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Tryndamere Build Guide by lanzachary

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lanzachary

Tryndamere 1v5 GG

lanzachary Last updated on March 23, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello guys! I am a platinum elo tryndamere main and am here to teach you how to carry games.
I dont really know how to add pictures and stuff to the guide so I'll just write everything in a big jumbled paragraph.

Skill Order -> Level 1 = E, after that the skill order is R -> Q -> W -> E

The reason for taking level 1 E is for that little extra damage early game and it also serves as an escape or chasing skill. However, be careful of using this skill as harass as it is your escape and you'll be screwed if the jungler ganks you after you use it.

Q is your most important skill as trydamere as it provides damage and sustain. As tryndamere gains fury from auto attacking or killing creeps, he can consume his fury to heal.
-This skill can be used to bait opponents, however it is easily countered by ignite.
!!! Keep in mind that the lower health you are as tryndamere, the more damage you do, so it may sometimes be wise to save your q.

W has many uses. You can use it when chasing enemies as it slows opponents if their back is facing you. Also, it has a MASSIVE ad reduction, allowing tryndamere to easily outduel many ad champions.

R is tryndamere's bread and butter. It allows tryndamere to do crazy things that no other champion can do. With tryndamere's ultimate, he can dive turrets as

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Match Ups


Lee Sin: A good lee sin will definitely be a pain in the *** against tryndamere. A smart lee sin will usually max E against tryndamere, which deals aoe damage and slows tryndamere's attack speed massively. I suggest not playing tryndamere against lee, but if you do, fight him when his E is down and try to dodge Q's. Also, at level 6 lee sin can burst you from about half health -> 0 health so be sure to use your ult early.

Renekton: Huge lane bully. Most renektons will just stack armor and bully trydamere all day. If Renekton starts his spinning slash thing (q) try getting full fury and going for early crits. You can also bait renekton's ults and then e away.

Teemo: Teeeeeemooooo. He's a pain in the *** but is beatable. Your goal in lane is to not die and not be bullied away. Go for level 1 or 6 kills but if you fail just try to farm. Start dorans shield. Try to farm, tryndamere outscales teemo late game by 10x.

Nasus: Hard lane. Don't let him farm his q. Abuse him early game and try to snowball. Try to zone him out. Fight him when his wither is down. Tower dive him as you hit 6 and before he hits 6. Post level 8-9 Nasus beats you in trades. I suggest building a qss late game to counter his insane wither.

Elise: Pain in the ***. Elise can zone you all day and bully you out of lane.

Malphite: Can just stack armor. His shield + ground slam allows him to win trades against you. Try to fight when his ground slam is on cd because it slows your attack speed. Early game cheese if possible.

Darius: Does insane damage, has an attack speed debuff, and can easily zone you early game. His bleed is magic damage. I would start dorans shield. However, darius has no mobility making him vulnerable to ganks and your ult counters his ult.

Jax: Fight him when his dodge is down (decently long cd) save your e for when he dodge spins. Late game jax can outscale trynd.

Shen: Pretty strong harass early game and also tanky. You can kill him early with a couple of lucky crits. Basically a free lane post level 5. He can taunt you under tower.

Vladimir: Trynd wins early. Try to keep his pool down/only dive when his pool is down (its like 15-20 sec cd). Post 7-8 vlad wins trades.

Pantheon: Early game you lose, late you outscale. Try to outsustain; panth is consumes lotsa mana. If panth starts spear, you should be able to out-trade him level 1. He has a shield that blocks auto attacks which procs every time panth auto attacks 3 times or everytime he uses his stun. (So he can potentially have 2 shields in 1 trade). Careful of diving him.

Riven: Riven outtrades, but her q cooldown at level 1 is about 9 seconds, meaning after she q's she'll have no skills for about 4 seconds = your time to harass. Only fight her when her abilities are down. Skill match up.

Nidalee: Skill match up.

Garen: Try to keep is passive down by dealing damage to him at least once every 9 seconds. Don't let garen get away with free damage. I see alot of people just running as garen spins, taking free damage. Should be autoing him/kiting as he autos u.

Gragas: Barrels slow your attack speed. Can go either way. Abuse early damage.


Singed: Easy farm lane but you can also greatly outdamage singed.

Chogath: Early game, kill him. If you fail, just farm and outscale him late. If he builds lotsa armor he can win trades (frozen heart = pain in the ***).

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Item Builds

-Longsword 3 Pots
-Dorans Shield (For newbies/ against lanes that have strong harass Ex: Teemo)

First back: Upgrade Longsword -> Vamp Scepter -> Cutlass

- Then static Shiv + Atk Speed White Boots
- Infinity Edge
- Finish Cutlass -> BoTRK

Now you can either build last whisper vs Zephry vs QSS
- Zephyr/QSS = against teams with lots of cc (Ex: Leona/Amumu)
Build QSS if you can use the passive correctly and Zephyr if you cant
- Last whisper = against teams w/o CC

-Static Shiv
-Infinity Edge
-Last Whisper
-Berserker Grieves (End Game you can sell these for trinity force)
-Last Whisper/Mercurial Scimitar

The Reason for not finishing BOTRK before static shiv is that it takes HELLA gold and the main purpose of the cutlass is the slow. It is also an option to simply get a vamp scepter and not upgrade to cutlass, before buying statik shiv.

Potentially viable defensive items: (I doont suggest getting more than one of these)

Guardian Angel
- Situational

Spirit Visage
Banshees veil^^
- I like to build either spirit visage or banshees veil against champions like leblanc that can burst u 100->0 instantly.

- If you're being kited too hard by adc's

Items that are BAD on tryndamere
-Ravenous Hydra <- terribad

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Laning & Split push

Laning: (Early Game)
Mostly depends upon the match up. Against some champions, tryndamere can go super aggressive and try to zone. However, against others, it would be wise to simply play passively and farm.
Tryndamere's late game is insane! Tryndamere outscales almost every champion top lane making it viable to simply farm during laning phase. (Doesn't outscale Jax/Nasus)

Summary of Laning: FARM FARM FARM. After a bit of practice you should generally have 200 farm at 25 minutes.

Mid/Late Game:
Tryndamere is INSANE at split pushing. He is one of the best splitpushers in the game (Others include yi, shaco)

How Split pushing works:
You push top/bot. The enemy team must send at least 2 people to stop you since tryndamere is op. Because the enemy team sent 2+ people to deal with you, your team should be able to take dragons or pressure towers as 4 people vs 3.

Note: If you're bronze/silver and your team is losing and yelling at you for splitpushing and not grouping, tell them to stfu.
In low elo, there is no team. Always assume your team is trash. It's a waste of time flaming your teamates because more often than not they're brain-dead ******s. (Jk. But basically if you can't carry learn to carry, you belong in whatever elo your in)

Things to remember while split pushing:
- Ward for yourself.
- Make sure your team is pressuring other lanes/ objectives while pushing.
- Tryndamere is op af. If the enemy team only sends a squishy guy to stop you, dive him under tower and continue to push.
- It's not your teams fault if you die 1v5 and your team isnt getting objectives. You should make it clear what you want your team to do before you split push.

Tryndamere is more of a clean-up champion in teamfights. You should never be standing around in mid lane wasting time.

-Try to make sure you are nearly full or full fury before a team fight occurs.

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I talked about alot of split push in the earlier section, but here are some strategies I often use in solo queue:

Get Objectives!
-Split push bot and have your team hover near baron. If the enemy team/jungler comes to gank you, your team gets a free baron. This is often a game changer if your team is losing
-Same as ^^ except with dragon/towers

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Atk Speed Marks
Armor Yellows
Magic Resist Glyphs
Lifesteal Quints

Atk Speed for free damage, flat armor/magic to compensate for tryndamere's relatively weak early game, Lifesteal for sustain.

I take 21/9/0 always.You can take the "Dangerous Game" mastery instead of the mastery that heals 2 hp per minion kill if you'd like.


-I used to take flash ignite on tryndamere, but after the nerf to first blood gold I transitioned to using ghost. While flash is more of an early game skill, ghost is a late game skill. Also ghost is great for tower diving.

Other options for summoners:
Exhaust: amazing late game. I only suggest this for more experienced players as its more difficult to use correctly. Late game this can shut down an adc and also make tower diving a breeze.

Teleport: I rarely take this on tryndamere because it makes me lose alot of killing potential in lane, but is great for split pushing.

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Pros / Cons

Insane Late Game
Pretty good laning
Unique Crit passive
Good at towerdiving
Truly a hypercarry (Can carry games by yourself)
Insane split push

Can be outplayed
Ultimate can be countered by ignite

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Hope you enjoyed my guide. You can add me on league to ask questions, my ign is lan zachary. Comment below for any quetions :P

Thanks for reading :D