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Sona Build Guide by Black Star Hope

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Black Star Hope

Tread Carefully - AP Supp Sona

Black Star Hope Last updated on January 5, 2014
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Hello Everyone! I'm Black Star Hope on Oceania server (Used to be on NA). This is my first guide. I main support so what you're probably gonna see from me mostly are support guides until I get a bit more comfortable in other roles. These guides are not going your typical "These work the best" guides. mostly, I'm just sharing what I feel personally works best for me, and it's my way of perhaps helping you find your own comfort zone in the guides I post up.

Support, to be honest, is not the easiest role. A lot of people who do not support do not appreciate everything that a Support character has to do. You get a lot of people blaming you for feeding or perhaps just not appreciating exactly what you're doing for them as a support. Don't worry. Support is always going to be an under-appreciated role- and there's not much we can do about it except be proud of ourselves for being successful at it. I've never been a fan of "sheeping" my way through games.

This one is covering Sona now - I'm not really expecting people to like this guide or even follow it. Lol some of you are probably looking at this and going: "woa... bad..." This is just what works for me. I believe every game and every character is situational, and you're never going to find the right instance where someone elses build/runes/masteries/skill order is going to suit you PERFECTLY. Even I have to switch it up now and then and break my own meta. So fiddle with it, try it out and I hope my guide helps you break out of the figurative League of Legends box, and find your own comfortable build that works for you.

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Team Work As Support

Okay so the main thing is to remember: You're the support. You have a few SPECIFIC set purposes in the game:

A. Keep your ADC Alive.
B. Secure kills for your ADC and/or Jungler
C. Harass - and poke. Punish the enemy team for farming. (which actually kind of correlates with purpose Letter B.)

Let's go over what these mean.

[*] Keep your ADC Alive.
- This requires you to be persistant. Do not leave your adc alone. If they are out of position, ping them, communicate with them. Be aware of where you're positioned - a lot of the times the ADC's actually feel it's their job to protect you as the support this means if you get hooked, stunned, slowed, or just flat out caught - your ADC will probably come back for you - resulting in their death too. This is not wrong, its good. you guys are meant to protect each other.

Obviously you need to be situational, if your ADC gets caught and you're outnumbered, think wisely. Can you save your adc? Is there absolutely no way to save them even using all of your skills and your ult? If not then you need to run. A double kill is not okay if you could prevent it. However in saying this. If you CAN save your ADC, but you might die in the process: Go for it. As the Support you should not be getting kills. You should be securing. Peeling takes skill and sometimes as the support you have to b e a bit sacrificial. This is okay however, as long as you dont have any kills, the more you die, the less gold you're worth. Your ADC however, SHOULD have kills if you are securing for them. The more kills they have between deaths, the more gold they are worth. A shut down - even not at max gold worth could still be the difference between the enemy ADC completing an Early game "Ouch" Item. Peel, heel, protect, and communicate.

And for the love of GOD - WARD. ALL THE WARDS. Use them. Don't be shy about it, just ward. It is the difference of a successful enemy gank or not.

[*] Harass and Poke.
- Harassing is very important. Every time you punish the adc for trying to farm is a little bit more health gone, perhaps a little bit more mana wasted for the enemy support trying to keep their adc alive. Harassing is important. It makes ganking easier for your jungler, securing kills for your ADC more successful, and it also could be the difference of farm. The more you it harder for the enemy to farm, the better. CS - which to be honest I don't understand why it's called that - rather I call it "Minion Farm" is just as important as kills, if not more important early game. The more you harass the more likely the enemy will have to back.

12 Creeps = 1 kill that is not a shut down. Early game it's obviously MUCH easier and safer to last hit for your adc then it is trying to go HAM on enemy team. Make it hard for the enemy team to farm, and your ADC will have more creep kills - which means they have more gold, and are more "fed" then your enemy. Which means they will damage more and damage faster - which could be the difference between "DEFEAT!" And "VICTORY!" So again - punish and harass your enemies. be careful about it and don't get caught. It takes a bit of practice - but most of the time if you stay behind minions you'll be fine.

It's up to you if you target the support or the adc. Most of the time it's suggested going after the adc - if the support can't keep up with the heals or they are a champ that has no heals, the adc will have to back. If the support doesn't go and tries to farm - they are easy pickings for you and your ADC to tear down for a free kill - giving your adc gold. That - and the more time spent away from farming for the enemy the better.
*** in saying all of this though: It's important that you don't put yourself in a position where you must back for mana too much. Sustain is important and as a Sona Support, you're job is to sustain your ADC in health, speed and attack power.

[*] Secure kills for your ADC/jungler.
This step is important. It's harder than the other ones. In correlation to harassing which making securing kills easier when the enemy is careless, its sometimes difficult to not accidentally KS. In some situations, it's better if you get the kill (IE: If your adc and jungler die but they need to be hit one more time. Go ahead and take it. And assist after death is much better than nothing for your allies.) but most of the time it's your job to simple secure the kills. That means healing your allies for the advantage, speed boost them to catch up to fleeing enemies (Or speed boost them out of a situation where they are dying), and attacking the enemies to help get that extra burst damage on there. (Don't spam it though if the enemy team is almost dead unless they are going to get away - you don't want to kill steal). Exhausting the enemy so they do not run away so quickly.

Be sure to focus the ADC> If your adc is not focusing on the correct target, ping and communicate and try to help them through it. Sometimes button smashing and panic during fights gets in the ways. Sometimes it doesn't always work, but doing the obvious in securing the kills as supports can make a world of difference.

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If you're confused on why I build things in a certain order or my masteries, make sure you check out the notes in each segment.

Remember a Support is supposed to:
A. Keep your ADC Alive.
B. Secure kills for your ADC and/or Jungler
C. Harass - and poke.

Hopefully this guide will have been able to help you get a better understanding of what a Supports 3 main purposes are and how to achieve them. Using these items and builds, it has worked for me. Thank's for reading everyone!

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First Buy: I know normally you may not have enough gold to buy both potions - really the potions are just a preference. I choose the ward trinket rather than anything else because it costs me less money in the future.

Second Buy: Second go around I generally always get my chalice. At this point in the game with how I'm trying to aggressively harass (If the situation allows it) I'm running out of mana quickly between healing and poking. If I have enough gold at this point, I also am constantly using my Hymm of Valour so I upgrade Spell thief so that I get even more gold income. Make sure you are warding.

Third/Fourth Purchases: Generally by the third go - I can finish off my Athenes. Every game is situational of course - but when things are in my teams favour I tend to I get Athene's first because of the CD and the Mana Regen, and the MR. I can poke and heal more often with more sustain and resist the supports attempts to peel me off easier. Boots of mobility are the best option for this so you can roam, catch up, and get to your allies faster to help.

Fifth/Sixth: Be sure to be constantly warding! Finish your sightstone and death fire grasp gives you even more CDR so you can use that ult efficiently in team fights.

Last Purchases: For the last two, my active items. By now its team fights and cluster Fu**s, your using your ult more often. By now people are probably going to be focusing you if they get the ADC down - be sure to remember to use your hourglass. Initiating with the tanks, and hour glassing at the proper times can effectively help your allies by getting the enemies to waste their ults and CD's on their other abilities.