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Tryndamere Build Guide by ToughPuppy451

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ToughPuppy451

Tryndamere [S6] Updated (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) 5% COMPLETE

ToughPuppy451 Last updated on February 23, 2016
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Tryndamere Build

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Choose this side if you want to be and feel safe.
The main goal of this setup, is to heal. You will be using Q a lot, with the play style I have.
First , start with e (Q if you want increased attack damage and to heal right away, but I advise starting E) but always maxing Q to level 5 first.
Once you have both heal and spin, start harassing (go in with e, and then auto attack once or twice, then get out of danger), use your heal, once you start losing an uncomfortable amount of HP.
I max W (Slow,Debuff) second, because it gives an extremely high % slow rate and dmg reduction amount. It's useful for catching up to people to attack and then running away to heal,during laning phase.

If your opponent has lowered your health points to near death, i advise backing and teleporting back to lane and back to farming.

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Diving your opponent (After level 6)

If you are confident enough and are above level 6, you may dive your opponent(Go under turret and attack the enemy), depending on the circumstances.
First, keep on (harassing)once they're health is low enough go in and attack, if it's a lucky criticall strick, attack once more to see if that one will critically strike as well. IF it doesn't, walk out of turret range immidietly, if its two in a row and their health is really low, KEEP ON ATTACKING THEM. remember . you have ult + heal + armor + 8% increased healing. you can survive the turret while your ultimate is in use.Once you kill them , use the shortest, safest route out of the turret range, and use your q after your ult has ended and just before the last turret strike, strikes you.

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Mid game

You should have a decent amount of damage and attack speed, look for easy targets and objectives to take down for increased gold, then go back to your solo lane and farm.