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Ezreal General Guide by HippieGrowth

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HippieGrowth

Ezreal Top, U Mad Bro?

HippieGrowth Last updated on January 15, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey Y'all! My name is HippieGrowth and I have been playing as ADC (Attack Damage Carry) throughout season 2, and I have switched over to maining Top Lane. Because of my experience as ADC, I tend to play characters mostly recognized as Ad carry champions. This means that I give a lot of damage too my team, and usually victory.

Note that this is not the right way too play Ezreal, nor is it the wrong way. This is merely a guide to show you how to switch up your standard toplaning games, and suprise your enemy AND make your game more fun!

Enjoy the Guide and give me some feedback If you like this sh*t :)

TL;DR: Hello Everyone :)

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Pros / Cons

Exreamly mobile
Very versatile
Deal tons of damage with no damage
Has the best cd's for sheen utility
Easy escapes, easy ingages
Ulti can steal baron, dragon, red and blue (try and steal the enemy red and blue and not your own, duh)

Quite squishy
Hard to play correctly
Need to know ADC positioning

TL;DR: Play Ezreal you dumb sh*t!

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Skill Sequence

I start off with a Q when I enter lane which means I do NOT skill up anything as long as I dont see any enemy champs. As soon as the other champion enters the lane, I tend to skill up Q first, followed by E. This gives me great escape mechanics and poke early game, especially against melee champions.

I get 1 point in W at level 3, then I max out Q asap. Your skill sequence might look like this:

I find this to be the optimal skill sequence for Ezreal, because you get the strongest pokes and you also get the ability to shred your enemy down to 0 hp.


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My masteries are 21/9/0 (check mastery tree), and It's quite self explanatory. More damage, more poke, more farm, more win. GG

You could also go 9/21/0 for more tankyness, but because this guide relies on mobility, I find that too be useless compared to the 21/9/0

TL;DR: 21/9/0 or 9/21/0

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My runes are quite simple, and gives alot to your champion. As of level 1 you will start with 62 damage, a chunk of hp, 371ms (with boots, which is your start purchase), 33 armor and 33 magic resist. The runes that I use is:

9x Mark of Flat Attack Damage
9x Seals of Flat Armor
9x Glyphs of Scaling Magic Resist
3x Quints of Movement Speed

Note that you can swap your Quints for 3x Quints of Attack Damage for that extra punch of damage, but you do loose a whole 4.5% movement speed, and personally I find that the movement speed is better throughout the game, because you can both chase and escape better, including the fact that it is easier to keep up with your team, and get to your position easy.

If you look at it this way, the Quints of movement speed is close to an equivilent of a zeal, and the attack damage quints are equivilent of a long sword basically. The zeal is 1175g (I think) and the long sword is 400. Do the math.

TL;DR: Ad marks, armor seals, scaling mr glyps, speed quints

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Who do I get the items that I do?

Well It is quite simple. Each of these items have different perks and each item gives me perks and opportunities to overwhelm my enemies.

Berserker's Greaves: There is a simple answer to this item and that is the fact that I get 45 movement speed AND 20% attack speed increase! The best part is: It only costs 900g!

Aclarity enchantment: Just a punch too your movement speed which gives you a total of 430+ in movement speed (with the other items)

Trinity Force: Today I see a numerous amount of Ezreal's that tend to build Iceborn Gauntlet, which gives you 40 ability power, something you don't need, 60 armor, another thing you don't need as Ezreal, I mean c'mon, you are ezreal, you have essence shift, If you get focused, just E out of there. 500 mana, srsly? Your abilities use about 30 mana, you don't really need anymore mana. Finally it gives your basic attacks a slowing field around the target you choose after a spell (yes it does affect your Q). But lets face it, is it really worth giving up: 30ad, 30ap, 30%attack speed, 10% crit chance, 250hp, 200mana, 8% movement speed, plus 150% on your next basic attack or Q, just so you can make sure you slow your enemies, IF you hit? Don't you guys remember that TF has a proc slow aswell? Come too your senses guys (and girls)! Trinity Force is OP, were OP, and will always be OP! GET THIS ITEM!

The Bloodthirster: Gives us 100 damage, including a 18% lifesteal at 30 stacks. Great damage and great lifesteal, a MUST item on Ezreal.

The Black Cleaver: 55ad, 10% cd, 250 health, with this and the TF you already have bonus 500hp. Also you get 10 armor pen and the passive after 4 attacks which gives 25% armor pen! More damage, more fun! Also, the cooldown reduction does not hurt. Giving us more spells is just great!

Atma's Impaler: 15% crit chance, 45 armor, and a sicka** passive which gives us 1.5% of our max hp in attack damage, which comes to 49.35 damage!

Warmogs: 1000 hp and 1.5% of our max hp as health regen, giving us more tankyness in that lategame including the fact that we get beyond 20hp per second as health regen!

Elixirs: Adds a punch to our damage and survivability. Just Great!

TL;DR: Buy the items if you wanna win, and get that Trinity Force!!!

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How Does Ezreal look with this build?

This is how Ezreal will look like with this build.

AD: 367ad (382 with elixsir, 407ad with baron buff, 422ad with both elixir and baron buff) If target is below 50% hp, your base attack damage is 386, and +40 with baron and +15 with elixir.
AP: 30ap (70 with baron, 70 with elixsir, 110 with both)
Armor pen: 31% armor pen after 4 attacks + 16 flat armor pen.
Health: 3290 hp
Movement Speed: 438 movement speed in combat
Crit Chance: 25% crit chance
Armor: 132
Magic Resist: 54
Mana: 1.2k

Build Cost: 16390

TL;DR: C'mon you lazy bamf, atleast read this.

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As you saw from the box on top of this one, this magnificent and dominating build costs alot of money. Therefore it is cruisal that you manage to farm and get those last hits onto those pesky minions. It is okay if you do not manage to get every single one of them, but try to get as many as possible. Also, the kills wouldn't hurt either.

So practise your farming, make yourself able to farm at a rate beyond your enemy and get that cashmoney.

TL;DR: Farm, Farm and farm even more

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Ezreal Objectives

Ezreal has three simple objectives in top lane and that is:

Farm: farm alot and keep your farm up throughout the game, in a normal game you have atleast 200cs before leaving your lane to roam.

Push: Keep pushing your lane so that the enemy champion is costantly at his own turret when he is going for cs. The fact that you play as Ezreal makes this objective quite easy, because you can poke your enemy away, and if you are ganked you just use E to get away.

Ruin: Ruin the other top-laner with costantly poking him, even when he is at his turret, because this will make it impossible for him to farm. Send those Q's onto him (the range of Q surpasses turret range, so you will not get any aggro), make him low and let the next wave come. When he below 45-40% hp, send your ulti onto him, (after clearing most of the lane), essence shift onto him, and put down your ignite. Feel free to follow up with a couple of basic attacks and Q's for securing the kill. Remember, it is better to get the kill and spend all your mana, than not get the kill and have mana.

TL;DR: 200cs, then roam and kill

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Team Work

As you are playing Ezreal, you need to position yourself right. You do NOT ingage into a teamfight, UNLESS they have f.eks. Maokai, and he uses his roots on you. Then you let your team ingage while you essence shift away.

Try to stand on the back lines, until enemies are getting low hp, then get in there with your crazy movement and rain hellfire down on them! Send out your Q's and your W's, realease your Ulti, and make the plays. Dodge the heavy damage by essence shifting away and people will be telling you GJ! All day long.

Remember, it is vital that you do NOT die early on. You should be the one to survive even if your adc doesn't. As you play as Ezreal, you will probably deal more damage than him anyway.

Tip: Try to practise positioning in normal games as adc, so that you can learn the ropes of positioning. When you master this, you master the top-lane Ezreal, and then you master the game. GG

TL;DR: Read this if you wanna win dips*it

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Who is Ezreal strong against?

Ezreal is very strong against against every melee champion, like Jax, Singed, Jarvan, Tryndamere, Lee Sin, Xin Chao, Darius, Gankplank, Nasus, Pantheon, Olaf etc. He is also capable of fighting ranged champions like Jayce, Nidalee, Elise.

Note that Ezreal is very effective against all AP champions in top lane, such as Vladimir and Rumble.

TL;DR: Ezreal good against all melee champs

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When to play Ezreal top-lane?

If you have a tanky jungler, or a tanky midlane, feel free to play as Ezreal toplane. Althought if your mid is Talon or Lee Sin, you should probably opt in playing as an AP top, like Elise or Vladimir. If your jungler is a squishy little f*ck, and so is your mid, and for some reason your support picks soraka to be a di*k, then you should not play as Ezreal. To successfully manage this playstyle, you need a tanky initiator.

The best junglers that goes with Ezreal would be (if your mid is not a tanky dude like vladimir, or the new-meta Karthus) Maokai, Malphite, Mundo or Nautilus. Any Tanky champion would do, but CC's are good too, because Ezreal does not have any built in CC's.

TL;DR: ...srsly? Don't you guys read anything anymore?

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So If you want to be a success as a Top-Laning Ezreal while irritating the sh*t our of your enemies, AND bringing a suprise while having great fun, this guide is something for you.

Feel free to leave feedback if you like this guide, and do not rate it before you have tried it out.

Note that you cannot always win, but with this build and playstyle, you probably will.



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