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League of Legends Build Guide Author bebopin jane

Twitch - F-ing Rat

bebopin jane Last updated on July 11, 2010
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Seen so many twitch builds thought I'd throw mine out there. I really focus on staying safe and taking out people fast in team fights. Also i see lots of builds that build tons of attack speed items which i think is just so unneccssary. Ambush and spray n pray and beserker greaves will give above 2 attack speed for sure depending on ambush level.

To start off definitely try to snatch mid cause being Twitch you're gonna be leaving the lane a lot and need the xp.

With summoner spells most people tend to go pure offensive but I really like having cleanse and flash. any time you over extend or make the smallest mistake all it takes is one cleanse than flash away than stealth and you can make it out alive. Some people like exhaust over flash but i think you need flash for the quick run and stealth and it can get away from a big gank whereas exhaust will only slow 1 guy.

With masteries for sure go 21-0-9 grabbing the xp boost in utility. In offense grab the armor pen, attack speed and anything else really works. Pretty standard runes for a ranged dps maybe sub in cd per lvl for magic resist whichever you prefer.

With skills i like starting out with expunge if youre goin for a pre-minion kill but otherwise ambush is better. Level 1 expunge just even worth using unless their 5-6 stack. Some people like putting off spray n pray to max expunge, but i like getting it at 6 for the tiny bit of attack speed that could make the difference in a 1v1 battle. I do put off level 2 until 13 just because ambush and expunge are so much better. Finally most people don't get debilitating poison until late levels but really its one of twitch's best tools. Its got huge range and when stacked up can slow people 80%!! its great for ganking people with ghost or flash that think they got away, but just throw your slow and finish them off with your flash or spray and pray with expunge.

Now for the items. For early game for sure get either doran's shield or blade. The 120 hp is absolutely neccessary and it really just depends on preference. If youre gonna harass a lot and are playing a physical, get shield. I prefer the 4% lifesteal just cause its easier to heal than waiting for the 8 hp per 5. Grab a health pot too just in case you get hit. At about level 6 or so you should tele back to base and depending on how you did, grab some beserkers greaves and a pickaxe or longsword if you can. You wanna try to get the most damage possible early game by getting lots of flat damage items without building it all the way into its final item. After getting the boots look around and see if anyones mia/below half health. If anyones low, start heading over there making sure to check for oracles(your nemesis). The problem lots of twitches make is just initiating right away and finding out too late that the team was baiting you. Check around the area first before coming out of stealth! You never know whos lying in wait. It also really helps if the lane youre going to has a sion or taric or another ranged stun or slow. Now if you see someone missing but they werent low, Twitch is great for stealth-scouting the other teams forest and stealing the buffs and racking up kills. Keep laning and ganking until team fights start breaking out. You should be around level 11-14 and have some good items. By now you should pick up a couple pickaxes. I like this more than a bf sword just cause madreds + twitch is unreal. Later you can go LW if the teams building defense but i prefer to get an IF or Black cleaver over that in most cases.

Changed the items a bit. Getting a pickaxe after boots than keep getting bf swords. If the other team is too tanky, pick up a madreds or BC. If not just get IF and a bunch of Bloothirsters. No need for AS at high levels with max ambush combined with SnP should have almost 2.5 and definitly if you picked up a madreds

Now the team fighting. Three important things: Make sure you come out of stealth with a normal attack to get that boost and a spray and pray boost, Don't come out of stealth too early (like only 1 or 2 enemies there), And make sure to line the other team up as much as possible for spray n pray to do the most damage possible. If things start going wrong, i.e. focus shifts straight to you, cleanse flash away and let your team chop them to pieces for focusing you.

One last note. Twitch is great at getting away from ganks. If both your spells are on cd and youve got someone right on your tail, go to the nearest bush. You should have ambush already trying to activate from not being hit for 2 seconds. Go through the bush and out the other side, than turn straight back around. 99% of the time the other champ chases all the way past and on your way back you get your stealth up and laugh at them cause they cant get you. Watch out for AOEs like fiddle's ult when doing this tho, he can finish you off if youre too low, try to leave in a weird direction after you get the stealth up so they dont hit you.

Thanks leave feedback please never made a guide before so it will help lots!