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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hzilla

Tower Diving Rumble!

Hzilla Last updated on April 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So you like fire do you? Sure, there are already flame based champions like Annie and Brand, but nothing quenches that inner pyromaniac like a giant robot shooting flames out of its arm.

Welcome to my Rumble the Mechanized Menance Build for Mobafire. Its my first post on mobafire, and the reason is that I've been having a pretty good time and success playing this character. I just want to share my strategy on this little rascal with everyone.

As you can see, I've had moderate success playing this champ in ranked.

Disclaimer: I'm just recently starting to post, so the page might look a bit bare as I figure out how things work.

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Quick Guide

Do not play Rumble as a pure AP DPS!! I see a lot of bad rumbles running around. They usually start off well in the laning phase due to the added ap bonuses only to melt late game in a team fight.

Rumble is best played as an ap off tank. He needs to get close to deal consistent damage with his Q, but that also leaves him vulnerable to focus fire and cc. If you're building pure DPS, you'll die the instant the other team focused fire on you. Heck, because of your aoe damage output, you'll be focused on anyway no matter what build you go with. However, that's not necessarily a bad thing! If you build off tank dps, you'll consistently output damage while buying time for the rest of your team to finish off the other team.

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I usually go by maxing Q and W first, then E. Q is obvious since its Rumble's bread and butter dps skill. I like W because once you have a couple ranks in it, your laning opponents won't be able to harass you! E is for chasing and keeping your opponent inside your Q hitbox. I find that having one or two points in it would suffice for most of the game.

Additionally. Put E on smart cast! This way, you wont have to press aim fire each time you need to hit someone.

R, as an ult, has such low cooldown that you should spam it as often as you can during laning phase as a form of harassment.

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You need to get pure off tank items, which can be game dependent. I always get doran's shield and sorcerers boots as my first items. The doran's shield is always a good tanky item for bruisers whereas the boots along with the runes give you close to true damage on any champion without magic resist items. After this you can customize based on what the other team is doing. Did their ad carry just score a double kill? Get a chain mail. Are enemies tower hugging with low health? Get a chain mail for a tower dive. Do you like armor? Get a chain mail! I guess my point is chain mail's really good tanky item. Otherwise, if its ap i'm worried about, I'll start off with a negatron. I'll either build that into an abyssal scepter or get rylais straight away after. Rylais is perfect for keep the enemy champs in your aoe hitbox.

In the mean time, you may need some armor, so grab that chain vest. I usually build that either into randuins. or thornmail if they have some scary melee dps (tryn). Some builds I've seen have frozen heart as the armor item, but I think that's a mistake since you dont benefit much from the CDR (heat) or the mana.

Late game, you should get whatever fits. You may want additional magic resist in the form of Force of Nature or Banshee's Veil if the enemy team has a lot of AP casters. Otherwise I'm experimenting a bit with Zonya's and Hextech. For Zonya's, what you need to do is to fight until you're about a quarter of health left. Pop your ult on your current location. Pop your zonya, and watch your enemies burn themselves as they wait for zonya's to cooldown. You can get the guardian angel if you have a coordinating team who can keep you alive when it activates. This is because you have no natural escapes. The enemy team could potentially just wait around and kill you.

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Ghost and Flash are the two only ways to play Rumble. This is because they're amazing both as defensive and offensive skills. The key to fighting with rumble is keeping your enemies in your hit range. Ghost and flash accomplishes that wonderfully. There's nothing more satisfying than flashing next to an over extended squishy. Tase him with your e, pop q, and then tase him again!
Since Rumble has no easy escapes (cept perhaps running over on his R), you also need these summoners to get away from ganks.

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I tend to solo lane with rumble. This is because you're a really really good laner. Your enemies can't harass you because of your shield. Plus, you can dash out and turn the game on them if they've pushed too far using your E and Q combo.

Since your flamethrower damages all minions in your aoe range when you use it, you need to be very careful when you're using it to farm. Instead you may want to use your taser to last hit minions. If you're having trouble last hitting, a convenient way is to over heat and get the added magic damage bonus which makes it a lot easier to farm.

In any case, you may find yourself over extending. To avoid ganks and still push, map awareness is key! So buy wards!

Last tip. Don't be afraid to tower dive! If you're laning against a squishy with about 30 mr. You're at full health, he's at 3/4, and you have your ult ready. Dont be afraid to towerdive that *****! At best, you'll score an early first blood. At worst, you'll realize its a bad idea midway and back out with your shield and flash.

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Tower Diving

One of the reasons I made this guide is that I've been having a lot of success tower diving with this character. Rumble's shield gives you a speed boost and a free block on a tower's attacks. I usually jump in, ult, fire, tase, shield and run out. If you've done that right, your combo should kill a squishy with a 3 quarters health or a bruiser/tank with half health.

There are some tricky situations that you can come across. While laning against anyone with a stun or taunt, say ashe, taric, shen, or sion, etc. experienced players know that they may bait you into tower diving only to stun your *** after your attack. That's why you have to pop your ult right when you get close. If they stun you, they'll stay in the aoe damage range of the ult, which will finish them off. Against anyone with a taunt, just pop your q before they could taunt you. They'll be helping you do your combo.

<more later>

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Team Phase

AOE ult: Coordinate with your team so that they can keep your opponent team inside your killzone longer. If you have a karth on your team, tell him to put down the slowing wall at the same place you've placed your ult. Otherwise, ping any character with stuns, slows, or root.

Initiation: E is great for initiating. Use it on a badly positioned carry. R can be used to initiate as well, but depending on the situation, you may want the opposing team to commit before you use it.

<more later>