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Vladimir Build Guide by C9Balls

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League of Legends Build Guide Author C9Balls

Top Lane Vladimir

C9Balls Last updated on February 12, 2015
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Ability Sequence

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Threats to Vladimir with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Shen Against Shen, you can probably play aggressively with q and e until he gets low enough to dive or recall, but he can win the matchup if he gets lvl 2 first and goes aggressive early on in lane and keeps taunting you.
Shyvana In this matchup, Shyvana will probably push you out but, you can still farm while harassing her. Shyvana doesn't really have sustain early game except for doran's shield so if she keeps taking free damage, she won't be able to keep pushing. After lvl 4 or 5 if she hasn't recalled, you can start winning the lane.
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Vladimir is a tanky mage champion who scales really well into late game where he can do a huge amount of burst damage in a short period of time. The only problem is that his early game is vulnerable, but he can manage through.

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Pros / Cons

+ Deals high damage during the late game
+ Has sustain
+ Has strong waveclear (after gaining some levels)
+ Doesn't use mana
+ Hard to gank

- No CC
- Weak early game
- Vulnerable to poke
- Countered by hard CC

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(Magic Penetration Marks)
Best reds for Vlad since all of his damage is magic damage and he doesn't really have great ad or atk speed for armor pen runes. Literally all his skills do magic damage.
(Scaling Health Seals)
Great against magic damage dealer since they don't do any physical damage so you don't need armor and this scales well with his passive. His passive gives ap depending on how much bonus hp you have and the other way around too.
(Alternative - Armor Seals)
You want these runes if the opponent you are facing only has abilities which deal physical damage. This reduces the amount of physical damage you take from their abilities and auto attacks.
(Scaling Ability Power Glyphs)
Good against physical damage dealers top since you don't need any magic resist against them and this scales well with Vlad. This is the best choice for blues since it outscales flat ap after level 6 and this also gives you extra health because of Vlad's passive.
(Alternative - Magic Resist Glyphs)
Take this against difficult lanes that deal magic damage. Vlad has a rough early game and if the other laner can bully the **** out of you, you want to grab these runes to survive that early game pressure. If the laner isn't that strong, then you might as well grab ap/lvl to scale and do more damage later in the game.
(Ability Power Quintessences)
Best runes on Vlad because it makes you deal a lot more damage with your skills and gives you some extra hp because of your passive.

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21 in Offense and 9 in Defense so that I can do a crazy amount of burst damage and be able to 100 to zero squishy champs. You also do a ton more damage once Transfusion is maxed. Vlad's late game is crazy strong and going full offense lets you utilize your skills and combo to the maximum effect.

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Item Builds

Starting Items



I go Doran's shield and hp pot for the tankiness and regen so that I can farm safe in lane. You can also start boots and 4 hp pots if the enemy laner is an ap caster and this start lets you run faster to dodge abilities and also have sustain. Cloth armor and 5 pots is also good against heavy ad casters like against Riven or someone like Nidalee who auto attacks a lot.

Core Items

Hextech Revolver for sustain and Deathcap/Voidstaff for damage. Zhonyas great against ad damage teams and also good for going in deep and having 2 invulnerability.

Item Build path

Grab this first for sustain. Upgrade this into Will of the Ancients as last item.

Get this second if the enemy deals physical damage.

For tons of damages.

Magic penetration for late in the game when they build magic resist.

Last item to burn through tanks or for the percent damage.

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Summoner Spells

Teleport + Flash
I go Teleport and Flash now because TP is a must in soloq/competitive now if you want to carry games. I don't like Ghost because it's really easy to die to gap closers during a gank if you don't have Flash. With Teleport, you can splitpush all you want and if your teammates get engage on or try to force something around objectives, you can port in and change the flow of fights. Vlad is a great split pusher and having TP too will make you have presence on the whole map.

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Early Game

Levels 1-5 you want to just play safe and harrass the other laner with your skills while last hitting with autos. The playstyle varies depending on jungler ganks and who you are laning against. Levels 7-9, if the lanes even, you should start winning against most matchups unless you mess up or get ganked.

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Mid Game

At this point, you are probably going to split push and push your lane to the enemy laner's second turret, drawing pressure towards your lane. If you think you can't get the turret / keep harassing the other laner, you can look at other lanes and see if you can make plays, like diving mid lane or securing jungle buffs or dragon.

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Late Game

What I usually do during late game depends on how strong I am. If I am weak, I just split push and draw someone strong from the other team to my lane while my team 4 vs 4. If I'm strong, I make sure to shove a lane and group up with my team to secure objectives or catch people that are overextended.

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In teamfights, I usually go for the AP or AD carries, but there are times where you can ult the frontline and just burst them down to win fights. It also depends on who the carries are and if you think you can reach them or if you already have someone going for their carries and you can just help peel.

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