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League of Legends Build Guide Author Phever

Udyr: The Way of the Fists.(updated)

Phever Last updated on March 28, 2011
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NOTE: THIS is a laning build not a jungle build. So don't down vote for not being a good jungle. IT IS A LANING BUILD.

This Is Phever Coming back again with another build. This time im showing you AD and DPS Udyr.
Udyr to me is just such an Incredible character because of his four stances they are just amazing and make him an amazing character. So listen to my tricks of how i play this amazing character.

I play this character really mean for many reasons. One i dont go tanky or jungle. I go dps and ad so i can switch between stances and do work with fast attack speed and high damage. This way is the best in my opinion because you can kill people faster that way and can help your team out a lot easier.

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The Reason I Pick these runs is for good reasons.

Armor Pen- I chose armor penetration because when your in a 1 v 1 and your stunning and switching and stunning and switching have a little armor pen is always good.
Dodge chance- I chose these runes because when you are fighting 1 v 1 udyr needs dodge because right off the bat he doesnt do as much damage as i would like so if he has dodge he has a longer period of time that he will last.
Mana Regen- I chose these runes because With udyr switching from stance to stance costs the mana so if you have some good mana regeneration then you should be fine when fighting.
Dodge Quints- I get these because like i said earlier a lot of dodge will help udyr a lot in the long run of battle.

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With the items i chose it is an amazing idea for reasons i will explain. First i rush madreds bloodrazer after boots, Because madreds is always good gives you attack speed and great damage and its passive is the best. Its passive take 4% of their health and turns it into magic damage against them each attack, So their health drops rapidly. Next with my trinity force, it once again gives you more attack speed and health but what makes this good is that you get a sheen. With the sheen you get, whenever you switch between stances you get the passive when the cooldown is done. Which gives you a 125% damage attack towards the target. After you get those two items then i just rush damage like a mother. First i personally get The Black Cleaver because it gives a little more attack speed plus it takes down there armor for each hit up to 5 times. Then i get Life steal next so that you can attack fast and regain health and live. Then for last i get an infinity's edge to finish off the damage. But by the time i actually get to starting my infinity's edge the game is over. I rush mad damage because he is just so unfair with all the damage he does with his tiger stance. So if you follow this build you will sure to be wrecking anyone 1 v 1 and even 2 v 1 because he can wreck the one so fast that the second cant do enough damage in time to help his teammate.

Updated: I realized after playing a little that i need to get survivability so i put a few new items in at the end to help with that aspect. I put in a Banshees Veil to block Stuns and a Guardians Angel to help with health and easy Revive when wrecked.

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Skill Sequence

The Skills Chose when i play udyr are bear stance and tiger stance. I max those to as fast as i can because bear stance gives you the stun and tiger stance gives attack speed and damage. So if you max out those two as fast as you can and then get Turtle stance and then get pheonix stance. When your fighting if you switch between bear stance and tiger stance there isnt much an enemy can do much but try to run away or stay and fight. The only problem is they wont be able to fight because your stun will get them every 6 seconds.

Helpful Hint- When you're in trouble and have to run away just spam turtle and bear stance together because his passive will get you fast plus turtle gives you the shield to absorb damage. Then the bear stance is so if they fast and catch up you can just turn and stun them than keep running when you have low health.

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Team Work

Udyr is a real team player for reasons i will explain. One he has his stun and can stun the player for the team to wreck all together. Also having that stun he can catch up to enemy's chasing his allies and stun them so that his allies can get away. Because his stun rapes so if he uses it on enemy's chasing allies he can then stun them and then your ally can come back and help you wreck them or you can just wreck them so your ally doesn't die. He is a very strong team player and relies on his team to do well.

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Summoner Spells

I use Ghost and Exhaust with udyr.

Ghost- I use ghost because udyr is a chaser most of the time so if you combine his passive stacking with ghost no one can outrun you at all. They will have to have something extremly amazing to stop you from getting to them. EX: Stun, Snare....ETC.

Exhaust- I get exhaust because if you combine exhaust with ghost and your passive there is no escape from the hands of udyr in any fight team fight or not, if he exhausts you and then uses ghost you better pray to the gods for help.

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Once again this is another Guide by Me Phever. Hope you enjoy this because he is so much fun to play and if you need my help with anything just comment or anything to add just comment and ill do my best to answer your questions. Enjoy
- Phever