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Ahri Humor Guide by ToothlessHawkins

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ToothlessHawkins

Top Ahri S3 (Kinda Trolly, First Guide)

ToothlessHawkins Last updated on July 21, 2013
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This build came to my mind after a night without sleep, I was really bored and tried to **** around with the META a bit. I picked Ahri for Solo-Top and played against a Cho'Gath, against whom I won the lane pretty easy.

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I used:
HP Quints,
MR Glyphs,
Health Regen. Seals,
Magic Penetration Marks.

My Runes!

This Build should work with Standard AP Runes aswell.

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I took Flash and Ignite, about the other spells:

TP, good if you're playing with a premade team and are aiming to splitpush or want to go for a Lane-Change (wouldn't recommend without Spellvamp runes!)
Heal, if you arent too secure with this build. Funny to use in the last second and make your enemies rage.
Barrier, NO.
Revive, NO.
Smite, don't even think about it.
Exhaust, rather not, because this is a build you should use against an AP-Top, like Cho'Gath or Vlad.
Ghost, if you want to, sure!
Clarity, rather not, only if you're REALLY into it.
Cleanse, Nah, better not. Not too useful. Except if you're awaiting an Ignite-Enemy.

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I ran 21/9/0.
My Masteries!


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