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Tryndamere General Guide by samdasol

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author samdasol

Tryndamere for level 1-20's how to carry your team

samdasol Last updated on January 5, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my tryndamere guide! I used to main trynd levels 1-20 and let me say he can single handily carry the team hard, especially in lower level games. This guide is made for normal games rather than competitive play, and for lower levels who are having trouble winning games. Higher level players with more experience can easily counter this build so use at your own risk.

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Pros / Cons


    Can carry team by himself.
    Troll life steal along with your ult you will never die.
    Has a built in flash/ escape, and gap closer.
    Has a slow, that even reduces attack damage.
    Very good sustain with his bloodlust.

    Weak early game.
    Relatively squishy.
    You have to trust your damage, and life steal, and not run away.
    Focused in team fights.
    Vulnerable to hard CC and soft CC.

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Many people level 1-20 might not even have runes yet, however I will include a rune page on what I think makes tryndamere strong.

Attack damage helps last hitting and trading with opponents early game. Crits are stronger when you have more ad.

Helps with tryndamere's squishyness, and the extra armor helps early game.

Tryndamere is an auto attacker. Meaning he scales well with AD(attack damage), AS(attack speed), and Crit. More attack speed means more auto attacks you can land on your opponent.

Same concept as Greater Mark of Attack Damage, helps with last hitting and trading.

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21/9/0. I go down the left side of the mastery page on offense, and for defense I like to get armor or mr depending on my opponent. But for solo que normal games, when you have no idea on who your opponent is, I recommend 2 in armor 2 in mr and the extra health.

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Summoner Spells

For tryndamere I like to go the following:
Ignite is such a powerful summoner skill to have early game. It secures kills, and has a healing reduction. Although it does get weaker later in the game it is still a powerful choice to have.
I like to have flash on almost every champion, even those with escape spells. Tryndamere is melee so he has to go in and come out. Even though he is unkillable with his troll life steal and ultimate, its just safer to have it.

Other possible summoners:
Exhaust Strong for dueling, as it lowers enemy attack damage and magic damage.
Ghost A great escape summoner, when you use spinning slash then ghost you are practically ungankable.
Heal Good for baiting your opponent to overextend or try to fight a fight that is impossible to win.
Cleanse As you get fed the enemy may focus you, so this summoner spell will help with CC.
Teleport Strong summoner if you top lane. You can back anytime you want and not miss any CS (creep score)

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What lane should I go?

I recommend top lane as most melee bruisers go there. You will have to most easiest time farming and not worrying about ranged harass. However, it is still possible to go bot if you have a kill lane support. ( Alistar, Leona, Blitzcrank)

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Knowing the skills

Tryndamere has a very unique skill set up that allows us to use this build. He scales VERY well with crit, attack damage, attack speed, and armor penetration.

Battle Fury Tryndameres passive. This is what makes Tryndamere so strong. Instead of having a mana bar or energy bar, Tryndamere uses something called fury. Fury is the red thing filling up where the mana bar should be. Basically each fury gives you a higher chance to crit, and late game where you have Phantom Dancer, and 100% battle fury, you should be critting on every auto attack.
Bloodlust Strong laning skill that provides attack damage, and think of it as a heal. It allows tryndamere to stay in lane for as long as he wants, and it scales with his fury. Meaning the more fury you have the more you heal.
Mocking Shout Very strong skill if used properly. It reduces up to 80 attack damage when maxed, and if the enemy has their backs turned on you it slows them, allowing you to clean up the kill.
Spinning Slash Tryndameres escape, and gap closer. Very useless when your in the middle of a team fight and you have to get out, or if you are getting ganked. This can be used over walls like flash.
Undying Rage This is what makes Tryndamere, well... Tryndamere. Super power ulti, that allows you to cheat death for 5 seconds. Use the most of if. Meaning kill more people, or try to escape when you know you are going to die.

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I like to go brawler's glove first as it provides more crit. This item with a maxed out fury bar, you should be critting like crazy even at level 1. I then build into a berserker's greaves, as the attack speed is useful. Then depending on the situation I build doran's blade or go straight into a blood thirster. If you are losing lane build at least 2 doran's, but if you are winning just build a bt. After bt I build a phantom dancer. With the pd and maxed fury you should be critting every hit. After pd, I build a infinity edge. Why this item? Well it gives 250% crit damage, and for a champion that relies heavily on crit, that is insane. I like to finish my build with either 2 more blood thirsters, or one more blood thirster with guardian angel, quick silver sash, or last whisper. These items are situational. If you find your self dying for no reason build guardian angel. If you are finding your self dying due to heavy cc/ soft cc build quick silver sash, and if you are unable to kill the enemy tanks build a last whisperer.

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Early level's I suggest you farm. Tryndamere's early game is very weak early on, however after 6 you can start looking for kills. Building up your fury bar can help you last hit minions as you will crit them dealing more damage. Mid game and late game as you build more items continue to farm and keep your blood thirster stacks maxed. If should be very easy to CS as you can one shot minions late game.

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Team Fights

Early game you will be trying to get fed. It can be either kills or farm. The more fed you are the better. Mid game when team fights start emerging, go on the enemy's AD carries, ie. Ezreal, Graves, Ashe, Sivir, Vayne, etc. Once they're of the picture focus the AP carries or AP mids, ie. Annie, Brand, Anivia, Kassadin, etc. Just try to get fed and finish your build! Late game if where you shine the most. After you finished your build you will be able to 3 shot their AD carries, their AP mids, and their supports. After all the damage sources are dead you may proceed to engage the tanks.

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This is one of my newer guides, and I will try to continue to update it as much as possible. Leave any feedback or suggestions on what you think. Once again this is meant for new beginners to carry their team levels 1-20ish. It isn't viable for ranked play as more experience players can easily counter this build. With that being said thanks for reading my guide and I hope you enjoy.
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