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Udyr Build Guide by xXRikaXx

Tank Udyr, the annoying chaser and master farmer.

Tank Udyr, the annoying chaser and master farmer.

Updated on September 6, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author xXRikaXx Build Guide By xXRikaXx 3,303 Views 0 Comments
3,303 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author xXRikaXx Udyr Build Guide By xXRikaXx Updated on September 6, 2014
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Summary of Udyr

Firstly, I would like to say hello to the MOBAfire community :) I am xXRikaXx from the SEA server and this is my very first guide. Although I don't think it will reach many people (if any at all) I hope it helps at least one person out there >.< This is also my very first guide so I hope it is useful for anyone out there. XD

Udyr is a chaser, tanker, fighter and pusher all rolled into one. He boasts amazing clearing skills and although not the best, excellent ganks.

He is a personal favourite of mine when it comes to jungling.
Firstly, he jungles very fast (if I'm not wrong he should be the fastest jungler in LoL).

Secondly, his mobility is pretty much a nerfed yi ultimate that can be constantly used which makes him ideal for ganking.

Finally, he is very tank which is crucial when it comes to teamfights.
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Pros and Cons of Udyr

1. He is an excellent clearer
2. He is an excellent pusher
3. He is very tanky
4. His ganks are great
5. His damage output is rather high even if he were to buy tanky items
6. He has different stances that provides various buffs for different situations

1. He can't gank much even though he is good at it as he has to focus on farming early on
2. Constant CC would easily stop him
3. He has high mobility but is unable to make quick "teleportation" like flash which is why CC would really bring him down as mentioned above^
4. Without a blue buff he has problems with mana cost early on due to the requiring the constant changing of stances
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Udyr as mentioned above, is an excellent chaser. Therefore, my personal favourites are Ghost and Smite.

Ghost is an excellent spell for udyr as he does not really gain that much from flash. Why this is so is because to begin with, his Bear stance provides a lot of speed so increasing it even further would turn him into a bulldozer chasing his enemies.
For example: You wish to gank top and your ally is being pushed back, normally after a while the enemy would go back. What would a flash do, sure it helps you gain a short distance but after that you're left with nothing. That's where ghost comes in, activating it some distance before you actually reach your destination increases the chance of a gank succeeding. Furthermore, ghost combined with your Bear stance actually outruns flash. You can try testing it and no matter what ghost + Bear stance automatically wins a puny flash especially when there aren't any walls to flash over. Also, when combined with red buff it is almost impossible for the enemy to escape unless it's let's say a zed or fizz instant dashing towards their turret.

Another reason why ghost wins flash is initiating abilities. Udyr is naturally a tank therefore, you have a duty to engage, that's where ghost comes in, no one, even yi, can run away from you and Udyr is really scary so naturally people would either run or poke you with CC while your team follows up (better pray they are good).

About smite.. I don't think I need to say anything about this do I >.< welp I'm just gonna give a textbook explanation on this. It increases jungling speed significantly and helps to secure objectives faster such as Dragon and Baron. Obvious choice for Junglers.
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This explanation on runes will be short and sweet (there isn't much to talk about and this is just a personal preference, I don't want to bore you guys as much as possible anyways ;) )

This rune page focuses on dealing more damage with your jungle item. The more hits you deal the faster you clear camps and it also benefits your phoenix stance which provides a mini aoe damage every three hits, really amazing clearing skill. Therefore I have picked out attack speed runes which amount to 10%.

Since Udyr is a jungler which focuses on farming, armour is a definite must. It reduces incoming physical damage and allows you to stay in the jungle for a longer period of time so that you are able to gather stacks for your feral flare even faster (the time it takes to b and go back into jungling is rather long). Furthermore, the survivability provided by it also allows for a higher chance of ganking as you would require sufficient hp to pull of a gank without getting killed.

Attack damage is an obvious choice for any champion that relies on basic attacks. As for that matter, I have mixed a the per level and flat runes. This makes sure that he is well balanced throughout the game with decent damage from early to end.
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The masteries I have picked out mainly focus on damage and survivability. I did not put that much into the Defensive tree as I would be buying plenty of tank items which are sufficient enough to let him last. The extra damage also allows for the fast clearing of camps which helps to stack for feral flare. The utility tree can be empty as Udyr already has sufficient movement speed and the benefits it provides are not as good as the ones in the Defensive and Attack tree.
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The Lantern is obvious but spirit stone is very important due to his mana cost issues and sustain requirements. The moment you have that and raz0rs you can pretty much stay in the jungle forever therefore, these 2 items MUST be rushed.

Botrk is very important as it provides sustain, mow down tanks AND chase from it's slowing active ability. It's attack speed also benefits your lantern as it hits more allowing you to deal more damage faster.

Randuin's Omen is pretty much a key item for Udyr, it allows him to practically win any 1v1 fight against an AD champion and it provides a cc slow which helps you and your team a lot. (CC IS THE KEY TO VICTORY!!)

Warmog's is a standard tank item and Udyr being Udyr, Botrk and Feral Flare are more than enough for damage. Besides, you carries are already building full damage so you need to peel for them so that they can kite, what matters is really winning after all :)

Finally, Spirit Visage, amazing combination with your other items, increases sustain and provides excellent resistance against annoying CC ap champs like Syndra or Annie.

Alternatively, you can take Sunfire if the enemy is a heavy AD team or Banshee's if the situation calls for it.

Extra: Ninja Tabi cuz Ninja Tabi

Notes: I have seen people take Tri-force on Udyr but even though it significantly provides damage, I believe it should not be taken no matter the situation as as a Jungler, you must Tank for your team. The 2 carries already deal enough damage so you being an extra damager does not help much especially when Udyr dies from heavy CC so may as well get more tank items to ensure you and your team wins fights.
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Jungle Route

Depending on which side of the map you are on, always go to the buff that is closest to the duo laners.

This is especially important as the leash ultimately decides on how long you are able to stay in the jungle for without having to go back and recover (which is annoying). Example: If you are on the Blue team you start with Red or if you are on the Purple team you start with Blue

I will begin to explain the route with when you are on the Purple side. It's a little something like this.

Blue>Wolves>Red>Golems>Wraiths>Wolves> Big Wraith (if possible)
Then go back and get your Razors Afterwards how you jungle is up to you whether you keep farming or gank.

On the Blue side it's a little something like this.

Red>Wraiths>Blue>Wolves>Wraiths (not the big one please) > Golems

On the Blue side you are pretty much able to kill the extra golems unlike the uncertain Big Wraith on the Purple side as the red buff provides extra damage which increases your survivabilty from killing camps faster.
Then as mentioned on the other side, afterwards is really up to you. I can't really explain further as it entirely depends on the situation, unless I am watching the game itself I can't really help that much.
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Team Work

As Udyr, your main role is to soak damage for the team and engage in teamfights so that your allies are able to follow up to win the fights. Also, even though you are soaking up most of the damage (let's just hope they don't aim your carries) you'll proabably kill them before they even kill you cause you're Udyr (yes I'm serious).

Some tips on engaging
1. Make sure your ghost is not on CD, the constant CC and flashing would pretty much leave you with a sad face as the Bear stance might not be sufficient enough to chase them.

2. Of course, make sure your team is with you! Pay attention to the map and ensure that they have the ability to follow up. Remember to ping too! Don't expect your allies to be einsteins and are able to read every situation, as the engager, lead them!

3.Stun the damned carries XD your Bear stance is already an automatic stunner, take advantage of it. But make sure you are able to reach them before going or you just might end up with an ace... On your team.
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I thank thee for finishing my guide and I hope it helps ;) I may update it from time to time so feedback is very much appreciated (especially constructive criticism please don't just spam "OMG NOOB" or "SUCK" as they won't help me improve at all please tell me where you think I went wrong and how I can improve it). Please vote and I hope to write another guide when I have the time soon :)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author xXRikaXx
xXRikaXx Udyr Guide
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Udyr, the annoying chaser and master farmer.

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