, so you can use it both to save low health allies or get them out of sticky situations.
Final Chapter is Yuumi's ultimate ability. Any enemy caught inside of it and hit by 3 consecutive waves will be rooted for a brief moment, which is a great combination with other CC abilities. You can use this to set up ganks, or use it to root enemies in huge 5v5 teamfights to give an instant advantage to your team by locking down priority targets.
Drafting in Champ Select

One of the core things people always ask when trying to play Yuumi is when she is viable in a team composition, what she shouldn't be picked against (if not first pick) and many more questions. Generally I try to rule out the following when deciding to play Yuumi in a match:

- Do we have at least one frontliner? If not, a tank support may be better--lacking any sort of tank or otherwise frontline bruiser will hinder your teamfighting a lot and Yuumi won't be able to continue keeping sustain if nobody has the HP to take tons of damage. Exceptions to this would include champions like Sylas who, while squishy, in theory has infinite sustain if the enemy team doesn't build something like Morellonomicon or Mortal Reminder.

- Is our ADC on role? This seems strange, but here's the thing--people generally will play well with any support should they be on role as an ADC. If people don't understand the role, they won't play with Yuumi well as they need to understand lane states, matchups, and the like for the lane to go smoothly. Some people when they are autofilled ADC just play passively all game as well, negating your ability to poke with Q (and, sometimes frustratingly enough, your Manaflow Band stacks for the first 10 minutes of the game). Always facecheck your teammates!

- Does the enemy team have full CC? This isn't necessarily an end all be all if you are hyper aware of pretty much all champions' abilities in the game, but if you look at the composition and it consists of something like:
It may generally be better to not play her into it unless you feel your composition wins their lanes and will negate their ability to contribute. Unfortunately, there are so many champions with CC that it is pretty much impossible to guarantee a match where someone doesn't have any, so often times you will just have to play them out and learn when to engage and when to not based on the enemy's cooldowns.

You also want to highly consider your team and whether they benefit from an enchanter overall or not. If you can reliably peel for someone or look at a matchup and think that it will be a very favorable lane for them, then an enchanter is always going to be amazing simply because the ability to keep an ally alive constantly is very strong. I also like to consider my jungler more than any other lane, playing with Nunu & Willump and Rammus for example are really fun because your combined mobility gets you both around the map extremely fast, plus they are great tanks to have anyways. Lillia and Kayn are also good examples.
Laning Phase/Early Game

Yuumi's early game is something that takes a lot of getting used to. She has a very weak start in the lane until level 6 and therefore is described as being rather passive, but you can still dish out quite a bit of damage with proper Q pokes. I generally always start with my Prowling Projectile level 1, but if the matchup is not in our favor and there's fear of a level 2-3 all-in, starting Zoomies is viable as well. I would much rather get my Manaflow Band stacks off with my Prowling Projectile poke earlier than later though, since this will make a difference for our mana regeneration and help us stay in lane longer.

You also want to be getting your passive Feline Friendship as much as possible as early game it will also be your main source of mana sustain. You proc it by auto attacking, so be very vigilant in CC heavy lanes to determine their cooldowns and only hop off when you see opportunities to get it without being caught out. Early levels pretty much all hook or heavy CC champions have high CDs, so this is generally not too hard to figure out anyways. The shield is also good against poke heavy laners like Lux and Morgana and will negate some of their damage early on.

Depending on who you're laning with, your early levels will differ drastically. Say for example you're laning with a Twitch, a very favorable synergy for you! He is a late game hypercarry assassin, but he does have good early game power if played well. You generally always want to go for the ADC over the support, unless the support is a very high DPS burst mage (such as Zyra) who can deal the same if not more damage than her ADC, then you should be whittling them both down equally. If you're laning VS an enchanter such as Soraka it generally is better to get them low, as it will make them use their mana more and make them have to back earlier, leaving their ADC vulnerable.

I always start with the usual Spellthief's Edge and my second item depends. If against a double poke lane such as Caitlyn and Lux then I will take 2 Health Potions to sustain their damage a bit better, but otherwise I will take an early Control Ward, especially against level 3 ganking junglers like Kindred, Kayn, Nunu & Willump, etc.

The goal of laning with Yuumi is to provide a lot of poke damage with Prowling Projectile and to get your passive Feline Friendship off as much as possible to sustain until your ADC can back for items. It's important to remember your passive, there are a ton of new Yuumi players who neglect it and it will cost you a lot of times if you don't proc it when possible. Ideally you never want to leave your ADC alone in lane unless they are a super safe laner such as Ezreal, but even then I try not to as some matchups are easy to tower dive with.

At around 15:00 or once your botlane tower falls, you and your ADC will generally rotate to the midlane since it is the safer option for the both of you to be in the middle of the map. Playing as Yuumi however, this is your time to analyze your team and understand your win conditions as well as see who is doing the best on your team. As we likely all know, our ADCs aren't always the fed carries we wish they were, and so as Yuumi you should instead stick with whoever is carrying to help them continue doing so.

Yuumi loves playing with tanks, bruisers and assassins due to her ability to keep them frontlining or add onto their already great mobility. Tanks and bruisers have a lot of health and sustain to begin with, so Yuumi only amplifies this further and gives them a huge damage boost. For assassins, as they love an in-and-out playstyle, Yuumi can contribute by keeping their health tipped off and speeding them up for chases, especially with Shurelya's Battlesong. I personally love playing with Garen, Darius, Mordekaiser, Katarina, and Akali for all of these reasons, and I have very easily helped them carry us to victory so many times. She also does fantastic with invisibility or clone champs like Shaco and LeBlanc because she can attach to their clone to further confuse enemies and baiting them into bad plays.

You pretty much will just be assisting your carries at this point in the game and making picks to secure objectives like the Dragon Soul, Elder Dragon and Baron Nashor to push for victory. You can also help a laner splitpush and continue putting pressure on multiple places in the map.

Teamfighting is where you will shine the most though as Yuumi, once you figure out who exactly is the priority to keep alive, you want to stick with them and keep healing them, as well as looking for good opportunities to get a huge Final Chapter off. Your ultimate is amazing especially for river skirmishes over drakes, since you can either use it to pick off the jungler or other priority targets as well as do some fun dragon steals. Getting Feline Friendship is rather hard in teamfights, which is why we opt to take Presence of Mind and why I preach it so much; you REALLY will need it in some of your longer skirmishes and it will enable you further to protect your carries and spam Zoomies more oftne.
Warding and Vision

Vision control is an absolute necessity on every single champion in the game, but supports are the champions that mainly fulfill that task in keeping every nook and cranny lit up so that your team doesn't facecheck everything and die to bad plays. However, there is a big difference between good and bad wards, and learning where exactly to ward is extremely vital.

In the beginning of the game, your support item won't provide you with any wards and thus you're left carrying around your Stealth Wards to use for now. In general during laning phase, you have a few options of using these wards--if you are against poke threats that are bush camping, then warding the middle bush in lane is best so that you can consistently see when they walk in and out of bushes. Otherwise, try warding the river bush leading into your lane, either beside the pit or to the entrance of the river work; but generally you want to ward the closest bush if you are pushed/behind, and the farthest if you are ahead, that way you can foresee enemy ganks.

The biggest rule of thumb for supports as well is to always carry around a Control Ward on you. If you have one on the map already, that's great, but you want to try and have one equipped on you to clear out nearby wards, too (remember that Control Wards also reveal nearby Stealth Wards, so use that advantageously on objective sieging) and to also replace your previous Control Ward for a better situational one.

After you finish your first support quest and get your Frostfang, you want to immediately switch from Stealth Wards to Oracle Lens. This is because by the time your quest is done, you will either be near or at mid game which is when you and your ADC will start to roam around the map more, and you want to clear out vision in order to make picks and also get vision control of your own. I generally aim for a 50+ vision score per game, averaging around 2 vision score per minute if I can. This will of course vary dependent on many game factors, but vision wins games, and don't take it for granted, but also don't overextend for it.

As Yuumi you will have almost no real opportunities to roam for vision on your own or make any deep wards unless you have someone with you, which is why your vision score can fluctuate a lot in the transition from early to mid game. Some supports excel at getting in and out of the enemy jungle for very deep wards ( Bard is a token example of this) so you want to try and sweeper through your own jungle if you feel like they were nearby, otherwise your jungler will fail all of their ganks before they even plan them.
Yuumi F.A.Q. / Niche Tips

1. Can I carry games with Yuumi?

The short answer to this is kind of. At the very least, you can continue to help an ally attempt to carry the game, but in the event an enemy laner is something like 20/3/10 and none of your teammates have a positive KDA, it is unlikely to carry the game yourself from there. You can encourage your teammates to farm up and perhaps flank the carry of the enemy team to try and secure a kill when you have ult and exhaust/ignite up, but it is still going to be very hard nonetheless. Due to Yuumi needing teammates as well, her solo carry potential isn't really viable to count on. She can KEEP a carry alive, but she can't necessarily be the carry in terms of damage herself. The point of playing any enchantress is to amplify your team to get ahead, and you most of the time don't really have the damage or the tools to do that yourself, unfortunately.

2. If banned, what other champions are worthwhile learning that play similarly to Yuumi?

No other champion is truly like Yuumi, but she is an enchantress and thus you will find success in mimicking her playstyle by playing her enchantress counterparts (such as Nami, Janna, Lulu, Soraka) -- most people will agree however that Sona likely plays the closest to her as she has pretty much all of Yuumi's kit besides her ability to attach. All of these champions have different uses and play styles however, so be prepared to learn a few of them due to Yuumi's ban rate fluctuating as you rank up if you don't want to play any other type of support.

3. Am I going to receive hate for playing the champion?

Most of the time I don't usually have much issue playing Yuumi with my team, however some ADCs will be rather dissatisfied with the choice. At the end of the day, play whatever champion you want, your team is free to dodge the game if they don't like the choice. Remember that Yuumi was nerfed long ago in her heal mana cost to make it so that her passive was an absolute necessary part of her laning phase, so the "AFK cat" argument these days is rather invalid. Don't let other people ruin your experience in game, after all.

Some niche tips/tricks about Yuumi and opponents/teammates

(Will update as I think of/learn more)

- You need to be very wary of playing alongside Mordekaiser or against one--either way when using his ult, if you're attached to him, you'll often get dropped into the middle of the enemy team and killed as a result. Similarly, if you are against one and he ults your carry, the same can happen there, so be very mindful of his CDs and play around them as to not get caught.

- If you happen to be playing against a champ with a clone, such as Neeko or Shaco, note that you can auto attack their clone to get your passive just the same as a regular champion. It's a small thing to know, but it can sometimes come in a pinch.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Korippo
Korippo Yuumi Guide
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Today we are destroyers! - Guide to Yuumi, the Magical Cat!

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