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Trundle Build Guide by Nuffle11

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nuffle11

Trundle The Compost Guy

Nuffle11 Last updated on December 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first guide on MOBAfire. And I have to admit, I learned a lot from DuffTime's guide for Trundle.

I adapted the guide a bit so you can see this as a tribute to Dufftime :-)

I play Trundle like a Jungler/Offtank. You can keep jungling, but around late game you are a great offtank that can debuff the other team like no other!

REMARK: I will add pictures and everything but for now it will be plain text, hard to write a guide with all these pictures on your screen when I'm at work. :-)

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Greater Mark of Desolation

For Marks I take 6 Armor Penetration and 3 Attack Speed (still testing this, might go to 6 Att Spd and 3 ArPen) The attack speed increases your jungling, and the armor penetration, well, do I need to explain :-)

For Seals I take flat Armor. To survive in the jungle and early game in general.

For Glyphs I take Magic Resist per lvl. They will help you mid and late game.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation

For Quintessences, I take armor penetration, same like the marks, for more damage.

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I love the new masterie trees!

You have everything you need to jungle in the defense tree, speed, damage soaking, damage returning, extra health, ...

And I take the remaining point in the offensive tree to improve your damage output, attack speed, armor penetration, ...

Why don't I max one tree? Because with 15/15/0 I have everything I need to jungle, and turn in an offtank late game.

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Trundle's Passive: Decompose

This is an awesome passive for jungling! Combined with lifesteal items (such as Wriggle's lantern) you can keep on going and going and going and going ... well, you get my point :-)

Even mid-late game, when you're not jungling that often anymore, this passive can help you regain your health quickly, just by killing some minions or creeps. Also in a teamfight when somebody dies near you (hopefully from your pounding on their skull), you gain the percentage of their maximum health!

So now you know why I call him the Compost Guy ;-)

Trundle's Q: Rabid Bite

This is your bread and butter skill.

It deals some nice damage, it's spammable, you gain extra damage but most important, the target loses attack damage! And this for 8 seconds! This is a great skill in the jungle, but also against all AD enemies. Max this skill first. This skills lets you survive in the jungle, speed up your progress and with lifesteal, heals you at the same time!

It also resets your attack timer, so try to time it just after you hit the enemy/minion/monster other wise you have to wait the whole time to attack again.

Trundle's W: Contaminate

This skill speeds up your jungling with extra movement and attack speed, but also reduces the CC on you. If you're going to use this skill to speed up your movement around the map, cast it on the edges of your range so you stay in the effect longer, always try to cast this in a way so that you cover 2 ways of walking when using it in the jungling. This is mainly for escaping but also for ganking. Placing your Contaminate correctly can really make the difference in a fight.

Most people take this at lvl 2, to speed up their jungling, but as soon as the blue buff wears of, you don't have the mana to cast it. Keep your mana in the jungle for your Q. Another reason is that I like to take my Pillar of Filth first, I will explain it later.

Trundle's E: Pillar of Filth

I love this skill! It's filthy, it's a pillar... Ok ok, it's just a good skill.

This skill raises a pillar of impassable terrain which slows all opponents around it and for some time when they leave it. I take this at lvl 2, before Contaminate. Why you ask? Simple, if they try to counter jungle me, or try to attack me, I can block a complety path in the jungle. It's always a bad idea to fight Trundle in the jungle. He can split an enemy party up, and kill all of them, one by one. (I actually did this a couple of times)

You use it to push the enemy back, help you escape from a gank, but also helps you ganking!

When you hit lvl 4 you can start ganking (you have your Q at 2 and W and E at 1), just run top or bottom, and place a pillar behind the enemy champion. So you need to place the pillar between the enemy and their tower. Sometimes they flash away and that's enough, they just wasted a flash so you got lane advantage. If they don't flash, well, they are in some trouble. Slowed from your pillar, you place contaminate to get in place quickly and bite a chunk out of the enemy. Remember the attack timer when using your Q.

But most of the times, placing your pillar, will make the people run. Remember that your pillar can split up the enemy team in a team fight, never forget that!

Trundle's R: Agony

Trundle's ult, the tank killer, lifeleaching, dragonsquisher, call it what you want!

The damage you deal with this ult is true damage, so it isn't lowered by armor or MR! And for 6 seconds it does the same damage all over again! While you gain that health! And that's not all, you steal away a percentage of their armor and magic resist for that period of time!

You can use his ultimate for different purposes, you can use it in a 1vs1 fight, to keep you alive and make they squishier. You can use it on dragon or baron, also making they squishier, buffing you and regaining lost health. It's on a low cooldown, so you can use it quite often.

In a teamfight, ALWAYS cast it on the tank! (or I come to your house and hit you :-P) It will tank you for 6 seconds, make their tank a squishy target, and you now, a dead tank is a dead team.
You can also cast it on a champion to finish him off, it's like a personal ignite. :-)

Order of importance:
> > >

Level your by level 9, take whenever you can, max your pillar () second while taking 2 levels of contaminate () and max it last.

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For items I start with , this keeps me alive during the jungle phase but also during the whole game (together with Trundle's passive ofcourse)

From the I build into a . Attack Damage, Armor, Lifesteal, a nice passive for jungling AND a free ward every 3 minutes. These wards can safe your life or you can monitor Dragon or Nashor with it.

After that I go immediately for my Mercury Threads, you need speed if you want to gank! You get Magic Resist and reduction on CC duration. This combined with your Contaminate ... no stun, immobilize, slow or whatever will stop you now! That's why you ALWAYS cast Contaminate in a teamfight (and not only for the extra attack speed, well, to be honest, that's why you cast it most of the time :-))

Only one more item for your core build, that's Frozen Mallet. Most of the people playing with Trundle will go for Trinity Force to go with his Q. This is indeed a great tactic, but if you're ganking, you will most likely get 1 or 2 hits with Q and then they run off. If you have Frozen Mallet, it gives you some nice survivability, plus with the slow, your enemy will not run away so you can pound him to dead. If your team is easily winning, you can go for Trinity Force, but in all other games, Frozen Mallet really pays off.

So now we have our core build (Lantern, Merc. Threads, Frozen Mallet) whatever you build you is completely up to you. I would suggest you buy more Armor and Magic Resist items to counter the enemy team. Always build depending on your enemy.

Against an AD heavy team I suggest:
- Randuin's Omen (best tank item out there, great passive and AWESOME active)
- Frozen Heart (CDR, mana, sh*tload of armor and a very nice aura)

Against a caster heavy team I suggest:
- Banshee's Veil (this is a great item even against AD enemy's)
- Force of Nature (great MR and awesome health regen, I get this item almost every game)
- Aegis of Legion (supports the rest of your team and is a very good item against hybrid teams)

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Summoner Spells

Flash stays the best escaping tool! Combined with your pillar of filth and contaminate, you can get away from almost every situation.

And Smite, well, you need Smite in the jungle, especially if the other team has a jungler too so you can steal some of their jungle (be carefull when you do this) combined with the new masteries, you get 10 gold every time you use it, that's a steady income. :-)

But seriously, you need Smite to jungle properly, to ensure your buff's.

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I have no standard jungle route, mostly I go around :-) But normally I start at Blue Buff --> Wolves --> Wraith --> Golemns --> Red Buff

And with the jungle now respawning sooner, you can keep jungling forever! Don't forget to go back to base once in a while to go shopping :-)

If you are starting at Blue Buff, ask somebody to leash him (attack the golemn, so he is distracted and you get some free hits on him) you can do this without the leash (with the runes and masteries) but with a leash, you almost end up with full health. If you're not getting a leash, you can try to steal THEIR wraiths and then go to your jungle --> your wolves --> blue buff --> wraiths --> golemns --> red buff. The risk with this is, that you can get killed while doing this. So use your Smite on the blue wraith and if nobody is their, you can finish the smaller ones off. Kill your wolves, and by the time your cooldown of your Smite is at 15 seconds left, you can do the blue golemn.

ALWAYS use your Smite to get the buffs, to prevent the other team from stealing them. Also I tend to do Dragon a couple of times each game. With your ult and your Q, you can easily do him alone. You keep your health with your ult (and lifesteal items), buff you with your ult and make the dragon easier while at the same time, reducing his damage with your Q.

Last thing about the jungle, remember that with your passive, you can easily heal up in the jungle when you're low on health.

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This concludes my first guide on Mobafire!

I will add picture and some gameplay movies, but that will be for after the weekend, I promise!

If you like it, please vote for it, if you don't like it, or have comments about my build, please say so, I'm willingly to change my build and eager to learn more!