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Tryndamere Build Guide by PunicaDrink

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PunicaDrink

Tryndamere, The Way Of Destruction (3vs.3)

PunicaDrink Last updated on July 31, 2012
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Tryndamere, The Way Of Destruction

Hi guys,
I will declare you guys my opinions of Tryndamere. Tryndamere is with the right playing behavior one of the most Over Powered Champs. Since I was level 5 I wanted to play him. Today I found the (my opinion) most Over Powered itembuild with him. Tryndamere is a Attack Damage Carry-Unit which is really usefull in a 3 vs. 3 map. You could make the biggest damage, and tank with Undying Rage your team in dangerous situations. But first of all you have to get really fed.

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Pros/Cons Of Trynd


    - high Attack Damage
    - sololane/normal&lane/jungling
    - if Trynd. is fed = he is very hard to kil
    - Undying Rage
    - Flash + Slow + Heal + attackdebuff


    - bad in the earlygame
    - only physical damage
    - hasn't got many Armor/Life/Magic Resistence
    - no ranged attack

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Skills Of Tryndamere

Batlle Fury: Tryndamere gains Fury for each attack, critical strikes, and killing blow he makes. Fury passively increases his critical strike chance and can consumed with his Bloodlust spell.
Bloodlust: Tryndamere thrives on the thrills of combat, increasing his Attack Damage as he is more and more wounded. He can cast Bloodlust to consumed his Fury and heal himself.
Mocking Shout: Tryndamere let´s out an insulting cry, decreasing surrounding champions´Attack Damage. Enemys with their backs turned to Tryndamere also have their Movement Speed reduced.
Spinning Slash: Tryndamere slices toward a target unit, dealing damage to enemys in his path.
Undying Rage: Tryndamere´s lust for battle becomes so strong that he is unable to die, no matter how wounded he becomes.

Tryndamere´s abilitys are really hard and usefull in the diffrent situations. Normally I go solo (top/mid). There you should improve your Bloodlust. A nice heal like this allows Tryndamere to stay in his lane. So he doesn't have to go quickly back. If you do it right, you won´t have a leveling unanventech. You should skill your Spinning Slash one time too, so you can go through walls and other to kill your enemy(s) or escape. The one point on Mocking Shout is really important too, to stop them from escaping. But it's like I said, Tryndamere is very varied, so you also should improve your Mocking Shout fast, if you have an AD in your lane. So your enemy will make minimal damage on you. If you have a enemy in your lane which you can kill easily I would improve your Mocking Shout too, so you won't let him escape. ;P

When you are ready for a kill, you should come in range with your Spinning Slash, than use your Mocking Shout if your enemy is a AD or try's to escape. Wait until you´ve got only 10% of your life, use Bloodlust. When you about to die, activate your Undying Rage and when your ulti´s over you should use Bloodlust again.

That's the best row of skilling your abillitys:

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How 2 Master A Tryndamere

It´s like I said... if you play with Tryndamere you have to play carefully. Many people overrate this champion. Than they'll play very agressiv and die very fast. And because of that they have a negative Killing, Death rate and they´re frustrated^^. You just have to realize one thing: You MUST become fed. If you´re fed it´s hard to kill you for a lot of champs. Ok I admit something: Rammus with a Thornmail can kill you... and if you´re stunned a long time, that you can´t use Undying Rage at the right time = it´s over. So be carefull it´s just a thing of practice to recognize in which situationts you would win and in which you would lose. For all the newcomers here: Better you survive without getting a kill and you wasted Undying Rage, than you´re dead^^.

I don´t would go for First Blood with him in the bottom lane (3 vs. 3). I would go solo and now you´ve 2 options:
1. If you have runes like Greater Mark of Strenght (Attack Damage, Critical Strike Chance or Armor Penetration) I would buy a Doran's Blade. Than you can wait in the weed in the toplane to kill the one, which is dumb enough to follow you in the weed (for your First Blood, use Exhaust and Ignite). If all of them or two of the enemy's are coming for you, than you can use Spinning Slash to escape through the wall.
2. If you have Greater Mark of Critical Damage, Greater Seal of Critical Damage, Greater Glyph of Critical Damage and your Greater Quintessence of Critical Damage than DON'T buy a Doran's Blade!
I would wait at the tower and kill minions (because this runes aren't good at the beginning). Than I would farm (kill minions) to get much of gold. So you can buy your first items very fast. And with level 6 you can kill them easly.

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Play Him (Level 1 - 6)

Ok guys...
with Tryndamere you should try to get much gold. So always kill minions if you can. Try to get the last hits for the gold, and if your enemy comes in range you can use Spinning Slash to attack him. If you think that you can kill him, use Mocking Shout to slow him. If not, turn around and kill minions. When your minions are attacking the enemy tower and you have to play against a range fighter like Brand, or someone who holds you away from the tower. So go jungling at this time, I like the bottom jungling area, the minions are easier to kill, and if you´re lucky you can gank the bottom lane. But remember: You need to level, so kill anything you can.

Here is a picture of the possible paths you can use Spinning Slash through walls:

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Play Him (Level 7- 18)

If you are level 7 you can play much more aggressive, than in the earlygame. Try to get many kills, use Spinning Slash to go through the walls and kill your enemy(s). Like I said, slow your enemy with Mocking Shout and when you have Zeal or Phantom Dancer, they won't have a chance to escape. Try to stay allways where the action is (don´t go Base^^). When you´ve got some lifesteal you can heal your self with attacking minions and Bloodlust. If you stay alive and farm (still killing minions ;D), you will get on a higher level than them, so you can kill them easily. Try to get 2000-5000 gold, before you go back. When you´re level 10 and you have some lifesteal you can kill the dragon alone, so you get the buff and gold for you and your teammates.

You saw it. Against a Tryndamere you should wait until he used Ulti. Than better use Ignite. Flash back with Spinning Slash and you have one kill more.

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My own Runes

1.66 armor penetration

0.43 attack damage

0.28 attack damage

3.33 armor penetration

All together
+24.93 armor penetration
+6,39 attack damage

This runes are very good for a "normal" Trynd. You have many Attack Damage and very much Armor Penetration. In my itembuild (in the most 3vs.3 itembuilds), aren´t much items with Armor Penetration like Last Whisper... But you also need Armor Penetration too. So I even prefer armor pen. runes. But you also need a bit attack damage at the beginning so I use the glyphs and the seals for that.

Good Runes

2,23% critical damage

0,78% critical damage

0,56% critical damage

3,47% critical damage

All In All
=42,54% Critical Damage

This runes are for the lategame. If you are playing defensive because you have two carrys and one tank in your team, these runes are perfect. At the beginning they´re useless but if the end, if you have much Attack Damage and Critical Strike Chances, you will make the hardest damage with this runes!

Other Usefull Runes

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
Greater Quintessence of Magic Resist
Greater Quintessence of Armor

Ok, these should be enough alternatives for you.. I prefer my runes, but if you don´t have enough money for this.... The other runes are ok too....But it´s a list from runes which are "OK" and not even more. So if you don´t have the , Greater Glyph of Attack Damage than you can use the Greater Glyph of Magic Resist or the Greater Glyph of Critical Damage as well, but only this. That´s important. But if you don´t want to die fast, and you choose the Magic Resitence or the Armor runes. Than please(!) use glyphs or quintessences with Magic Resitence, and seals or quintessences with Armor, because they´re primary and red (the marks) runes with Magic Resitences are more than useless. With my itembuild runes for Critical Strike Chances are useless. You will have 100% of Critical Strike Chances so more than that (you will have more than 100% anyway^^) is really stupid. OK, the last "helpfull" runes are the runes for cooldown reduction. Here you only should use quintessences or glyphs too (still primary runes ;D). Tryndamere only have cooldowns on his attacks. Less cooldown also means more attacks.

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Here is a *little* screenshot of my masteries, so can see how it´s right. But I will declare it too^^... Tryndamere ist a Attack Damage - Carry, you also will need all physical damage which you can get. First of all you need all important things which would give you Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Armor Penetration etc. Tryndamere hasn´t anything what he need for his abilitys. He just has cooldowns. So you really have to skill your cooldown reduction too. But a Tryndamere can die easly against a mage (or better 2^^) which can stun you, because you won't can heal yourself with your normal strikes (lifesteal) and it´s over. So I really would improve your magic resistance with the last points.

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Summoner Spells

I really prefer the Summoner Spells Ignite and Exhaust. But everyone is fighing on another way so I will explain the different Spells. It can help you to find your own way to play Tryndamere.

Ghost: For a few seconds Ghost gives you Movement Speed which can help you to escape or to kill your enemys if THEY try to escape. Ghost is a good Summoner Spell for many champions. But I would not take Ghost with Tryndamere because he has a Flash to escape and killing them and a Slow which helpes you to stop them form escaping. And you also get Movement Speed from your Phantom Dancer. With Ghost you will ignore unit collision and have 27% extra Movement Speed (without masteries).

Flash: Flash is (my opinion) the BEST Summoner Spell in "League Of Legends". It can help you in the different kinds of situations from through to walls to escape. With Flash you can flash out of AEs (as example Absolute Zero). You can escape or follow enemy's through walls.... It´s a various spell! But with Tryndamere you also have a flash ( Spinning Slash. You can have 2 yes but I would not suggest that.

Exhaust: Exhaust is a really nice Summoner Spell. With Exhaust you can slow your enemys so hard, that they can´t escape. You have a slow with Tryndamere, but Exhaust is usefull against ADs too.

Smite: Smite is really usefull if one summoner has it. Smite allows you to get buffs quickly and you will get many gold with it. But in a real fight, it won´t help you.I wouldn´t take Smite!

Cleanse: Cleanse is a helpfull spell if you´re playing against enemys which can stun/fear/spot etc. you. But if you play a normal game (not ranked) you can´t see which champions they took. So it´s risk to take Cleanse.

Revive: Revive is a nice spell for your team. If you´re whole team died in a teamfight you can use Revive to deff. your turrents. But Revive only would use 1-2 times in a game... And if you have a tank in a team, it´s better if HE/SHE takes Revive. I don´t use this spell often.

Ignite: This spell is really usefull if you play against enemys which can heal themself very good (for example Fiddlesticks or Warwick) because it reduces the heal to 50%. With Ignite you can kill your enemys if they are behind the tower too.

Heal: If you can heal yourself you can win easier in fights. You can survive in many situations and it helpes your teammeates too. But Heal isn´t various. Not even more than the heal.. So I wouldn´t take Heal

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Infinity Edge: +80 Attack Damage + 25% Critical Strike Chance UNIQUE Passive: Your critical strikes now deal 250% damage instead of 200%.
Phantom Dancer: +55% Attack Speed +30% Critical Strike Chance +15% Movement Speed
The Black Cleaver: +55 Attack Damage +30% Attack Speed UNIQUE Passive: Your basic attacks reduce your target's Armor by 15 for 5 seconds (effect stacks up to 3 times).
The Bloodthirster: +60 Attack Damage 15% Life Steal Passive: Gain bonus +1 Attack Damage and +0.25% Life Steal per kill. Bonus cap at +40 Attack Damage and +10% Life Steal. Bonuses are lost upon death.
Berserker's Greaves: +25% Attack Speed UNIQUE Passive: Enhanced Movement 2 (does not stack with other Boots)

Ok: ;))
In this itembuild the nice thing is that you have everything, from lifesteal to critical damage^^. You have a 100% Critical Strike Chance (60% from the Phantom Dancer; 25% from the Infinity Edge and 35% from your Fury) so you hit ten from ten attacks with 300% damage (items + runes + masteries if you have Critical Damage runes). And you have 50% lifesteal with your items with two fully stacked The Bloodthirster. With this itembuild you get also with level 18 455 Attack Damage (so a Critical Strike makes 1350 damage (pretty nice :D)). So if you play against enemy(s) who don't have more than 70 armor (like Orianna without extra armor) you would kill her with two hits (2700 damage). And don´t forget the 140% Attack Speed^^. And if you think that you haven´t got enought Armor Penetration: you reduced the Armor of your target to 45 with The Black Cleaver. Trust me, I played against a lot of different kinds of Tryndamere.. I never lost^^. And please, buy that items in the right order. It´s important that you buy the second Phantom Dancer as the last item, because you just buy it, because it´s better than the boots.

Alternative Items:
Youmuu's Ghostblade: +30 Attack Damage +15% Critical Strike Chance UNIQUE Passive: +15% Cooldown Reduction UNIQUE Passive: +20 Armor Penetration UNIQUE Active: You gain 20% Movement Speed and 50% Attack Speed for 4 seconds. Melee basic attacks increase the duration by 2 seconds up to a maximum duration of 8 seconds (60 second cooldown).

Ok.. a Youmuu's Ghostblade can help you in the diffrent things. It gives you some Armor Penetration and Cooldown Reduction it also have difference values than other items and can help you in the difference situations.
Last Whisper: +40 Attack Damage UNIQUE Passive: +40% Armor Penetration

A Last Wisper helps you, if the enemys buy much Armor like Thornmailor other Items. So you will ignore maximal Armor of your enemy.
Thornmail: +100 Armor UNIQUE Passive: On being hit by basic attacks, returns 30% of damage taken as magic damage.

If you have many ADs in your enemy's team you can buy a Thornmail. With this passive bonus, all your enemys will make 30% of their damage on themself. So it will be hard for them to kill you.
Guardian Angel: +68 Armor +38 Magic Resist UNIQUE Passive: Revives your champion upon death, restoring 750 Health and 375 Mana (5 minute cooldown).

If you think that you´re dying to fast, you can buy a Guardian Angel. You get Armor and Magic Resistence you also would not die so fast with this. And if you die, all 5 minutes you will survive because of the passive bonus.
Mercury's Treads: +25 Magic Resist UNIQUE Passive: Enhanced Movement 2 (does not stack with other Boots) UNIQUE Passive: +35 Tenacity (Tenacity reduces the duration of stuns, slows, taunts, fears, silences, blinds and immobilizes. Does not stack with other Tenacity items.)

This alternative boots you should buy, if in your enemy's team, are many APs which can stun or fear you. You will be alive MUCH longer with these boots. Because if you survive the first "wafe" of abilitys, you will heal yourself with Life Steal and Bloodlust. So you can kil them easly.
Quicksilver Sash: +56 Magic Resist UNIQUE Active: Removes all debuffs from your champion (90 second cooldown).

This item you can buy if you don´t want to take the Summoner Spell Cleanse but there are much APs in your enemy's team. With this item the APs won´t take high damage on you and with that passive bonus you also can survive Spots, Fears, Stuns etc. I only would buy this item, if there are 3 APs in your enemy's team. I prefer it in a 5vs.5.
Banshee's Veil: +375 Health +375 Mana +50 Magic Resist UNIQUE Passive: Gain a spell shield that blocks the next incoming enemy ability (45 second cooldown).

If there are many APs in your enemy's team. You can buy Banshee's Veil. You will become tanky against APs. With this passive bonus, enemys like LeBlanc are useless against you.

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See Ya

Ok guys... I hope you enjoyed it, and that I could helped you