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Trundle Build Guide by Trundle Top

Top Trundle Top ๐Ÿ‘บ๐Ÿ‘‘

Top Trundle Top ๐Ÿ‘บ๐Ÿ‘‘

Updated on September 24, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Trundle Top Build Guide By Trundle Top 31 4 84,962 Views 17 Comments
31 4 84,962 Views 17 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Trundle Top Trundle Build Guide By Trundle Top Updated on September 24, 2021
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Runes: Swap the tenacity runes to alacrity / overgrowth as needed and conditioning vs champs where they can proc ur bone plating trivially (take bone plating vs champs like riven renekton wukong etc)

Presence of Mind
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Jungle Role Ranked #22 in
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Champion Build Guide

Trundle Top ๐Ÿ‘บ๐Ÿ‘‘

By Trundle Top
Trundle Top i stream trundle top if you follow it's easier to show how to play it through gameplay trust my discord can ask me anything here just ping me

good luck hope you win
Dorans blade / shield (poke or tanks)

1: Divine > 2: botrk/wits/FH/DD/steraks > 3: steraks

Your boots depends on enemy top laner usually

Last items to choose from:
botrk (good vs hp stack and steals ms)(if they get bramble try to get wits / cleaver instead)

frozen heart (vs auto attackers)

wits (vs ap and/or armor stackers)

DD (vs AD that doesnt really auto attack and assasssins)

chempunk (healers)

cleaver (armor stackers but they have 0 ap for wits, or last item if its not optimal to build any of the other items)
Things to know
Trundle W has a target range you can choose where to place it depending on where you / your enemy is likely to go. This should not be overlooked as you lose power when not in the zone. So if you are 100% chasing place it in front of you, if you are kiting backwards place it behind you, if you are fighting in the same area or donโ€™t know whatโ€™s going to happen in the future place it in the middle (most common)

Trundle is strong level 1, weak 2-5, then strong lvl 6+

Trundle ult steals ult at time of cast (the very instant you PRESS ult, before the cast time finishes) so versus champions with temporary resistances/health you can make them have much less resistance after it wears off (aftershock, sejuani, rammus, leona w, jax, nasus, malphite shield, mega gnar, gwen w, renekton, mundo, morde, voli, olaf before he ult) so try to use ultimate around whatever they have that gives temporary resistance/hp, right before its going to wear off if possible unless its long af.

Always try to auto Q if possible, never just Q stuff unless you cannot follow up with a second attack.

You can Q a minion beforehand and fight in the 1.5 second window where the CD is back up and you still have the bonus AD for maximum damage if you have a lot of mana or can easily set this up

Good and realistic ways to use Trundle pillar: pillaring squishies with no dash or after they used their dash, stopping dashes: (listing major realistic ones camille e once the hook touches terrain, j4 eq, block naut q, sion r, urgot e, ornn e so all hit pillar, can pillar team mate grabbed by blitz to save them, ornn r, rell jump, urgot e), interrupting channels: (listing major realistic ones fid w and r, galio r, janna r, jhin r, kat r, malz r i think i forgot, lucian r, mf r, nunu r, pyke q, ryze r, samira r, shen r, tahm w, vi q, viego w, zac e, also if yuumi ever detached pillar her and she cant attack for a bit and can kill). Before game starts ask yourself what can i do with pillar vs their team.

All your abilities don't care about CC as long as you use them before the CC happens, they will still go through. So for example with Panth if he jumps on you, you can Q him and it will still go through. Losing vision stops Trundle R when it's in cast time though.

Ideal comp for trundle: ap aoe wave clear mid lane (anivia ori viktor etc), adc that can take baron (aphelios, kaisa, jinx etc), tank support with cc or something that can disengage

In teamfights ult tanks (not the support if possible unless its leona) then kill the carries. If no tank ult biggest threat

Try not to freeze on trundle he cant clear waves so you will be stuck for a long time and cant rotate

When 1 v 2 place a pillar between u and the person ur not fighting so they cant auto you (important)

Gwen if possible ult after she ws dont e until she es. When she qs just get out of the middle asap stop w/e u doing and get out the middle and dodge ult as well

Darius your es both same cast time so you can cancel if u place in middle of you and him if your reaction time is like 0.2 hard but possible and worth the try

Riven dont try to auto q her when she has her cc, you can just q straight up because its unstoppable and will go thru the cc

Camille right after her hookshot connects to the terrain you can e her to stop her dash when she's escaping

Wukong make sure you DO NOT ult the clone

Garen when he es just get out of the e asap make sure to place w before his q lands so u dont get rekt by his e

Urgot your e stops his e dont push vs them

Morde just pillar him when he ults and kite around it DO NOT fight him in the ult, if you guys are alone right before the ult is about to end ult him and you will destroy him. If you think hes going to ult wait to use your w because it wont come to the death realm if casted in normal realm

Nasus ult after he ults and dont fight in his e it reduces your armor. If he ults just run pillar him if u can save ult save it unless u die otherwise then when its about to expire (check the timer on him by looking at his buffs) ult him and he will have extremely low resists

Sion your e stops his ult. Dont bother wasting your e on cancelling the q unless you have to because it will go on a short cd so your just wasting it, you can just dodge with w

Gnar just survive dont push vs them

Shen can cancel his ult with pillar if he suddenly starts moving backwards and u see ur team fighting he will probably ult so stop him. He is strong early be careful. You cant push the wave vs him early just let him push it.

Malphite in teamfights ult his shield he will have low armor cause of the interaction. Dont trade with him in lane just hit the minions

Volibear ult his ult, after lvl 1 just wait for divine

Jax when he es just run with w, ult his ult.

Fiora try not to chomp her parry, stay near wall when she ults so she cant get last vital. Not sure if you win level one cause they can just kite. Make sure u do not ult her w extremely important it negates the entire spell everything.

Renekton your q goes thru his w, ult his ult.

Irelia dont allow her to cs EVER stay on top of minion that shes going to q on and just auto q her

Sett your es both same cast time so you can cancel if u place in middle of you and him if your reaction time is like 0.2 hard but possible and worth the try ONLY if you might die because he loses no mana for it. Dont trade with him just run and outscale.

Gangplank kill the barrels if u can.

Sylas ult his trundle ult, if hes running dont e until he es

Ornn your e stops his e and ult, get out of his w. swifties

Jayce just survive and perma auto the wave

Tryndamere do not let him cs EVER

Kled if hes going to dismount dont e until he uses dismounted q. Dont trade with him just run and outscale.

Yorick make sure u kill the ghouls and maiden first before u try and solo him

Rumble just stay in ur wave so it pushes to u when he qs. You cant push the wave vs him early just let him push it.

Vlad dont pillar until he used phase rush and w if possible

Akali just get out of her shroud

Teemo just survive get scanner

Lee just perma auto the wave

Singed no clue

Kayle abuse her early she is weak

Yone just perma auto the wave

Mundo ur pillar proc his passive if u cc him with it stand inside the wave so he canโ€™t q you

Illaoi dodge her stuff with w. If youโ€™re going to all in her make sure you ult after she hits you with E if she lands it

Poppy e can stop R

Quinn dont e until she es

Rengar he can run with r if u ult him he will try and bait it

Pantheon can q him when he ws u

Gragas just perma auto the wave

Warwick actually does more magic damage than physical

Nocturne dont ult spellshield

Maokai just perma auto the wave

Yasuo can fight with him a lot

Vayne just survive

Heim just survive

Zac dont ult if hes about to go in passive you will lose stats

Ryze dont e until his phase rush down

Karma just survive

Lucian dont e until he es, your e can also stop his ult

Aatrox just stay in ur wave so it pushes to u when he qs u

Kayn can pillar to cancel his e has to be close to wall tho

Tahm your e stops his w stand inside the wave so he canโ€™t q you

Chogath just perma auto the wave

Lilia dont push vs them

J4 pillar his eq
League of Legends Build Guide Author Trundle Top
Trundle Top Trundle Guide
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Trundle Top ๐Ÿ‘บ๐Ÿ‘‘

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