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Tryndamere General Guide by HippieGrowth

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HippieGrowth

Tryndamere, Norwegian Viking! (Updated)

HippieGrowth Last updated on January 22, 2013
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Notes About Nothing

Hi Guys! My name is John, or HippieGrowth on EuW. I am currently positioned as Top Lane for Team Artigklumpene. Today we will be going through Tryndamere who I find is underrated and can be used as an unstoppable force in both ranked teams AND soloQ.

Note that I haven't started playing ranked games in season three, mainly because I am currently occupied with a girlfriend, job and a work-out shedule which is 4 times a week, which leaves my sundays open (more or less) every week. I tend to use the days I have off to play Leauge, and I will go into ranked games shortly. When I play, I tend to play custom games with my friends who are all 1700+ rating. Therefore I have the experience needed to make a guide for you guys which will work.

Note that this is not the right way, nor is it the wrong way of playing Tryndamere.

Please read on and find out WHY you should play Tryndamere, and how to master him, just as I do.

TL;DR: Just some ****ty info, you really don't need to read this.

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Basic Information

2863 HP
167 Armor
147 Magic Resist
427 Movement Speed
376 Base Attack Damage
31%+10 Armor Penetration
30-65% Crit Chance
18% Lifesteal

TL;DR: I really cannot shorten this anymore.. QQ

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Pros / Cons

Invurnable for 5 seconds
Deals tons of damage
Great adc-killer
When Snowballing early game, win game
Unstoppable Late-Game

Easily Shut down with a CC-heavy Team
Focused and picked on throughout game
Tendency to overextend without team
Low Base Armor

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I tend to start out with my Spinning Slash, because this gives me Flash that goes 660 range which will allow me to escape any ganks made on me at level 1, and it is also a great way of initiating a fight, and superb for stopping the escape of enemies and chasing them them down.

Secondly I get my Bloodlust because I have been getting Fury from level 1 to level 2, and by getting this I get 5 extra flat damage and If I have lost some hp I even have more damage. Also you get the ability to heal yourself, so you can constantly be a threat and you can play more agressive. I max this by level 9 to get as much damage as possible from the passive and as much healing as possible. The bonus damage also helps out alot when it comes to farming, letting you finish off the creeps with a decent amount of hp.

At level 3 I get my Mocking Shout to decrease the movement speed of escaping enemies or/and lower the damage of the enemy. The fact that you most likely will meet an AD champion in top-lane like Riven, makes the Mocking Shout even more efficient. Also the Slow lasts for 4 seconds, so you can get in alot of basic attacks onto your enemy if they are trying to escape.

At level 6, as with any ultimates, I get my Undying Rage. This is basically the key to be a dominant Tryndamere with the 5 seconds of an invurnable pure damage resource. Remember to use this ability wisely, meaning when you go below 10%hp more or less.

When should you use your abilities?
Bloodlust: As this is basically a passive, you only need to remember that you get more damage the lower hp you have (also more crits from your passive Battle Fury) but try not to activate the heal before 100 Fury, because it will then give you the maximum healing. If in lane, don't activate the heal unless you start loosing Fury. In combat, use it whenever you get low hp (before level 6).

Mocking Shout: Use this whenever your enemy is attacking you and dealing alot of attack damage, but try to get behind your enemy when activating it (easily done with a Spinning Slash) to apply the slow from it.

Spinning Slash: Can be used to get to lane faster than you normally would, use it to catch up with your enemy, so that you can land a few basic attacks, dealing TONS OF DAMAGE, or simply escape a teamfight when getting overfocused.

Undying Rage Read the point about this ability 2 paragraphs up.

TL;DR: What to get, when to get.

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As you can see from this chart, I get a 9/21/0 tree. The reason I focus on defence is so I can counter the weaknesses that Tryndamere has. For example, I get Relentless to give me that 15% reduced slow, making the more inefficiant. We all know how to shut a Tryndamere down, by cc'ing him. But if the CC's have no effect, imagine an unstoppable Tryndamere. My oh my...

Lets take a look at the Tenacious . This Gives us 15% tenacy which stacks with tenacy items. Finally, it's looking good for tryndamere, getting us up to a whopping 50% tenacy which is sick.

Finally, The Honor Guard gives us another 3% reduced damage-intake, which is just another bonus. The other Mastery-points are quite straigt forward, so I wont explain why I chose those.

DL;DR: Ditto

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

I choose the damage marks for increased damage early game, knowing that in Season 3, Damage Items are cheaper and the fact that The Black Cleaver has another build. The marks give me an additional 8.5 damage, which makes it easier for me to last hit when combined with Bloodlust.Greater Marks of Armor Penetration also work if you want that additional armor pen.

I use flat armor seals for the increased durability early game so I can take some basic damage without too much damage. You might also go for armor seals per level, but this makes your early game even harder than it is, and you do not want that.

Thirdly I use Scaling Magic Resist Glyphs to get the additional 20+ magic resist in late-game which gives me a chunk of durability against mages or ap-assasins. If you are meeting an Ability Power dependent champion in top-lane, like Rumble, Vladimir etc. you might want to switch these out for some flat magic resist glyphs.

Last but not least I get the Movement Speed quints, which gives me 4.5% increased movement speed, which basically allows me to have the same movement speed as other champions when they have boots. Basically this gives you 420+ movement speed with boots lvl 2+aclarity. But I recommend that you get the Furor enchantment. If you cannot afford or don't have these Quints, I reccomend that you go with Flat AD Quints

TL;DR: These are Runes, Runes are good (y)

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Mercury's Treads: The reason I get this items is mainly because of the 35% tenacy, making Tryndamere harder to cc, and making Tryndamere a real bamf! Also you get 25 magic resist which is great for our survivability into mid and late-game.

Mercurial Scimitar: This item is MADE for Tryndamere. This items gives us 60 attack damage, 45 magic resist AND the best part, a cleanse which also increases Tryndameres movement speed by 50% for 1 second. Bye bye all cc, I will get you! No matter how many cc's you get onto yourself, just cleanse free. Combined with the summoner spell Cleanse, you basically have 2 cleanses and about 80% reduced effect from all cc's. And when you cannot stop a Tryndamere my cc'ing him, you are DEAD.

Phantom Dancer: By using this item we get increased crit chance, pushing us up to 65% crit chance, a boost to movement speed, AND attack speed unmatched. But the best part is that you ignore unit collisions, making it even easier to chase down those enemies and destroy the enemy team.

The Bloodthirster: A great item for a champion that crits alot, just like Tryndamere. This item provides us with 100 damage AND 18% lifesteal, making our crits heal us for a ton of damage, while dealing a ton of damage. A great item for any ad champion, and by that standard, a great item for Tryndamere.

Randuin's Omen: This item is great because you get 70 armor for that extra survivability and 500 hp for the same reason. If enemy champions attack you, this items gives a proc that slows the enemy's movement speed AND attack speed, making you even more dangerous when focused. Also, the active ability is just amazing. Slowing down all surrounding enemies for 2+ seconds is cruical. Combined with the slow from Mocking Shout, brings your enemies down to a stand-still for 8+ seconds, more or less. Tryndamere needs about 2 seconds to chase and bring an enemy ad-carry down to 0, so by this measure, you will destroy the enemy damage output without them even knowing.

The Black Cleaver: This item gives us so many goodies! We get 55 attack damage, 250 health, 10% cooldown reductions (meaning more ulties), 10 flat armor pen, and 25% armor pen after 4 attacks. This gives Tryndameres damage a HUGE boost, while also giving him some survivability. A definite item to go on Tryndamere, to dominate even more. You basically deal true damage crits to the opposing adc. GG

Enchantment: Furor: This item gives us a movement speed boost when attacking an enemy champion, making it impossible to escape Tryndameres Fury. You truly have become a Tryndanightmare!

TL;DR: These are Items, items are even better! :o

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Early Game
It is quite important that you get enough money when you play Tryndamere, even more important in the early stages of the game. The faster you get your Mercurial Scimitar the better. You should try to last hit as much as possible, but toss in a few basic attacks onto the minions to raise your fury even more. You can play quite aggressive, but know your own limitations. If you are not comfortable with pushing the enemy into his own turret, denying him farm, then don't. Play the way you feel comfortable, but be sure to get the last hits. If your jungler ganks, spin in with E, but make sure that the enemy champion doesn't get a kill of on you, because then you wont get an advantage. So stay safe, stay alive and farm.

Mid Game
At this point you should consider roaming and ganking just as your jungler after destroying the enemy top-turret. Push out your lane asap, then head on down into the enemy jungle or to mid-lane. From here you can prevent ganks in mid-lane and/or get a kill off the enemy mid-player and/or jungler. Head up into your lane again push it out and repeat. Feel free to recall after clearing your lane and gank bot, but make sure that you don't loose your tower, because then the advantage is again lost. You should also help out with slaying dragon, or taking any buffs.

Late Game
This part of the game is all about the team fights, but you should still try and keep your cs (creep score) up. Be ready to fight with your team, and get as many jungle creeps as possible. That should not be hard considering the damage you throw out.

TL;DR: Meh, loose your lane, idk.

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Team Work

In Team Fights you should always, ALWAYS focus the enemy ad carry. It is vital that your team goes with you and help you out, but it is your job as Tryndamere to destroy the ad carry. Use your Spinning Slash to get close to the opposing adc, then pop either your Randuin's Omen or Mocking Shout to lower the movement speed of your opponent. Then give the adc about 3-4 basic attacks, and he/she should be dead. After killing the AD-carry, turn to the AP-carry and kill him too. If you have used your ultimate and you are low on hp, try to get out of there and into safety. This is basically your job.

If you know what this is, that's good! If not, Kiting is a performance art which is mainly based on you pulling or dragging the enemy away from their team and let your team shred him/her down.
You will see this alot of times in games, the fact that people overextend and go for the kill no-matter-what. When this happens, like if you have low hp, try and kite the enemy around your teammates, and throw in a few taunts and laughs as well. But remember, it is better that your support gets the kill than you get the kill if you die getting it. Do not feel the need to ingage into the fight again unless it is completely crucial for your team to get the kill.

TL;DR: Quite important that you get this, unless you wanna loose tho.

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When Playing Against

This lane could be quite hard because he can jump on you and make you feel that early harrass. When playing against a champion like this, you should let him push your lane for a moment, then freeze your lane when close to tower. Wait for your jungler to gank, and pick up a kill when he does.

Against a strong player like Shen, you really need that armor pen, so get a The Brutalizer as fast as you can. After that you could try out with an item like Guardian Angel for extreme livability in lane.

Against an AP player like Vladimir who is very farm dependent AND weak early game, you should constantly rush into him with your Spinning Slash, make him pool, then rinse and repeat. You should also get your Mercury's Treads and Mercurial Scimitar as fast as possible.

TL;DR: Read up on all champs

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When to play

You could potentially play Tryndamere all the time, but he will not be as vital to your team if your jungler/Mid/Support is sqishy.

He will work great with for example Shen or Malphite in the jungle or Vladimir/Karthus in mid etc. You get my drift.

TL;DR: Play with tanks

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Thanks for taking the time to look through this guide, up-vote it if you like it, and hopefully this have helped you to play a better Tryndamere.

Keep looking, because there are more Norwegian Vikings out there, and I will bring them to you!

Have a Nice Day! :)


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