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Tryndamere Build Guide by SuperTimor

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SuperTimor

Tryndamere Solo Top

SuperTimor Last updated on March 23, 2014
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This is a build for Tryndamere solo top.

Tryndamere is a great champion who can hurt very badly if good built, but can be easily countered by champs like Lee Sin, Teemo, or huge armored one.

He hasn't mana and uses rage like Renekton. Only one spell consume it (Q). The others are free and are only limited by their cooldown.

He has a great mobility (E), a slow to purchase and reduce damages of opponent (W), a heal and passive damage spell (Q) and a nice undying ultimate (5 sec).

Note : I apologize for not using BB-codes, i'm not familiar with it yet.

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As you surely know, Tryndamere has +35% chance to do a critical strike when he's full fury. Marks and quints must be critical damage! Why?
Your Tryndamere will start the game with a nice bonus of 33% critical damage. This add-on will give an advantage during the whole game, unlike physical damage or attack speed. Your first items will provide you so much more AS and damage that these runes will become really useless after you buy your statik.
Leech life can be considered, as its a % of your damage too. But Tryndamere has a heal spell, so why focus on leech life so fast?

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No need to argue, classic AD carry Masteries which provide you more attack speed if you do a critical strike.

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Brawler's gloves is a good start item for a critical damage runed guy like you.
Moreover, you will load your fury more effectively with your passive (critical strikes load it more).
Health potion and the ward item, and you are ready to go :) Use your "E" as soon as you can do, to move faster. You can use it to go trought walls or forests.

A doran blade could be considered, as it gives you more sustain. But it will slow your build, and Tryndamere will have his heal spell at level 2.

Run on statikk shiv. Try to farm 2100 gold before you come back first to your nexus to buy it cash.

This item is a must have on Tryndamere, it can be replaced by a ghost dancer but it gives some pretty cool zone damage, movement speed, and a very dissuasive effect (and sound <3).

Then, go on some life steal with a vampiric scepter, and buy berserker boots as soon as possible. Then finish the bloodthirster.

When the bloodthirster will be loaded, you will do some honnorable damage. I usually do a stinger just after for more AS and a little cooldown reduction. Cheap and efficient. Then critical chances again with a cloak of agility.

If you get enough gold, finish infinite Blade and Zephyr. Infinite blade is a core item of your build. Zephyr is better than ghost dancer here, because you dont have any defensive item for now, and the passive Tenacity is welcomed in this situation. Moreover, it provides you a very good bonus of movement speed, which is very effective when you will buy the phage.

Just after the zephyr, build :
Last Whisper vs armored guys or
Maw of Malmortius vs magic champs or
Guardian Angel

I like the malmortius item because i find it between the 2 others : defensive AND deadly.
Moreover, the wellknowed purple shield that appears in dire situations is also paired with a very good seconde passive effect which upgrade your basic damage when your are low life (just like your Q does). Under the ultimate, this item can give +35 damage by this way (so it can be +95 damage item).

If the game is not over, and if you get fed enough, you should consider to sell your berserker boots for a trinity.

Phage (trinity component) and zephyr have a very good affinity. When you hit or kill an ennemy, you will run faster and escape/purchase easily. if u kill an ennemy, u can run faster than with boots. Moreover, the new trinity is very good on tryndamere, enchanted blade works very well on him (200% of your damage after you do a spell, so like a critical strike). Enchanted blade is a way to do same damage as a critic strike after using your Q (and loosing all your fury). So you will be able to heal yourself while fighting without loosing that much damage.
The item provides you 250 Health, 30 damage, 30% attack speed, 10% critic... The power ability is not that useless since it increases the Q (heal) and E (damage).
Even if this item gives useless mana, it is a very good option to replace the boots (8% movement speed and rage passive)
Moreover, your stattik shiv gives you 6% movement speed too, that will apply on the rage boost.
Note : You can't do a critic on enchanted blade ^^. That would be cheated XD.

With the Youmuu's Ghostblade, you can reach 70% critic chances (so 95% full fury).

And enchanted blade on posseded Tryndamere looks very nice

If your not convinced by this build... Try it :)

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Skill Sequence

Q to heal in dire situations (after a critical ignite when your under your ulti...). Dont use it all the time, because you reduce your critical chances after using it since you loose all your fury.

W to purchase (dont forget thats its reduce the damage too, so use it to engage vs an heavy AD).

E to do everything you need... This spell is so good.
I usually engage with my basic attack. Depending what's following, i use my E to escape or to purchase combined with my W.
Very nice to escape througt some walls of the map, where your opponent must flash to follow (renekton can do it too, but in a tiny area).

Use your R no to die and try to kill your opponent in 5 sec! (or try to escape). And prey for no ignite :/ Do a Q to heal after, since the R give you some fury that can be used in this way (or keep it if your fighting, for more critical chances).