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Trundle Build Guide by stathis30f

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author stathis30f

Trundle Offensive/Attack Speed Build

stathis30f Last updated on December 27, 2011
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Trundle is a tanky DPS melee champion which costs 4.800 IP. In this build I made, I try to get Trundle to a point where you can't feel anything by your opponents but also you deal tons of damage and therefore getting many kills. It is also worth saying that Trundle can become a great jungler. This is a different approach to this hero which I think works great.

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Trundle Jungle Route

Trundle Jungle Gameplay

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Item Build

I like to start with a Doran's Blade for the great starting damage, health increase and the lifesteal in order to stay in lane a bit longer. Can be replaced by Doran's Shield if you want a tankier and more solid start.

Regarding the boot choice: Take Ionian Boots of Lucidity only if you don't have Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction equipped. If you have the runes then the best choice is to pick Mercury's Treads and completely avoid buying Cloak and Dagger

Targon's Brace gives great life steal percentage, is cheap and also has a passive that can really be in handy in order to stay in lane longer.

Cloak and Dagger Situational item which must only be bought if you don't have Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction on.

Wit's End A great item for Trundle in my opinion as it gives great attack speed increase but also has a nice passive which increases your Magic Resist per hit. That makes it an offensive and a defensive item aswell.

After you have bought Targon's Brace it is easy to complete Zeke's Harbinger for the extra lifesteal and attack speed.

Frozen Mallet Another great item for Trundle which slows the opponent's movement speed per hit and makes their retreat nearly impossible. It gives a decent amount of Attack Damage aswell as a 700 bonus on your HP making you tankier.

Once you have built Frozen Mallet You should definately pick Atma's Impaler as your last item. It converts 2% of your current HP to Attack Damage making you a real destroyer!

Other possible builds: (meaning that you have the right runes)

Tanky Trundle: Mercury's Treads Frozen Mallet Warmog's Armor Zeke's Harbinger Force of Nature Atma's Impaler

Tanky DPS Trundle: Mercury's Treads Frozen Mallet Zeke's Harbinger Trinity Force Warmog's Armor Atma's Impaler

DPS Trundle: Mercury's Treads Zeke's Harbinger Trinity Force The Black Cleaver Frozen Mallet Atma's Impaler

Jungle Trundle: Mercury's Treads Wriggle's Lantern Trinity Force The Black Cleaver Force of Nature or Warmog's Armor Guardian Angel

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Skill Sequence

Focus on leveling Rabid Bite first while leveling Contaminate second. Pillar of Filth should be last while Agony should be leveled at levels 6,11,16 as usual.

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For jungling I take increased damage on minions and Smite Mastery. The others are standard offensive stuff while getting the extra Armor and Magic Resist from the Defensive Tree.

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For runes I go with the following :


6 Greater Mark of Desolation + 3 Greater Mark of Critical Damage

Armor penetration is a must for DPS champion like Trundle and is extremely useful! I also take 3 Attack Damage marks to have a decent amount of starting damage as Trundle lacks that early game.


I think that Greater Seal of Armor are the best choice for a tanky character like Trundle and that's why I prefer them from Attack Speed/Dodge/Attack Damage ones.


I pick Greater Glyph of Attack Speed for extra Attack Speed. Really helps with jungling too.


Greater Quintessence of Critical Damage for more damage. What else left to say?

With these runes you get :

10 Armor Penetration
12.5 Armor
9.5 Attack Damage
5.8% Cooldown Reduction

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Summoner Spells

You can pick from , , and . Whatever suits your needs.

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Skill Advice

Pillar of Filth is a unique skill which can turn the tide of a team fight very easily. Therefore mastering it is essential for you to be a good Trundle player.This skill can easily trap opponents and ensure you a quick kill.

Agony is another unique skill Trundle has which makes him a bit tankier. His ultimate takes the Armor and Magic Resistance of the target and gives an amount of it to you. Using this skill on the enemy team's tank before the team fight, gives you great survivability for the rest of the fight.

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Trundle is an amazing champion in my opinion and can really shine if played well. Experience is learned by playing games so don't be afraid to try out builds of your own. Have fun! :)