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Olaf Build Guide by EierUeberraschung

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EierUeberraschung

True Damage In Your Face - Upgraded

EierUeberraschung Last updated on August 17, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 15

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 15

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There have been so many changes, fixes and new item builds so that I've to republish my guide "True Damage In Your Face".
Enjoy the music by Acrux while checking my guide.
Olaf is a rarely taken champion in ranked games.
He is a fast jungler and for usual he becomes tanky during the match.
Characteristic of him that he dominates 1o1s and that he is getting great in late game.
Don't underestimate Olaf !!

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Passive: Berzerker Rage

Great passive, Olaf is even more dangerous on low health.


Skillshot, dealing damage and slows units. Can be used for poking as well.
( You get vision on the ground where the axe is ending up )

Vicious Strikes

You gain attack damage + attack damage scaling to your hit points.
In addition to that, you receive life steal and spell vamp.

Reckless Swing

Strong single target nuke, dealing TRUE damage.
( Please read the chapter about true damage )


Passive is offering armor penetration.
Active reduces incoming damage and you get Immune to disables.

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My Masteries

I've already tried many masteries on him, but I prefer those:
Melee Jungle Hybrid 15/0/15
Core Masteries:

I get and for supporting my summoner spells

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Skill Sequence

Olaf is a great jungler.
It is not necessary to get some higher ranks of Undertow and Vicious Strikes in the beginning.
You are rushing 5 points in , consequently you will deal a lot of TRUE damage in early/mid game.

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My Special Beginning: Vampiric Scepter

I'm starting with instead of + 5x .
You don't have to waste 175 gold for 5x

You won't finish red buff when you are doing the first jungle tour.
You cannot go for "noob ganks". ( rarely worthy in ranked games )

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You are starting at blue buff. As a result you should ask for hit and cover.
Finish him with without getting in trouble and you get level 2.

in combination with works fine with your passive .

This is what it's like when you are doing blue buff.

You can do blue buff even without pull and potions: WHAT NEXT?

After having received blue buff and level 2, you can use at the wolves.
You deal a lot of damage to them.
Ghosts are next. It is really important to kill the big ghost fast as possible, if not you will take a lot of damage.
Use your as an initiate and finish him fast with .
You have to avoid the red buff, go straight for the golems.
Start with Undertow and Vicious Strike and finish him with .
Then you go for the other golem.
You are going to take Red Buff later on for ganks.

Communicate with your mates and work together for dragon!
Judge the situation and make clear that your mates know what is going to happen.
After having finished the dragon you should write the time of its respawn.
( Respawn time: 6 minutes! ) Pull him next to your mates and try to finish him fast as possible.

Just the first blue buff is yours!
The second blue buff etc. is for your mates! ( Respawn time: 5 minutes )
Ping for them and communicate with them!
They will help you too!

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Olaf is a great ganker though he is not having any skills where he can get at his target.
will fix this problem and is dealing a lot of damage.

Olaf is creating an enormous pressure on his target when he starts a gank. You don't have to get a kill or support for a sucessful gank,
if they have to use their summoner spells, this will help your mates to dominate the lane.

Sometimes you will have to take over a lane for a short period.
This ain't a problem, Olaf can harass well.

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True damage?!

is dealing true damage. True damage?
True damage is your main damage in early and mid game.
The damage dealt by Reckless Swing is ignoring armor/magic restistance of the target and the damage is exactly like the damage in the description.

- having range
- short cooldown
- melting down tanks
- you know exactly how much damage the target will take,
check target's health and then you can decide if tower dive is worthy.

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Boots of Swiftness?

Why am I rushing them?

Most item builds of Olaf contain for receiving tenacity.
But you shouldn't forget that you are having your ultimate .
Normally used is not useful because most of the team fights are not having a duration of 8 seconds.
( duration of Ragnarok )

is really nasty in the beginning.
If you rush them, you will gank in time, great escape possibility in addition to , faster jungling, chasing while dealing true damage with and important for reaching the carrys in teamfights.

-> movement speed
"Simple kill" : Ragnarok saved me from Amumu's Ultimate.

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2 Builds - 2 Different Jobs In Teamfights

You might have recognized my second build.
The following question is: What kind of build do I have to use?

Look at the champions of your team.
If there is a at the top lane, you will have
to go for the second build because Jarvan is already a tank.
( another ex. : at mid lane )
If there is no tank in your team, you will have to focus on the second item build.

Here are some of the most important facts you should know.

First build: Tanky Olaf
Team has to rely on you.
-> You have to judge the situation/position ( teamfight worthy? )
You have to buy in mid and late game.
You have to initiate teamfights. Help your carries.
Tank dragon and baron if necessary.
You shouldn't get every kill!!

Second build: High Damage bruiser
You are responsable for damage.
Focus the carries of the enemy team.
Don't initiate and don't run 1v5 in a teamfight.
( wait some few moments before you participate in a teamfight )

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Collecting Some Stats

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Some "Real Moments"

I'm going to start picking some epic moments together:

How to use Undertow :D

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At The Very End

I want to thank you for spending your time on my guide.