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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Draykan

Twitch, No time to react

Draykan Last updated on January 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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The city-state of Zaun is a twisted realm of science, mercantilism, and magic run amok. While the young science of techmaturgy does much to advance civilization, its research and use in Zaun pushes the boundaries of morality on a daily basis. Zaun, choked with pollution from the countless factories and laboratories that spew waste into the environment, suffers greatly. As polluted as Zaun is above-ground, its subterranean levels are far worse. All of Zaun's runoff waste pooled together in its sewers, mixing into a toxic and mysterious concoction. A single plague rat rose from this alchemical nightmare - Twitch. Unlike his lesser evolved cousins, Twitch became as sentient as anyone else... provided they were as insane as he. A seeming byproduct of the evolutionary brew that spawned him was maniacal insanity, albeit in a functional form.

Twitch came to the League of Legends to represent himself ''as the only one of his kind'' on the Fields of Justice. Since then, he has found a generous benefactor in the city that gave him his evolutionary sentience - Zaun. Twitch is one of Zaun's premier champions in the League, and as such he fights for Zaun when political disputes between Valoran's city-states arise. Twitch has publically stated that his goal is to gain enough influence and materiel from his work in the League to try to recreate the process by which he gained his sentience. While many challenges lie ahead in his quest - one of the largest being his own insanity - were he to succeed, it would mean a bold and brazen step forward in the evolution of all of Runeterra. Zaun has pledged its support for Twitch in his quest, though it remains to be seen what Zaun's ulterior motives are in the matter.

''The existence of Twitch proves that anything is possible on Runeterra.''
-- Heimerdinger

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Armor penetration runes are always nice for twitch, so i recommend getting ArP marks and Quints, when that rammus drops you can simply think, good idea. Also cool down reduction glyphs just because stealth has a high cd rate and this build doesnt call for any cd items, and also some attack speed seals so you can get more stacks of your poison early game. When they run behind a turret and you got that last hit and pop E, they are gonna cry.

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Pros / Cons

-early game dominance with stealth
-strike fear into enemies when they see you stealth
-great attack speed
-amazing damage late game if fed right

-Super squishy
-always targeted
-Mana hungry early-mid game
-never a nice thing will be said to you from your enemies from start to finish

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Now, I go 21/0/9 with a point in cripple and burning embers because you want early game ganks, and unless they have flash or a stun they wont get away at lvl 1 if they are over extending their lane and dont see you. You can change up the 9 if you want maybe for defense or dodge but I prefer to have that extra mana regen because expunge and stealth eat away at your mana up until late-mid game.

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Some of you may be wondering why 2 phantom dancers on twitch? Because when you get both those and the Infinity edge, your gonna be popping up and doing 500 500 500 500 dead. some say that boots of mobility are good instead of zerker greaves and they are if you dont gank often and only get a few kills. 2 phantom dancers and zerker give you 500 movement speed. if you really need more than that then be my guest and get them but after 7 or 8 kills you already have at least 1 phantom dancer and working on the second. Now if your going against a team that has a lot of defense you can get a last whisper before the infinity edge but its not recomended. Now if your game lasts long enough so you can buy past the Infinity Edge then definetly go bloodthirster, you pick up the stacks real fast because by now you can take entire minion creeps in maybe 2-3 seconds. and you can eitehr get a black cleaver or another blood thirster depending on your enemies.

Just remember to sell the dorans blades when necessary, maybe to help with the Infinity Edge

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Game Play

Early game:
-Never go mid unless absolutly necessary. It is hard to get kills if your mid enemy is strong like vlad or heimer or just turret hugs. Heimers missles will tear you up early game if you arent careful. Now right from the start however you should go down to the mid bushes and not be seen by the enemy. work with the mid champ on this as soon as you see the mid near your turret if they are checking to see whose your mid stealth go behind them Ignite, exhaust, first blood. recall get the second dorans, go lane. Always be careful of wards. if you wanna check to see if there are wards in your lane, let the enemy minions push you back a little and sneak around the group and if the next minion wave can attack you while Stealthed, they have wards.

Mid game:
-Twitch is an odd champ in the fact that he normally stays lower level then everyone else because if you play him right you get a lot of kills but only a few minion kills. This doesnt mean that he is weaker its just to decieve the enemy. I normally have the phantom dancers and infinity edge by 14 while rest of team is 16-18, and i can still 4 shot a ryze. Mid game is twitches specialty because of the amount of kills he can rack up giving him the edge. You should always focus on the squishy champs first but save exhaust for the heavy hitters. You shouldnt need exhaust for squishies because you have your own slow and they should be taken out in a few hits and even if they get away with a little hp. EXPUNGE saves the day. Just gank most of mid game and you will be prepared for late game.(if they dont surrender)

Late game:
this will probably be about 35+ mins into the game and hopefully your doing well and have your blood thirster. Your only worry now is stun because you should be able to take any champ 1v1 easy. even 3v1 if your good with your ult. Now its more or less just carrying your team because, be honest, if you have 20+ kills by the 30minute mark and they dont surrender then your team cant hold its own weight. With your full set of items and if you have the extra money you can sell your boots for another phantom leaving you at 437 movement speed but thats still plenty any way. if you do that you will have 100% crit and you can basically just kill whom ever you want, when ever you want.

1) Never initiate a team fight
2) Never initiate a team fight
3) stay away from the enemies with stun and snare or knock up because once your focused your dead.
4) Do not get cocky just because you see a lone Miss Fortune killing a minion build up does not mean that her teammates arent also going to where she is
5) in conjunction with 4, have map awareness. Know where people are at, whose dead, and who is the squishiest prey.
6) You will die, you have no armor and if ever focused on your going to die but that cant stop you from taking a few of them with you

Happy hunting, cuz by late game its more or less if they can escape you rather then kill you.
(They wont)