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League of Legends Build Guide Author KingpinTwitch

Twitch, the easy guide for the daring. 1/19/2013

KingpinTwitch Last updated on January 19, 2013
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Hello Summoners! This is guide on how to play Twitch the Right way, most people do not like the idea of a mid twitch but after you read this guide you might have a change in heart. Twitch is a champion for players who are wanting to show the world that twitch can be the lead carry. He is not a troll, he is not a fail champion, with my build it will make it seem like he needs to be nerfed, well have fun! And enjoy the show.

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Teemooo baaad! Pro/cons


+ very effective range distance
+ good at slowing the enemy
+ very good at early 1v1 with heal
+ harrasing champion
+ If your stuck in a certian area and there is 4 champs going for you, Q is the way to go!


+ Not very tanky, make sure you stay behind your fellow champs when attacking in a group!
+ sometimes in a team game your Going be focused more then others So make sure to use that q!
+ DO NOT get a soraka/squishy support, make sure your support can GET the target Imobolized before you attack.
+ Ignite is a con Just because it can let your invis be shown If cast on you during the 5 Seconds if your trying to run away.
+ wards can shut you down easily, that's why you need your support, OR you to get an Oracle's Elixir.
+MAKE sure to let your team know if someone has an oracle's elixir, YOU need to shut him down right away.

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why I only have 2 summoner spells for you.

HEAL, is a very useful with the masteries that I have set up for you, the extra 10 percent health that you get from the Defensive masteries "Summoners Resolve" gives you "if your not adc bot" a better advantage then the Person playing mid, since they are going to "MOST likely" pick Ignite flash, or exhaust flash. IF they do have heal make sure that you are harassing them with your W and Your E to make them USE that spell before you attack them.

IF your ADC bot Heal is a great advantage for you because most likely they will try to target you EVEN when your support has attacked them first, so you can heal as your attacking and You have full stacks and your support will also be a bit healed you have a better advantage of getting 2kills for 1.

Flash is just OBV because it allows you to get away quickly if in danger, if you use your Q and flash your most likely to get away!

YOU can use exhaust, that is if you get a good support like Taric or blitz,

I personally think ignite is a good spell, but I don't like it because you still can get away, and you already have poison, if you use your stacks right you don't need this spell.

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Masteries and the reason.

Greater Mark of Desolation

Armor pen Is a great advantage against any jungler or Tank Since your using twitch. WITH out armor pen, twitch is as good as Useless.

Greater mark of Strength

Twitch's auto attack is set at a very low damage output, any extra attack damage does help.

Greater Seal of Resilience if you adc bot this is A GREAT choice! As you know armor stops a percentage of damage "auto attack/ aggressive attacking skill" Since he is so squishy I would differently recommend this.

Greater Seal of Warding if your playing MID your most likely going to run into a MID AP "AP=Ability power" so Magic resist is a great runes set to use if your only going to go mid.

Greater Glyph of Alacrity Attack speed can help you get your poison stacks more quickly for you to use your E.

Greater Glyph of Strength Like I said before any extra damage does help because his starting damage is so low.
Greater Quintessence of Desolation Armor pen IS definitely something that you need on twitch, It lets you fight stronger opponents and have a better advantage of winning.

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Since I'm still new at putting a guide together I'm going to list the Champions that I know who are great at sustaining your champion to the fullest.
+XIN zhao, even though he is not recommended as a bot support IT still is an effective way to get into battle when he uses his E and his Q you have a chance to slow with your W as he Jumps them up into the air, once you do that you have full stacks! Easy kill! And you still will have your heal.
+I DON'T like soraka, so don't mention that soraka is a viable support, You need someone that is sort of tanky or someone that can do a good amount of damage, also your more likely to get ganked with a soraka, she might save you but she's going down.
+ Leona is a Great champion to lane with also, her stun is op and she still does some extra damage.
+Zyra is also a great support, a good harrasing combanation and very high winning rate.

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Skill spells and what they DO!

Ambush Is one of the best spells that he has ITS also the first spell , It can allow you to escape easily AND checking bushes is a PLUS! But watch out though, his spell only lasts a few seconds!
It is also a great ganking strategy skill, if your adc or Mid and someone's trying to attack your tower HIT q in the enemy's fog sight before you get to the tower, makes for an easer kill!
Also a great ganking strategy, your opponents will have a hard time for Mia's because your an invisible champ,

Venom Cast Is your SECOND SPELL. It adds 2 stacks of deadly venom, So if you cast it at someone it will slow them and poison them.. Allowing you to use your expunge on them and Poison them for a few seconds.

Expunge IS your third spell, each attack adds a stack of deadly venom, so each attack you do to your minion/champion use you Expunge and you will do more damage, I suggest that you stack it 4 times then expunge at lower levels, but when you get to level 6 your ult will also add stacks of deadly venom, Your poison from your expunge is based on your attack damage. So make sure that when they are a third percent health at level 1-7 to get as many stacks on them then E, of course at higher levels your expunge will be more Advanced, so when fighting level 8-18 make sure you put FULL stacks on them before you expunge.

Spray and Pray when you use this spell for 7 seconds you will send out a fury of bolts at an extremely long range, The damage build that I have set up for this is very effective with using his ultimate, when fighting in a group make sure you go invis with your Ambush, until the enemy team has selected one of your teammates at the target, then immediately attack the group attacking your friend, you will do so much damage and when they are done attacking your friend your Expunge will be at full stacks..

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Why I don't take Vampiric Scepter early game.

The two dorians blades are a great choice and also have lifesteal, your passive is based on true damage so getting a vamp scepter is great for getting health back but you don't do as much true damage early on and it makes you a squishier opponent, it is also why I get Heal instead of ignite or exhaust, its just going to make you a better 1v1 or group fight early on, and by the time you get infinity edge your already at a good damage percent rate and are most likely to carry the game, and why I don't get blood thirster after phantom?? Well that's because you already are getting a good amount of lifesteal from your dorians blade. So I build Frozen mallet just because I noticed when I do use my venom cast and try to attack them they will flash away.. So you slow them down with your W and you still can catch up to them to slow them in time for your auto attacks from the frozen mallet to slow them down and a quick kill, almost like an Ashe but better, since he's so squishy the extra health DOES help, so your not so squishy anymore and your doing a Very good base damage percentage and still getting health from a dorians blade, THEN you can get bloodthirster, by then you have already won the game.

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Ganking stratagy.

If your a mid player then this is the chapter for you! When you play a champion that can use invisibility it gives you a better advantage to gank bot or top. I always end up ganking bot around level 6, BE ready because your going to have to make every move count, Use your Ambush to go past the [ward area] Bushes, near dragon, or even before you get to the tower make sure you have your Invisibility {Ambush} ready to go, make sure and ask your teammates first before you gank if there are wards there or not, You don't have to, but since only the first level of Ambush only lasts a few seconds its best to ask anyways, Also if your playing mid and the jungler is a pretty easy target for you, get a ward and place it next to the enemy's wrath camp it lets you be able to control where he might be going, and make you less acceptable to ganks yourself. Also a lot of people decide that its a good idea to recall back to base next to their turrets, its a really good way to get a quick kill, use your Ambush in the Fog of war, "the dark area's where the enemy champion cannot see you" then use your Venom Cask and attack them once then hit expunge If you are level 6 you can useSpray and Pray after you cast Venom cask your most likely to kill the target.

Don't forget that most of the enemy champs have flash as a quick get away. SO make sure that you are Behind them before you show yourself, that way when they do flash they wont get very far.

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The end!