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Tryndamere Build Guide by unequalled

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League of Legends Build Guide Author unequalled

Tryndamere: The Solo Top Terror

unequalled Last updated on December 27, 2012
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Table of Contents
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Hello there, my name is Unequalled; and it is a pleasure to welcome to my first ever guide on Mobafire!

In this guide I will be sharing with you how I build Tryndamere, including my reasoning behind every single thing in my build, and my general playstyle with him. I absolutely believe that this is the best way that you can build Tryndamere.

Before I go any further I would like to state that this is a guide for solo top only, as I believe solo top is the only viable role for Tryndamere right now. A jungling build/guide will not be incuded in this guide, and I will be going into more detail as to why later on in the guide.


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Lets talk about runes!

Marks: For marks I take Greater Mark of Attack Damage. I feel that these are the best choice because they help you with farming early in the game before you get your B.F. Sword.

Seals: I take Greater Seal of Resilence. These provide a little bit of armor early on to help dull down the damage of other physical damage characters in lane. This will help lower the damage from harass keeping you in lane longer and they help in damage trades with your opponent.

Glyphs: Your glyph choice is really situational. If you are against a physical damage champion in lane you wont need MR early, so take Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist. These are great because when you are ready to teamfight later in the game they will give a bit of MR to keep you alive longer. However if you are against a champion that deals magic damage in lane, take Greater Glyph of Magic Resist. The flat MR from these will help dealing with the magic damage champion in your lane a lot easier.

Quintessences: I choose Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed because of the overall utility they provide. I absolutely love these, and use them on every champion. Tryndamere isn't a very mobile champion other than his Spinning Slash so these are great at helping you escape, chase, dodge skillshots in lane, and pretty much everything else in general that you can think of. They are a solid choice; you cant go wrong with these.

Other Viable Rune Choices/Situational Choices

Lets Start With Marks!
Greater Mark of Critical Chance - Some people like having the extra crit from these early on to try and secure kills. I do not agree with this playstyle. Early game you need to be worried about farming for your gold, not trying to get kills. When you try to get kills early as Trynd, you will most likely die because you will be facing bruisers most of the time in top lane that can easily beat you one vs. one early.

Greater Mark of Desolation - Some like to take these. I agree the armor pen is nice to have, but early game if you don't take the Greater Mark of Attack Damage it will be harder on you to last hit and farm. Also, endgame you will have plenty of % armor pen from Last Whisper.

Moving on to Seals...
Greater Seal of Health - If you are up against an AP champion top lane like Rumble or Mordekaiser you wont benefit from armor as much. So to make yourself a bit beefier early on take these for flat health.

Greater Seal of Vigour - If you feel the need to have a bit more sustain in exchange for armor or flat health, take these HP/5 runes to have a little more health regen.

Next we have Glyphs!
I personally do not think that you should use any other Glyphs besides Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist or Greater Glyph of Magic Resist. These are your best options. No exceptions.

Wrapping it up with Quintessences
Other common choices for Quints besides Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed include...

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage - These would be my second choice after Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed. These are great for farming early game; and when paired with your Greater Mark of Attack Damage you have a nice damage source before getting your B.F. Sword. If you don't have Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed use these.

Greater Quintessence of Critical Chance - Take these if you want early game crit. I wouldn't advise this because your rune pages are designed to give you a boost early game, and early game crit isn't something you should be worried about. There is plenty of crit from items in the build. Don't use these.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation - Armor Pen! I don't like this setup. If you are worried about the enemy stacking armor, just pick up a Last Whisper. Even if you are getting these for early game damage, you are better off going with Greater Quintessece of Strength instead. The damage vs. champions will be about the same, but armor pen won't help you deal any extra damage vs minions, while Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage will; and farming is very important with Tryndamere.

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I take a 21-9-0 mastery build in order to maximize my damage throughout the game. Below I will be explaining how each choice helps you.

Tier 1 Offense Tree
Brute Force - Put your first 3 points in this. More attack damage is more attack damage. End of story. I know it seems a bit repetitive and ridiculous, but that 3 attack damage adds up with your runes and makes farming early a breeze.

Summoner's Wrath - Take a point in this. You should be taking Ignite, Exhaust, or Ghost. This will improve each of these spells. In addition to this, where else are you going to put that other point? Sure you could put one in Butcher to help last hit, but the benefits from Summoner's Wrath greatly outweigh the 2 bonus damage to minions.

Tier 2 Offense Tree
Alacrity - All 4 points from this tier go here. Since our good pal Tryndamere is an auto-attacker the attack speed boost though small, is still helpful. More importantly, when you take 4 points in this it lets you put a point in Weapon Expertise in the next tier.

Tier 3 Offense Tree
Weapon Expertise - Take a point here. 10% Armor Pen from this + 40% from Last Whisper is absolutely delicious. Lets say your opponent has 150 armor. With the 50% armor pen that brings them down to just 75! This is wonderful, and it is a must to have a point here.

Deadliness - Take 4 points here. 0.5 damage per level at 18 is 9. This is a nice little boost to your damage, but more importantly it leads into Lethality .

Tier 4 Offense Tree
Lethality - Insert point here. 10% Extra crit damage. You're Tryndamere. You crit ALOT. With full build and full fury you literally crit all the time. This mastery just makes your damage even higher. This stacks with Infinity Edge, so you will be critting for 260% of your attack damage when you buy Infinity Edge.

Vamprism - 3 points go here. 3% Lifesteal doesn't seem like much, but combine that with the 9% from your Vampiric Scepter that you should be buying early and you will have a lovely 12% lifesteal. Since you will be constantly farming with auto attacks, you will be healing with each hit, your sustain will be great. Pair that with the heal from your Bloodlust ability which you should be maxing first and you will be staying in lane all day long farming away.

Tier 5 Offense Tree
Sunder - Throw 3 points into this. +6 Armor Pen is just extra damage. Extra damage is an excellent thing to have!

Tier 6 Offense Tree
Executioner - Put your last point here. 6% more damage to targets under 40% health doesn't seem like much, but when you are critting late game for 700 to even 1000 damage that 6% makes a difference.

Tier 1 Defensive Tree
Hardiness - 3 points here. This gives you a little extra armor which helps in damage trades with physical champions. Also something I do not think I have mentioned yet in the guide is that when you are auto-attacking the enemy champion in lane, lots of caster minions will start hitting you. This armor will reduce the damage dealt to you by minions also, and those hits can really add up!

Resistance - Put your 4th point here. You do not need Summoner's Resolve or Tough Skin .

Tier 2 Defensive Tree
Durability - All 4 of your points for this tier go here. This mastery does exactly what the name indicates! It makes you more durable throughout the game by giving you hp/level.

Tier 3 Defensive Tree
Veteran's Scars - Your final mastery point goes right here. The +30 health boost is excellent to have early on.