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League of Legends Build Guide Author soc1e7y

Twitch'n and Pitch'n Poisons Twitch/Teemo

soc1e7y Last updated on July 3, 2011
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Twith and Teemo How? What? Why?

To start off, yes, this is solely MY Twitch/Teemo build. I've spent a lot of time testing this build in hopes to develop a solid and reliable ''Glass Cannon'' Offensive build, that not only will help beginners, but more experienced players looking to try something new all together.

As most carries you know that Twitch and Teemo are incredible carries for your team, when played correctly. However, they are very squishy, so you will need some patience when playing them and always remember, even tho your offensive, passive/aggressive BALANCE IS KEY.. they should never be initiating fights, wait until your team engages the enemy, pick the right time to dish out those arrows and bolts of toxic chaos! Now that i got that out of the way, lets keep reading!

Many players, will argue that these two are completely different carries and need to be built differently, but this is simply how I roll, and I drop 30's on a consistent basis when playing lackeys, and when it comes to the real deal ranked games, I hold my own and play my role.

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Successful Factors

*Common Sense
*The ability to get at least 50-60% of the creeps in your lane. $$$$$$$$$$ helps ALOT
*Able to solo/lane successfully
*Able to gank properly and understand GREED leads to FEED. Don't be stupid.
*Positioning, positioning positioning
*A cool head, playing these guys can get really sticky sometimes and cause a lot of frustration, especially early game.

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Pros / Cons

Pro's and Con's:

-Great carries, eat the competition teams in a matter of seconds.
-Is a solid damage output and snags enemy attention
-Can scout for your team, roam, and teemo's mushrooms will be fantastic wards.
-Can escape with Ambush if your playing twitch, if things get sticky and u need an escape, teemo can stealth after 2 seconds. Also ''Move Quick''


-Squishy, easily killed
-CC'ed 24/7 =(
-Like all carries everyone will be out to get you
-Oracle's and wards can stop you from scouting, roaming, hiding and so much more, so play smart.

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Ablities! and Tactics

Follow the abilities in order up top, and Here's the proper way to use them.

Twitch early game :

Ambush first, WHEN THE TIMES RIGHT AND U HAVE A DECENT AMOUNT OF CREEPS IN YOUR AREA, POP OUT aim for AT-LEAST 2-3 Stacks minimum before using expunge! You will use this to shut down your opponents eagerness to push you even tho your so squishy, the fight will seem in his favor up until you expunge then BOOM. Suddenly that wasn't such a bright idea... If he's smart he'll get the hell out of there before you finish him off. This tactic should be used while your playing mid and focused on last hits. (Closer to the tower) (Do not try this on Melee Carries!!!ESPECIALLY AP TANKS or Stunners such as JAX) Using your HP potions will help u stay in the lane, for longer farming and damage control.

Twitch mid game :

Now that we have a few spells, we can really work our enemy. Use the same tactic of getting 2-3 stacks, if he's still engaging you back off and hit DEBILITATING POISON and let the poisons do their job. Work the opponent with stack after stack. By then your Ambush CD should be closing in and u can confidently re-engage the fight, knowing that if things get to sticky u can back out and AMBUSH again. Focus on keeping your enemy off of you and cautious of your EXPUNGE. Keep up the stacks! And when the times right, rush in expunge, ignite, then exhaust and then stack till he runs and if cd's down expunge b4 range ends and boom he should be dead. (Do not do this until he's 40-50%) If not, theres a possibility your CD on DEBILITATING will be done. Rinse and repeat, feel free to change it up a little.(If he didn't make it to the tower yet)

Preparing for a GANK! Ninja Style!

When your creeps have gained some ground and are near the enemy tower, this buys twitch some time to do some serious ganking. ALWAYS ALWAYS check your mini-map and see where a gank can be successful and/or MIA's could possibly be heading for you. Dying is the #1 thing we want to avoid. If the coast is clear head through the jungle and cut off your enemy by Ambushing below him. Hopefully your team communicates this and started aggressing the enemy, once this happens u can jump in and SURPRISE! 3v2! or 3v1! Once u pop out of stealth,1-2 Shots followed by DIBILITATING POISON and then throw down the stacks even more. DO NOT EXPUNGE TILL THE GET ALMOST OUT OF RANGE!!! STACKS STACKS STACKS! and then ruin his day b4 his precious tower saves him.

Teemo early game :

Teemo doesn't have the same high DPS like twitch, so passive is our best tactic. Use creeps to your advantage when players over-aggress, Once your opponent has made the mistake of doing so. 1-2 Stacks and send him a Blinding Dart. This should do a reasonable amount of damage and force him to back away off of you. Continue Cashing in that gold so we can get you deadlier for later in the game. FARMING IS WHAT U DO BEST. Using your HP potions will help u stay in the lane, for longer farming and damage control.

Teemo mid game :
By now you should be used to playing teemo passively and farmed quite a lot. When u catch your enemy aggessing you too much, Pull back blind him and keep stacking darts on him. When he starts pulling away, ''Move Quick'' to him, pushing more stacks the entire time. Exhaust if in reasonable range and then ignite him for the double DOT combo. 9 times out of 10 they don't get away, and if they do.... their sure to stay out of your hair while u gain lane and creep advantage.

Random Attempt - Run back and if possible sneak in a camouflage, let him pass you, and when creeps arrive, stack away and exhaust, if it looks promising pop ignite. This is some dangerous risky stunt i try when i know for a fact i outplay the person or their just ******ed =).

Preparing for a GANK! Ninja Style!

Unlike twitch, you cant just walk up behind the enemy, so you need to find the perfect time to roam and bush near combat (you should be ahead in your lane b4 doing this). Once your teammates start pushing forward, ''Move quick'' in and then ''Blinding dart'' and lay the stacks on like no tomorrow. Feel free to use your exhaust and ignite if your desperate for the kill. Remember your the carry, just don't get greedy.

Now i realize these aren't the greatest descriptions but i hope they help you out anyways. if not there's plenty of fantastic guide on here to check out. Don't be too ''literal'' and realize this will take time and patience to master correctly.

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Just follow the items up above on the twitch build, they have descriptions when u slide your mouse under them, pretty common sense stuff. No need to explain them step by step like your a ******.

Also this is an OFFENSIVE ''Glass Cannon'' build. So USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, Dying will happen if you don't know how to handle a squishy.

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- Wait and Bait, Remember everybody is after you, this is gonna be something u can use to your advantage in team fights, they'll regret chasing you when back up arrives and theres nobody there to help.

- Learn when the RIGHT time to ''B'' and shop is.... master this and your game will be 10 times improved.

- Tanks will eat u alive IF they get a hold of you.... but you will shred them to pieces if u play smart.

- Understand when a fight simply isn't your best option... if you need to switch with someone to balance things out... do it. Too many kids get ''Mid-Addicted'' as it takes less team skill and u kinda get to shine....either way, know your limits.

- PASSIVE PASSIVE PASSIVE! Aggressive comes second mainly when your looking to capitalize on HUMAN/PLAYER ERROR, this is the key.

- Remember to use speed, stealth and HP potions to your advantage. Practice when and where u need to use these things.

- TEAMWORK TEAMWORK TEAMWORK! Don't be a greedy ganking *****! Remember as carries, we farm, we help, we gank, and we change the tide of the TEAM FIGHTS.

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This is my first guide, I'm not used to teaching people my master ninja ways, please leave your feedback and comments and i WILL keep this thread updated and improved on. Your feedback is crucial to making every little quirk and tweak needed for this ''Glass Cannon' to be deadly.

I also understand i did not go into ''Spells'' and things of that sort, I simply feel that every spell has it's purpose and can be utilized to it's maximum potential depending on the situation. Be smart, use some common sense, and DONT WORRY, I'll have them up soon.


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