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Twitch Build Guide by JoeSixPack

Twitch- The Smell Of Win

Twitch- The Smell Of Win

Updated on April 8, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author JoeSixPack Build Guide By JoeSixPack 71 20 256,033 Views 38 Comments
71 20 256,033 Views 38 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author JoeSixPack Twitch Build Guide By JoeSixPack Updated on April 8, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Oh hello didn’t see you there, c’mon in, this is to my twitch build, neat'o huh?. Twitch would seem to be a simple character to play being a sort of "right click and win" design but I see a lot of people just fail miserably with him and I'm here to see what I can do to fix that. Also I'd like to disprove all those whiny people on the LoL forums who constantly ***** and moan about how twitch in his current condition "sucks" or is "unplayable". Oh ya, this is also my first build so if it’s complete **** cut me some slack.
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Summoner Spells

Ignite- yep everyone hates it but its undeniably effective at getting almost any character fed early-mid game, also stacked with twitch's poison it can give your enemies a world of hurt.

Flash- twitch being slow and squishy NEEDS an escape spell. I prefer flash over ghost simply because you can travel through walls with it, which is an almost guaranteed way to get back into stealth (in case you don't know damage will delay your entry into stealth).

My Opinion on Exhaust- Personally I would suggest against taking exhaust due to the fact that Twitch already has a very effective slow which leaves you with little point taking exhaust when you could have ignite and to **** tons of damage with it.

Cleanse - usefull for escaping bad stuff , but flash will save your *** more. take this if you dont want ignite.
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basic stuff

greater mark of desolation runes let me kill people better.

greater seal of regeneration rune boost your survivability whic is a needed boost

Greater Glyph of Attack Speedmore attack speed more poisin more dps

Greater Quintessence of Desolation this rune, like the other armour pen runes help to kill stuff.
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Doran's Blade- if you ask me this is the best starting item for twitch, every part of it will help you out a lot early game. The life steal keeps you in lane, the health helps you to be less squishy (combined with health quints is great) and the damage is pretty much your life's blood.

Mobility Boots- practically a no-brainer for a ganking champ like twitch, the League hints tell you to get it for ****s sake. It'll help you escape, chase and gank, an excellent item for any twitch build.

Berserker's Greaves- really good for a twitch you doesnt plan on ganking as much in favor of farming during early lane phase

Zeal- boosted movement to help you escape into steal and extra crit that will make your I.E more effective

Infinity Edge- Here’s where the real damage come in, a basic item for Twitch with its mass amounts of AD and crit, this with Twitch's attack speed will make you hit like a truck.

Bloodthirster- Twitch needs some life steal and what better than this? Since Twitch is so squishy he needs the life steal to help keep him alive while the AD keeps his enemies face down in the dirt. Go ahead and grab this before the Infinity Edge if you are having trouble staying alive. Also sometimes if games go on for a very long time and too many enemies pick up Thornmail I'll grab a second one of these to counter.

Banshee's Veil- This is the final piece to making you actually pretty dam hard to kill, the health, MR and life steal from the Bloodthirster combine to effectively cure your squishy syndrome. Not to mention the spell shield can be a life saver when trying to enter stealth.

Phantom Dancer- I get this after selling the Doran’s blade, it’s a great item that'll get you places faster and make you'll crit like crazy with Infinity Edge as well.

Other stuff

Black Cleaver- I'll buy this if too many enemies begin to build armour but otherwise I get by as far as countering armour with just the runes and the divine blade activate, still a great item though pick it up if you want.

Guardian Angel- a great late game item take this over Black Cleaver if your gettin focused hard.
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Ambush- Your core spell, without it you are just a frail little rat. Its easy to make use of this in any situation, to be able to travel safe, avoid enemy harass, gank, avoid being focused and whatever, be creative. You’ll note that I don’t upgrade to this spell to lvl 2 until I’m 8 so that means early game there’s only ten seconds of stealth so use it carefully and keep an eye on the timer whenever you may be sneaking around.

Venom Cask- This is extremely useful, it slows anything within a large range around twitch and will slow more effectively by 6% for each stack of poison. So great for ganking, team fights and escaping.

Expunge- What you use to kill people, it does more damage per stack of poison so avoid using it till you have all 6 stacks on the enemy, expunge is more of an execution ability and should be used as such for full effectiveness. The reason why I max it out as fast as possible is because it does an absolutely laughable amount of damage at early ranks yet is needed to acquire kills.

Spray and Pray- Your ult, its great in for team fights for just mowing down enemies, especially when they line up. I've gotten many Quadra kills thanks to this. As awesome as it is in team fights you can still use it just for the extra damage and range to kill even a single enemy if you feel like it, it has a short CD for how effective it can be. Early game this ability should be use sparingly if at all since it will use up a ton of your mana and often leave you without the mana to use other abilities, this can lead to enemies getting away or you getting killed.
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Its best to begin ganking as early as when you have boots of mobility and your Venom Cask. fist thing, find an enemy at low health or over extended or maybe just stupid. If you aren’t 100% sure you can kill them without help, then get help. Approach in stealth to have element of surprise, stand between the target and where you think they will run. Start shooting at this point ignite if you need too, when they start running and begin to pass by you or you have shot them 6 times use your Venom Cask, continue shooting until they are low enough to kill with expunge. Don’t forget the activate on divine blade or if necessary to get the kill use Spray and Pray it’s got a decent CD.
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When in lane concentrate on last hitting minions, go a head and harass the your opponents when you can get them in range, its good to keep as much poison on them as possible. If you're getting harassed a lot yourself then simply go Ambush stealth and use the lifesteal from Doran's Blade to restore health, should it still not be enough, upgrade your Ambush stealth to rank 2 early to stay hidden almost the whole time.You have a small amount of mana early game so use your spells sparingly.Going for kills in lane is the same proses as ganking explained above. Always try to look out to see if any enemies have bought a ward or oracle, if they buy an oracle well then do your best to kill them. Also try to lane with a competent solo laner since you will be out and about ganking.
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oracles/vision wards

Oracle's Elixir-when anybody on the enemy team buys an oracle do your best to put their *** six feet under. But until then you have to be very cautious because you can get killed very easily when scouting or doing almost anything. Watch the person who bought the Oracle's Elixir carefully and should they ever end up out of postion murder them as fast as possible, blow youre cool downs if needed, its a whole 400G wasted.

Vision Ward- always be watching your opponent’s inventories to see if you can catch them with one of these before its put down, if you don’t see where its put down use a lot more caution when walking around in stealth, if you do see it put down avoid that area if possible however if not possible just hang back as much as you can and try to let your team mates act as meat shields.
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laning parteners

generaly you want to lane with any champ that has hard CC or an ability to heal you and keep you in lane-

Soraka an obvious choice for a laning partner with her heals and mana boost

Taric stuns + heals = wtf OP

Sion lots of dps and a stun works great to get twitch fed

Sona another obvious choice

Zilean stelth bombs...that is all

these are afew good laning choicesfor twitch but as I said before you want any champ with hard cc or heals and if neither of those are available then just lane with a champ that isnt a carry so that you can have the kills.
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Because Twitch is such a prime target that when team fights begin wait just a second for the enemies to engage and pick their target before popping out of Ambushmode, this way you will not be instantly focused and killed. Then proceed to Spray and Pray, hold off on expunge until at least one enemy is low enough to kill with expunge. Once their team or your team is on the run use Venom Cask to slow and help you chase them down or help you escape back into Ambushmode.
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Watch out for-

Pantheon- a good panth can be a rare thing from my experience but if you ever run across one look out, he’s one of Twitch's hardest counters.

Amumu- He's hard to kill and he’s got two stuns and stuns are bad news bears for a champ a squishy as Twitch.

Akali- She'll dive on you in an instant an proceed to destroy you with her burst, also that stealth circle is just a pain in the arse, one of Twitch's hardest counters.

Talon-a hard assasin with a large gap closer and some big AD burst, a serious threat to any twitch.
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well there it is, it’s my first build so be understanding, also I can't spell to save my life so anyway its pretty much a miracle that my lazy *** actually did this whole thing, hope you enjoy killin fools.
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