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Twisted Fate Build Guide by MetalGrunt

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MetalGrunt

Twisted Fate:Lady luck smiles on AD

MetalGrunt Last updated on July 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone, first of all, I am quite new to mobafire. This will be my first guide, I have been juggling the thought of a DPS/AD or a AP twisted fate. After trying them both out, I personally like DPS AD more. The reason is with your destiny. Being able to gate in, stun with a , and then use your high DPS and attack damage to crush them. I feel that is much better then gate in, stun, hit your wild cards and hope your team is near by.

Twisted Fate is a very valuable member of the team to have. But also he is in no way Over powered or under powered. There has been a lot of talk about Riot nerfing his ult to have a range to it. To be 100% of all you guys and girls. I think that is a horrible idea, destiny/gate is Twisted fate's bread and butter. It's like getting rid of blitzcrank's rocket grab. Or getting rid of morde's shield from using skills.

Right now these builds are the builds I've found to be most successful as twisted fate going mid lane solo. I do sometimes get low HP if I'm not careful without HP pots, so you can always switch out the doran's blade for possibly a dagger for attack speed and 1 HP pot

Keep in mind this is my first guide for my favorite champion, if I can improve this guide in any way shape or form. Please let me know. Thanks and enjoy.

P.S i did Require comment to vote due to I don't want people down voting me without giving me honest criticism.

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First of all, Greater Mark of Desolation Greater mark of desolation. These are obviously the best for Twisted fate since you will need armor pen for any AD champion.

Greater Seal of Vitality greater seal of vitality. Twisted fate needs more health, it's quite low without these so with these they will definitively help you out.

Note: I've also tried Greater seal of resilience, but that was just a test and it worked out quite well.. But not as well as more hp.

I find glyph of focus for cool downs are the best Glyphs for twisted fate. The sooner you can use Destiny the better.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation Quintessence of desolation, once again, with more base armor penetration from runes the more you can focus on DPS items and AD items.

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I'm not to sure what to put here, but mainly you need to get Infinity edge, blood thirster, trinity force, phantom dancer. Ghost blade, and the boots for attack speed. Infinity edge USUALLY before blood thirster but you should always have a Vampiric scepter

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Skill Sequence

The reason I chose what I do is because Pick a card and stacked deck. are much more important then Wild cards. There isn't much to explain here except this is how the order of importance is

> > >

Remember, This is a AD/DPS build, your wild cards skill won't do a lot of damage unless you have AP items. This guide focuses on DPS and AD. but the trinity force would give some AP. Use Wild cards if someone is running away VERY low HP.

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Pros / Cons

-Great split pusher
-High DPS
-Is crazy when fed.
-Can easily turn a 2v2 into a 3v2
-Looks awesome ( just my opinion ;) )

-Squishy (more hp with my seals)
-somewhat slow movement speed unless you get ghost
-Has a bad dance
-If you don't do good early game, you probably won't keep up late game

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells that you should use for Twisted fate:

Ghost: THIS IS A MUST. When your ultimate is down, you're going to need a speed boost.

With the mastery for exhaust. it's going to reduce their armor and magic resist. Meaning more damage for you.

This can be useful, if you don't think exhaust is worth it. But remember with my build you're putting a point into exhaust.

Summoner spells that can work, but not all the time

Before you say "OMG WTF REVIVE SUCKS" Hear me out. Think about it like this. 5v5 fight breaks out mid, you get focused down and die, as your team continues fighting, you pop your revive, use your destiny and then appear back in the side. Making the fight a 5v5 once more, hey, you may have just won the team fight due to it

This spell can work, but you have a ultimate that's a global teleport. This spell would be good for split pushing.

This can work sometimes, but there can be other skills better

this is more for tanks and support classes

It's a nice spell to have, if you want to use it, go right ahead.

there are things a lot better then this to use, but it's nice to have.

Summoner Spells NEVER to use

you are not a jungler. Ergo, this means you don't need it.

tried it, i only found it useful on Taric.

Don't waste your summoner spell slot on this, leave this spell for tanks

your ultimate skill is a free global clairvoyance.

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Please give me honest input on how to improve the guide. I really want to make this guide really good. AD/DPS twisted fate is very fun in my eyes. but I am in no way trying to change anyone's play style. Go ahead and try this build out in a CO-OP vs AI and tell me how you do. If you have anything I should add , tell me please.

I will update this guide as much as I can. Thank you. Have a good day