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Tristana Build Guide by TsKen

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TsKen

Tristana- Queen of The Ruined Kings

TsKen Last updated on October 7, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi i'm a Diamond ADC main who uses Tristana as my "go-to" carry. Last season I made it only as far as gold V but this season after taking a different mindset on how I should approach the game I've climbed all the way to Diamond 3. Enough of the formalities ;D Lets get started shall we?

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Summoner spells

You have three choices for your summoner spells when playing Tristana

The most commonly used is Barrierbecause barrier is the most versatile spell out of the other two. You can use barrier offensively and defensively and it counters ignite pretty well.

You can also use Ignite if you wanna play really aggressively, however ignite is kind of a waste on Tristana since you already have reduced healing on E.

Cleanseis a very situational summoner spell to use because barrier is usually better than cleanse. However if your up against a lot of CC like Leona or Fiddlesticks, then cleanse is almost mandatory because chances are they are going to flash and try to cc you every fight.

Flashis pretty self explanatory. Its mandatory for every ADC to have since Season 3 revolves around the assassins meta.

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These runes are pretty standard and works very well on every ADC

Why vamp over AD quints?

vamp allows you to play both ways.

you can life steal when you play offensively and you can life steal when you need to play defensively. Its the jack of all trades quinn.

It allows you to sustain in lane and when you go in to harass with your AA, since it allows you to life steal you are going to take less damage from minions than if you take AD quints.

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Standard masteries for ADC

IF you do take ignite, substitute summoner's resolve for summoner's wrath.

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Ever since BOTRK was introduced and early game champs like Draven was nerfed, Tristana got a secret massive power boost. Overall Tristana isn't as popular as other AD carrys because shes kinda quirky and has a ****ty laning phase. Before the introduction of BOTRK, Tristana had one of the worst early and mid phases compared to her other AD carrys. However with the introduction of BOTRK shes pretty strong early and mid game and she's just overall really strong this season.

You want to rush BOTRK as soon as possible because that allows you to assassinate any ADC because with BOTRK you should be able to 1on1 with any ADC if you are not behind.

After BOTRK you want IE because your base damage is really low. Since you have a steroid(your Q), you dont need to rush PD after BOTRK. BOTRK gives you attack speed while IE gives you your base damage.

after IE you want to build it into JUST zeals. Why only zeals and not finish it and go LW?

Because you don't need to finish it. Finishing zeals should give you enough attack speed and crit rate(45%) to give you a pretty nice dps.

At mid point in the game the enemy probably stacked a lot of armor against you so by rushing LW you can approach late game faster. IE works very well with only zeals and you do not need to finish PD.

After LW you should finish Phantom Dancer and then you have your choice for your defensive items.

GA is pretty standard for a ADC's last item since they get focused down a lot.

But you can also go Randu if the enemy team is full of AD or you can go banshees if the enemy team has a lot of AP.

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Skill Sequence

Early game you wanna take E first so you can harass and shove your lane.
You wanna get W right after E to be safe.

After that you wanna max E and then max Q. You wanna max W last.

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How to lane with Tristana

Tristana is known for her really really weak laning phase. But there is a fix to that. By using your explosive shot, you can probably outshove your opponent in lane. By outshoving your opponent he probably won't harass you as much since if he tries to play aggressive on you, your minions can punish him.

You wanna keep your lane shoved so you can just farm up. Don't be afraid to trade with your explosive shot. If a enemy is drinking potion, make sure you use your explosive shot on him since it'll render his potion useless.

Make sure your support keeps the river/tri warded. Normally it's incredibly hard to gank Tristana since she has a reallly far jump and by keeping your lane shoved it's hard to lane gank. If you keep them pinned at their side of the map, it'll be hard for them to try and pink and clear your wards.

Farm up for mid and late game. You don't need to win your lane early since you scale a lot harder than other ADCS.

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Why play Tristana over other ADCs?

-Late game at level 18 she has the LONGEST PERMANENT range out of all ADCS.
-She can shove lanes REALLY REALLY fast with her explosive shot.
-She has by far one of the best late games. In solo Queue with no peelers, she is the better pick since her kit + her attack range makes it way harder for the enemy to get to her.
-She is incredibly strong with BOTRK. You can basically 1on1 and pick up the first kill once you get your BOTRK.

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ADC tips

-will update when i have time.

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will update soon!

Twitch channel

chances are i'm playing Tristana!

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this is just a quick overview of the guide!

i'll be updating the guide with tips/etc when i have the time.

Feel free to make suggestions!