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Tryndamere Build Guide by DemolitionDemon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DemolitionDemon

Tryndamere 3v3 Deal Damage, Gain Health.

DemolitionDemon Last updated on September 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 9

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 0

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19/09/2011 - Created

19/08/2011 - Final Item Changed to Stark's Ferver For A Better Result.

10/09/2011 - Edited to keep this Ideal, only changes in recent patches are damage increases and bug fixes.

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Results From Users


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This is my first build on MobaFire, and this will be similar to other builds but with tweaks to help Tryndamere along... Tryndamere is a decent character to play, not extremely hard, but not easy, especially on first times... You will most likely want to lane with someone else to start with, or be careful of laning solo until you get the hang of his attacks and how he plays... And don't worry if you get killed a lot, because Tryndamere is a mid-game to late-game character, and he'll make up for it.

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Runes chosen are -

Greater Mark of Desolation
Chosen for obvious reasons, 1.66 Armor Penetration is simply necessary, and is with most builds of damage dealing characters, which means you won't be at a loss buying these because it'll be used with multiple characters, and with 14.94 armor penetration from start game you already have an upper hand to deal some good damage.

Tryndamere can be sometimes slightly squishy, not because he is weak, but because other characters can deal some major damage to Tryndamere, not normally solo but in 2v1 or a 3v1 you will be needing something to back you up, so if Tryndamere can dodge half or a quarter of the attacks, you will be having more survivability added to your already great character.

Cool down reduction is simply necessary for Tryndamere, the quicker you can deal damage with skills, the better, with a total of 5.85 cool down reduction through the whole game you will find yourself being able to use skills on a constant basis.

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Masteries are always self explanatory.

I'm not going to go into depth with masteries as you can simply read what each mastery does and you will be able to understand why I have chosen the masteries I have, however you can change them to suit yourself, this is just what I have done.

Now it doesn't matter what level you are you want to put all masteries into Offence because once again, the more damage you can deal and the quicker you can deal it, the better.

Whatever is left can go into the corresponding Defence masteries, you will see that I have nothing and utility and probably ask why I didn't go for the extra experience gained from kills, and this is simply because Tryndamere does not need it, with the combined laning, killing and jungling he will not need it.

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These are great start game however if you wish to chose boots and are comfortable that way you can in order to chase down the enemy, but not really necessary as you'll use your skills to get your first kills... With the added critical strike and your passive you will deal some decent amount of damage through critical damage attacks and therefore these are ideal for Tryndamere.

Health Potions will keep you out in the lane for longer and chasing your prey for longer, buying two of these isn't necessary but is recommended, use them when half health or qauter health, your decision depending on the situation.

These are always a must have, and you should be able to get these after you get your first gank kill in the first minute of the game, if not just lane some minions and get these, you'll need them to chase down the enemy that you are dealing all your damage to.

The Zeal is simply the starting build of a Phantom Dancer and it is better to stay in the lane to get this then to get the Berserker Greaves, but obviously if you can afford the Berserker Greaves but not the Zeal when you are forced to go back to base then buy the Berserker Greaves and continue to lane.

These are good to have as you'll deal damage quicker, 20% quicker... Of course if needed you can get Mercury Boots but usually needed and I wouldn't recommend it, these along with Zeal means you can deal your damage quicker.

A much needed item, Tryndamere needs this early because it will keep him in the lane longer, keep him attacking longer and will also allow him to jungle the smaller neutral monsters when he is unable to push the lane further, this will often happen early game when characters will sit the tower.

This is just the final product of the Zeal and is basically double the effect of the Zeal, with this you'll be dealing more criticals at a quicker rate and you'll add to your movement speed making anyone running a great and easy target, unless of course they are stacking something quicker then what you have, you should only chase if you have Spinning Slash and can catch their last bit of health.

This where the damage comes in and Tryndamere becomes a very strong character, besides adding 80 attack to deal some serious damage mid game, it'll add 25% to your critical which is already pretty built, and instead of 200% critical damage it adds an extra 50%, by this you'll be dealing criticals left and right and dropping targets, obviously you can't afford this outright you will want the BF sword, if not get what you can afford, every item counts.

This is where you start to become unstoppable, nothing is better then gaining more health then the enemy can deal to you, with the damage it adds it also adds a nice bonus which should be built up to ensure max life steal and damage, this'll easily make it easy to jungle and you can take down the whole jungle without too much effort, even though you are able to do this already.

The cleavers attack speed is a nice end game item along with the extra damage, but the main reason to have this item is the debuff, as it will decrease the enemies armour by 15 for 5 seconds with a maximum of 3 stacks which is 45 armour, which is great because you already have a lot of armour penetration.

The final item to finish off this build would be this, a great amount of attack speed along with the aura that gives nearby enemies a hand by buffing them up with Life Steal, Attack Speed and Health Regen, this will not only help you but help your whole team stay alive and finish the game, this also will help you get that final edge on enemies with a reduction of 20 armour. <-- A thank you to VKZ95 for pointing this one out.

Alternative Items -

These can be used in the situation that your enemies are mages that have stuns and/or debuffs, Tryndamere can really benefit in having this early game because it will basically render their attacks even more useless, and late game you can keep these if needed or switch them for Berserker Greaves.

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Skill Sequence

This is the first skill to be acquired because it adds to the element of surprise and will get you the kills, this is also a great escape skill and the more criticals you deal the quicker it re-uses making it a great first skill, this skill will later be on a constant re-use and will get you kills simply by the movement speed gathered, it ignore most barriers and you can sometimes use this to go through walls to escape the enemy.

This comes second because it's passive is greatly useful early game, but also it's active will allow you to heal while killing minions and neutral monsters, but also while killing players, it also will add attack damage when used and will become useful later on, however you want to use this mostly when full Fury but if needed use when necessary.

This is the third skill that is highly useful early game at level 3, no one likes chasing a character that they won't kill before he retreats to the tower, so right after using your Spinning Slash to surprise them and do some damage, and possibly used your Bloodlust, you will want this to finish them off and deal the damage while they will helplessly run, ontop of that their armour will be decreased.

This is a great ultimate however you must always be alert of how long you have left until it is gone, this will allow you the final seconds to get a kill in a 2v1 or a 3v1, or to tower dive someone with less then a 100 health, but don't get too greedy, because you will die, and Blood Lust will not save you if the other character has more then half health or the tower is still attacking you.

This is a great passive, because you constantly build up Fury, you will need this full for when you are about to attack someone because at full fury you will deal a lot more critical damage, and this is what you want, but don't be afraid to let that go to waste by saving yourself with Bloodlust.

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Summoner Spells

This is necessary for early game and late game, early game you will use it to gain the advantage on the enemy along with Ignite and your mind blowingly strong damage, while they are running away SLOWLY you will be getting all your hits in, however if they don't run, who cares they are still debuffed by the decrease in attack damage.

This is always a great kill finisher and you will use it often from early game to end game, but it is good to use to get the advantage early game and put it on the person you have used exhaust on, with this you will be dealing a lot of damage and they will most likely die before getting into the towers range, just remember don't tower dive early game, simply go back and help your team mates kill the remaining 2, 3v2 players is always a better choice then dying to a tower.

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Pros / Cons

Pros -

Damage Dealer.
Extremely Strong End Game.
Can jungle, lane and kill all at the same time.
Wins games often.

Cons -

Is a little bit squishy early game but isn't the end of the world.
IS easily combatted early game by mages with a stun.
Targeted throughout the game.

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Jungling / Laning / Killing

Killing Players -

Early Game -

The first minute before minions are spawned you want to gank the enemy team, now have the team prepared for this before you start the game, this way you will be more successful, you want to get the bushes first, however if you don't it's not a huge factor but you don't want to be ganked if you can't get the bushes first, but assuming you do, sit right on the edge and have E clicked wait until and enemy is in range and you have your team to back you up, use your E skill and then exhaust the player, finally ignite him and chase, you should generally get the kill if the person is squishy, which is what you should aim for, the most squishiest player.

Mid-game -

You will have some attack speed and movement speed along with critical chance on your side by now, and everything should come naturally, Tryndamere will deal some decent damage, and if you don't have your Summoner Spells don't let that stop you from initiating an attack, I find Tryndamere is best initiating attacks with Spinning Slash because the player don't expect it and you'll be close to out of range before using it, then slow them using Mocking Shout, now it's time to deal damage, at this point it is up to you when to use Bloodlust and Undying Rage however don't use Undying Rage until the last 3 or so bars of health.

End-Game -

By now you are basically too powerful to die to soloing players, and the same strategy is used from mid-game, just remember to use your summoner spells when needed.

Jungling -

Note -
Don't jungle unless you are unable to attack minions that are attacking a tower with people surrounding it, because minions are easier to kill, however late game you can kill the neutral monsters without being slowed down.


You don't want to jungle before you have Vampiric Scepter, however if you get it early game feel free to do so and follow the strategy in the mid-game area.


You should have Vampiric Scepter now, what you want to do is start attacking neutral monsters and attack the weaker ones first that way the stronger one is left alone and you don't have 2 or 3 others dealing you damage while you try to take the strongest one first, you should decide if you are strong enough to attack buff monsters, however the Dragon is generally still too powerful at this point unless you have someone help you, using Spinning Slash to initiate the attack will deal damage to all the monsters and is a good start, you can use Bloodlust if in need of the extra health, and use Spinning Slash through the attack to deal a bit of extra damage, if necessary use Undying Rage if you're about to die, it's embarrassing and stupid to die to neutral monsters.


End-game you will use the same strategy as Mid-Game however you will clear the whole jungle in less then a minute, throughout mid and end game you will use minions for the extra cash and XP and quick buffs, making you unstoppable, it's most important that from Mid-Game you get as much XP as possible to make up the levels, the higher above the enemy you are the better, it's possible to be level 18 while everyone else including your team is still level 12 or 13.

Laning -


Laning is simple, early game after ganking the enemy team you will want solo the top lane because here you'll gain the most XP and gold putting you ahead of the enemy team, but also because early game you can generally solo the enemy character in that lane without problems and push them back, this is also great because when you need to you simply go into the jungle up the top and get the 2 neutral monsters that are easiest to kill when you have Vampiric Sceptor, however if you don't get top, bottom is just as fine but you be more of a pusher to the tower then a killer of the enemy players, this won't make you any worse off then being at the top because you'll likely finish the game at the same amount of time.


Laning is still necessary and will be the whole game, but at Mid-Game assuming you are top you want to be pushing hard so that you can go Jungle while the minions attack the tower, this way you make some good XP and money, and getting some buffs, by the time the enemy pushes them back you are there to defend your tower, you'll also be dealing some serious critical damage by now and will take out minions with ease.


You will be killing swarms of minions solo by now and will be gaining 200 or so gold per lot of minions, and you'll be doing this in less then 10 seconds meaning you can gain some serious cash without being slowed down.

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To sum this all up I have enjoyed making/improving this build and it's a winner, of course when you are matched with horrible players sometimes you'll find yourself losing the occasional game, but the general ratio is 8 out of 10 games are won.

If I should improve this in any way feel free to give me a comment or message.

You will enjoy playing this character too and especially this build. =)