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Warwick General Guide by Nikk Dagger

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nikk Dagger


Nikk Dagger Last updated on July 29, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed - make you look rly like unstopable force when u goin for frags

Greater Seal of Armor - the best runes u can had at top lane

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist and Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - nice vs 2 mages in anemy team

RED RUNES(still have no ideas what is the best choice)
Greater Mark of Attack Damage - chosing red runnes took alot of my time but i think for me it is the best ofc u can go for as or mp runes but one of the ww mains trouble is slow atc animation so if u trin to kill minion when he is low u can be late and it annoyin

Greater Mark of Attack Speed - rly good, in fact it makin our atc animation faster so also kinda elp in lane phase

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - about 70% ww's dmg is magic, but it isnt so usefull like as or ad in early game and not so great boost in mid or late game

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We take as cuz in our build we will have 40% from items? idont think that takin 8% mpen need explanation

Now about def masteries we will take
Durability - there is no another way to start
Hardiness - u must remember even if u stay vs ap champ his AA and minions dmg still physical
Resistance - here we place others masteries
Unyielding and Block - u r goin to be frontlaner so u need this sht
Veteran's Scars - free 30 hp it is good and it is free!
Relentless and Tenacious - "What we sayin to the CC? - Not today!"
Defender - +5 armor + 5 mr in teamfight for 1 mastery still better then Legendary Armor - +6\+7 in late game for 3 masterys
Reinforced Armor - fck IE
Honor Guard - free -3% incoming dmg - rly nice

Why i didnt take some masterys
Perseeverance - i dont know for who this mb for Mundo but not for us
Summoner's Resolve - wat?
Tough Skin and Bladed Armor - we r civil wolfs, rnt we?
Safeguard - we can dive but it isnt god idea and we wont do it too much times like singed
Juggernaut - we rnt goin to have much hp like zac so it is not for us
Good Hands - we already have 2 good hands we wont die too much so

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Nice for start it gives u hp it gives u more heal with ur Q and it restore mana with killin minions
WW is realy manahungry so try to have always with urself about 3 if u have free slot

It is nice choice cuz nobody need to focus tank with thier cc and we also have nice speed

the best item for ww it not only give u + 42 dmg but makin ur passive's dmg bigger
Okay now we need some hp and this passive have good combo with ours q r and passive

Fck we forgot about armor! But now its ok
the end is near even adc can already have
Nice item u can get it instead of vs some gays like vayne but there is one minus u won't have ur free 20%

It's slow nice but in fact in late all closte to all fights r 5vs5 so even if u just follow one after fight smbd is already low hp and givin u free ms
Is nice choice in late game if enemy have low dmg, but we will have lil max hp :C (btw did u know that it's passive stucks with ours ult?)

I begin to think that this is the best 6th item but there will be new mr items so we wil see
Try ro keep wardin enemy blu or red buff warded it could e easy kill for u or free buff

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Skill Sequence

Q Hungering Strike - is ours main ability, God bless this thing (try to use it after enemy's poke to win hp changes or if he cant poke u use it every time u have full mana)

W Hunters Call - is for late game for teamfights for us it will be ok(easy spell no need in tactics)

E Blood Scent - is good for ganks and for lane domination (btw when u goin to gank low hp enemy and he isnt in fog of war just off ur E and when u will be not so far about destination of ur flash+r combo activate it again it will be kinda butthurt for this ****ty nowardin idiot)

R Infinite Duress - is why everybody hates ww (if u cant kill ur laner in lvl6 go mid and kill there, this thing make u mega super over god initiator just use it on enemys adc and he will be easy frag for u team but u must be sure that ur team is prepared for fight better mark him before and write in chat that u goin atc, one more tip when u go low health u can try to bait ur enemy under tower let him do one spell or AA for tower focus and then ult him also u cann do this when there is smbd like teemo or gp they atc u and u immediantly ult them till they r under tower)

And ours passive Eternal Thirst it is rly good in late and mid game but it isnt so strong early as urs q so play def early and 6-9 lvls u will dominate ur lane ( never run as ww in teamfights, if enemy team hasnt morello and dont ignite u can easy heal about 50% of all incoming dmg)

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is the best choice cuz 1) it is nice as flash+r enemy carry it is tii fast to react 2) u already have ghost for atc low hp enemys

use it with ur q r q combo to finish enemy

If u will use this ill find u and i swear i ll make everything for ur ban-_-

I dont think it is ry helpfull, in fact u r tanky enough in mid game to fight 1vs2 w8 one of them get less then 50% hp and then have free ghost

Ofc u can take it if in enemy team 2 adc or u support is so fckin pro and he think that he can cc enemy adc without this just using ignite



No more forest

It will be useless in mid and late games cuz u will have too much def stats and the shield wouldnt get away by enemys only by the time, but u can performe mindgames early, i didnt use it just thought:D

Nobody cares about cc tank...

Fck it we have E


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It is rly hard lasthit early game as ww cuz of his slow atc animation,thinks about solves i wrote already in runes, in fact outr build isnt so expensive so we dont need in real hard farm


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