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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Regnum

Tryndamere *Run 3v3's*

Regnum Last updated on January 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Guide to Running 3v3's as Tryndamere

Please comment and try the build and strategies before voting. Thank you.

Tryndamere has always been my favorite champion, and I can tell you that he is not as EASY to play as everyone thinks he is. When first learning how to play Tryn, he can seem a bit underpowered, but with time and some practice he will turn into the OP champ that everybody knows and rages over. xD

WARNING: This guide is going to be short, sweet, and to the point.

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Item Build

Brawler's Gloves
-Necessary for Critically striking.
-Always buy this item first!!!

-Extra AS proves to be useful in farming minions or even downing champs

-Increase stats of first 2 items
-Adds movement speed aswell

Boots of Speed
-Extra movement speed allows for chasing down escaping champions
-Allows for easier escapes

Berserker's Greaves
-Massive increase to movement speed and AS
-Controlling of the lane just got easier

Phantom Dancer
-Massive increase to AS, crit. chance, and movement speed
-Time to start feeding if you haven't already

Infinity Edge
-Build in whatever order depending on how much gold you have each time you recall/die
-Massive increase to AD and Crit. Damage

Black Cleaver
-Best item for dropping tanks
-Even if there are no tanks, buy this item

Last Whisper
-Great item for shutting down tanks
-If there are no tanks i would replace this item with another Black Cleaver or a Phantom Dancer

The Blood Thirster
-Life steal is great for allowing extra time before popping your Undying Rage

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Since Tryndamere works almost entirely off of Crit chance, the runes are a no-brainer.

-Critical Chance .93

-Critical Chance .42

-Critical Chance .28

Greater quintessence of desolation
-Armor Penetration 3.33
-This Quint aids in early game ganks/laning, cutting through that pesky doran's shield.

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Skill Sequence

Blood Lust
-Should be your first skill (if ganking at start pick spinning slash for your first ability) and be focused on upgrading when leveling
-If you can get to 8 stacks off of minions at the start of the game you should solo the enemy champ in your lane.

Mocking Shout
-Should be gotten at level 4 and focused on leveling after level 9
-Allows chasing all enemy champions at once (if necessary)

Spinning Slash
-Should be your second ability (unless early gank) and focused on leveling last
-Great for backdooring, escaping, wall hopping, and chasing.

Undying Rage
-Best ult in game
-Like everyone else's ult, level it at 6,11, and 16
-Immortality for 5 seconds
-Base turret ignores this ult and will kill you just as fast as anyone else
-Causes a mass Rage with enemy players
-Can cause rage quits

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Summoner Spells

Although some Tryns like to go with Cleanse, i find that Heal is a better option. Let's say Mordekaiser Ignite's you and uses Children of the Grave on you. Yes, Cleanse would be a better option, BUT using Heal will still let you walk away alive. Now for a different scenario, let's say you have 10 health and are running out of a fight in which you just endless raged for, but wait Caitlyn has just locked onto you with Ace in the Hole :O what are you going to do... Cleanse? I don't think so.

Everyone knows this spell and what it's used for, but I'll give a brief explanation anyway. So basically, when you and an enemy champion are going at it and it's not lookin' to good for him pop the Ghost when he's low on health and turns to run. This can also be used for chasing down enemies who your teammates have weakened, just try to Ghost to a cut-off location and END THEM!!! Last way I use it is for escaping. When you see an MIA and you think a gank is coming be ready to pop that Ghost

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Mastery Explanation

Obviously, I go down the Offense tree for Havoc, Lethality, and brute force. Although I am sacrificing the 9th point in the defense tree, I find dropping a mastery point in Haste to be VITAL for chasing down enemies or escaping from a gank.

Offense Tree

Tier 1

Deadliness 3/3
-Crit. Chance is a must.
Archmage's Savvy 1/3
-Just to get you to tier 2

Tier 2

Sorcery 3/4
-The extra CDR can be useful chasing the enemy down with Mocking Shout & Spinning Slash
Alacrity 4/4
-AS is good for any melee DPS especially Tryn

Tier 3

Sunder 3/3
-More armor pen. what's not to love

Tier 4

Brute Force 3/3
-Can't go wrong with some more AD

Tier 5

Lethality 3/3
-Crit. damage for a critical based champ.

Tier 6

-Massive increase to damage output

Defense Tree

Tier 1

Mender's Faith 1/1
-Increase to healing output and CDR on Heal is very useful for escapes
Resistance 2/3
-Just a slight buff to your MR to make you a bit tougher
-Just a slight buff to your armor to make you a bit tougher

Tier 2

Evasion 4/4
-Can sometimes turn a fight with the slightly increased dodge chance

Utility Tree

Tier 1

Haste 1/1
-Increase to speed and duration when using Ghost, can get you that one that got away or even BE the one that got away