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Trundle Build Guide by Addarob

AD Offtank Trolling Top With Trundle!

AD Offtank Trolling Top With Trundle!

Updated on January 3, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Addarob Build Guide By Addarob 4,036 Views 0 Comments
4,036 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Addarob Trundle Build Guide By Addarob Updated on January 3, 2015
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Laning Phase

Before 6, Trundle can hold his own in lane, but isn't the best at winning trades. So what you're going to want to do is focus on your farm and beat your opponent to level 6. Obviously if your opponent goes in for damage, feel free to retaliate with a bite or two. Trundle is spooky in lane thanks to his Q, so usually you won't need to deal with too much harass early on, unless of course you're up against a lane bully such as Renekton or Yorick (In which case you should have a Doran's Shield). Since Trundle has such a presence in lane, if your opponent goes all in on you, he most likely has backup. Throw down your Frozen Domain and save your Pillar for when their backup arrives. The worst thing as Trundle in lane is to get killed before you have enough for a Cutlass, so play it safe early on.

When you hit 6, try to engage ASAP, but don't go all in. If they get caught off guard and you pick up a kill the great! But otherwise, as long as they have to back you win the trade. This way, you can grab your items and get back to lane without losing your XP lead. From here on out, you should be able to win trades and bully your opponent around. Every time they leave lane, you can get massive amounts of damage on their tower from your Q and W.
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Team Fighting

Trundle is very interesting, mainly because he counters both tanks and squishy AD carries. In team fights, a Trundle's presence and Pillar placement can win or lose the fight. The first thing you should always do it identify the most tanky member of the enemy team. When the fight breaks out, using Subjugate on that champion is your first priority. This makes you extremely beefy, while leaving their tank to get swarmed and deleted by your team.

Next identify where their AD Carry is (or if they have another fed champion that is squishy, such as a Syndra or Evelynn). Place a pillar behind them and go all in (assuming that your team is still with you). Use any actives you have along with your Q and W and that carry shouldn't last more than a few seconds. If they use some type of escape, they will be stuck behind your Pillar and effectively zoned out of the fight, leaving you to feast on their next carry.

If your team gets a pick and wants to back away, place your pillar between your team and the enemy team. It seems simple, but make sure you don't trap any teammates along with them. Again, Pillar placement is extremely important on Trundle.
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Split Pushing

First off, if you loose lane or if the other team is even somewhat fed, DO NOT SPLIT PUSH. It is a bad idea on any champion and is a huge problem in lower ranks. That being said, Trundle is an excellent split pusher. If you decide to split push, you should have a Hydra instead of a BORK. I also recommend a Trinity Force, but that isn't needed. Make sure to spam your Q for wave clear, but save your W for towers and escapes. If you know that the enemy team is coming for you, throw down your W and get out of there. Also make sure to use your Pillar when escaping. DO NOT GET GREEDY! If you have a choice between finishing off a tower and saving your life, just leave. That way, you ensure that everything you get from splitting is free rather than giving them a kill for possibly making a good trade.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Addarob
Addarob Trundle Guide
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Trolling Top With Trundle!

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