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Sion: All Roles Fulfilled [A Look on Sion]

Sion: All Roles Fulfilled [A Look on Sion]

Updated on May 14, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Phever Build Guide By Phever 44 9 91,714 Views 47 Comments
44 9 91,714 Views 47 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Phever Build Guide By Phever Updated on May 14, 2011
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Sion The Ways of The Axe

If you all like to play sion than you will surely notice that he can be played many different ways. In this build i will discuss four of the main ones.

Ad sion: This is very good except he has nothing to help him survive so life steal is good.

Ap sion: An absolute Nuke.

Tank: Amazing plus his stun is very helpful

Crit Damage: Sion does a lot of damage and is fun to play.
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Ability Power Sion

One of the best out of the four in my opinion.
Is great of the start and even mid game and especially late game after you have a lot of Ap.

For runes:
Marks i take Magic Penetration so that all of his spells do damage.
Seals I take Mana Regen per 5 per level to make sure when your lvl 18 you get some great Mana Regen.
Glyphs i took cooldown reduction runes to make sure you get maximum spammability on your spells to do a lot of damage.
Quits i took just flat ability power so early game you can be effective.
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Ability Power Sion Items and my opinion.

First working weapon

Sheen and Lich Bane: This is great on sion because when you use his Q: then use your passive of the it does more damage and takes down alot of health early game. then once that is done go straight for the rest of because this is also great gives good ap and is great for Ap auto attacks. Such as . Gives great damage and does a lot of damage late game :)

Tear of Goddess: tear of goddess This is useful for sion because he uses a lot of mana early game and needs good regen. I first build the tear but dont finish archangel Because its just a waste. Just wait till you have used your spells a lot to get the full effect of the Tears Passive.

Rabadon's Deathcap: I get this because it is a great Ability power source and it gives you a great passive that further increases your Ability power. Great idea after you have a little Ap so that it does have an effect :)

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: I know the core build says different but as i was think you should probably get this earlier for mid game slows and good Ap and a little survivability. Then after you get this you should finish your

Archangel's Staff: This is what you finish next on your build after rylai's because your mana will be high then your ap will shoot up with the arch's passive :).

Finally An Abyssal Scepter: This is a great item for a lot of reasons Gives good Ap, Gives good magic resist and the passive on this just dominates tanks that stack magic resist. or anyone that gets magic resist.
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Ap sion and Good way to play.

Ap sions is amazing and does a lot of damage. He is also not a tank sion when he goes ability power. For one just because you do a lot of damage doesnt give you the right to just full out rambo into the bunch to die. With this build on sion you have to strategize your play. By stunning the right person and then another great thing to use is your shield. When the squishy are in a bunch you can run in and explode your shield to do some serious damage. Then stunning or whatever you have to do to dominate their team. So this build is a great way to do heavy damage if you are not a tank type :) just always make sure you have a tank.
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Pros/Cons To an Ap sion.

Does a great damage output
Fun to Play.
Helpful teamate.
CC kills him
After he uses his two spells he is useless.

Ap Sion is a great way to play sion :D he is fun to play easy to use, but he is squishy and can be hard to not feed with if you don't have commen sense. but i suggest you try this out it is loads of fun and a nuke.
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Sion Skills and Which to max out as ap sion first.

His Q : great stun and helps your team do work on enemies. Also is a big damage output as Ap sion does a lot of damage to squishys. A skill you will utilize a lot.

His W : Great damage blocker and also a great out put of damage. One of the other spells you will be using to punish your enemies. A combo of this and your stun they will be at half health easy then just hit a couple of times waiting for your cooldowns to be over with.

His E : Is going to be some what effective but more effective on an ad sion. but this will raise your attack damage to the point of a good strike each time to help when your spells are on cool down.

His R : This is a great thing for when you need health back. just stun and ult then hit them while they're stunned. get some health back and do some damage.
Great ability to utilize in battle.
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Alternative items on Ap Sion

Alternative items can be your choice or situational.

Morello's Evil Tome This is a great item. For an Ap caster and even sion. Gives great Ap and gives cool down reduction to help spam ap spells.

Mejai's SoulStealer . If you are having a great game and getting a lot of kills then get one of these to raise your ap a lot. Also once you start snow balling the effect it gets better and better and better.
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Ad sion and runes.

Attack damage sion is really go because when you get high enough you do a lot of damage plus you have your stun.

Marks: Armor Penetration to help stop tanks and some tanky dps and also helps a lot.
Seals: Health regen to help you because sion that doesnt go tanky is pretty squishy so this helps.
Glyphs: I grab just flat health so that he can have more because like i said he is squishy. So the extra health cant be hurtful.
Quints: Just flat damage to help you early game for kills and late game when you have a lot of damage.
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Pros and Cons to an Ad Sion

Great damage output
Strong laner
Great Team mate
Fun to Play
Still a Squishy
CC kills

Ad sion is amazing to play, He is fun to dominate people with but he can get boring but also destroyed again he is very squshy so if you change up some items and get like a frozen mallet for survivability? or something to help maybe it would be better.
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Ad sion items and my opinion.

Items gotten.

First i rush berserkers greaves boots because they give attack speed and sion needs it to be an effective Ad sion. Then the next item get is an emblem of valour for the life steal early and to help sions ultimate. Next i grab a because it gives great early damage and builds an item you will lose later in game. After the pickaxe i turn emblem of valour into a because it gives good attack speed and life steal for you and your team. Once you get a starks you then move on to finishing for the great damage and armor penetration.

After this you rush a because the sheen effect and health damage and everything that it gives will help you greatly in battle. Once you get this item it should be getting easy to get kills but the build isnt over. After the tri force you grab a for the extra damage and lifesteal. and also the passive it gives is great for snoball effect. then for a final item and great armor penetration and its passive you should get a .
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Skills to max out first as Ad Sion

First one id max out due to great help and a great passive on it. Max your Enrage first for great damage and 1 health to your maximum health for every minion kill.
Next id max out for the great stun and help for your high damage output. Then last max out your shield because it wont help too much without having any Ap.
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Alternative items to use on Ad Sion

Only a couple of items that might be able to help a little.

you could grab a if you are getting kills like a mother and snoballing kills like crazy. could help max damage in the end.

You could also grab a if you feel like going damage heavy. or just for more damage and funzies :).

I would not recommend.Grabbing a Because if you reduce their armor then your armor penetration weapon and runes will be useless.

If they have a very ability power dependent team that uses ap for everything.
this will allow you to get that 300 damage sheild to save you when close to death could be very helpful against a team that uses ability power to do damage.

I Wouldnt recommend that But i mean if you wanted the health regen and helpful AOE Attacks then maybe if you wanted to try.
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The Way of a Tanky sion.

Tanky Sion is also a good way to play sion very viable and has items that are situational. I will explain this all. Good luck to all that try this.
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Pros and Cons of a tanky sion.

Great Tank
Good Defense
Has Stun
No fun due to no kills
CC will still haunt him.

Tanky Sion is one of the best tanks and by far the worst at sometimes. Because Tanks like , and can still get kills your not really a damage outputter as a sion tank. But he is fun to tank with so :D try it out.
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Runes For Tanky Sion

Marks:Id take just flat health marks for extra health early game to help tank for your laning Partner.
Seals: For this i take armor Seals to help early game survivability.
Glyphs: For this i take Flat Health per lever runes to get a good amount of health at each level helping at lvl 18.
Quints: I take health Regen Quints to help early and late game regeneration.
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Items i take and why

I start off with a simple to help early regen of your health. Then after that i grab to get some movement speed. Then i Grab a for more health but dont finish your before you get It will screw up the build. But as soon as you are done rush your . Then after this id grab something a long the lines of a or a Depends on the situation. If they Dps dependent and use basic attacks a lot get a Thorn if its just ehhh grab a sunfire.
Next we move on to the best Sion Tank Item there is the . This is one of the best items for him because it gives him mana health and a great passive to stop crowd control every so often. Then after the you should grab even more magic resist and health regen for tank. This is also a really great tank item for most tanks. Then after this you can grab really anything you want you can grab a or maybe even a For great damage from all the health :)
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Alternative items.

you could get this in your build instead of force of nature or whatever you want to fill it in for really.
if you are going to have a good game grab this for a great effect :).
Aegis of Legion if you are going for more of a team helping effect :)

Three really good options that will help you
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Critical Sion and his runes.

This is my best build i play with him. But this build Makes him extremly Squishy so i grab a banshees to help with that

Marks: I take critical Chance runes to help crit a lot more often :DDDDD even thought with this build you will no problem.
Seals: I take Attack Damage to give you more damage and damage will give you the damage and crits will be higher.
Glyphs i take Health regen for fun and because sion is a squishy when he doesnt tank
Quints: I get more attack damage for fun

Many more possibilites that you can work with. this is what i take.
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Pros and Cons of Crit Sion

Good damage output
Incredible laner
good 1 v 1 due to stun
CC kills him
Not a team fighter. unless the dont have a lot of cc
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Items and the Explanations.

Starting off the first item you will be completing is a . The reason you get this is it gives great crit chance and good attack speed which sion despretly needs. Then grab either berserkers grieves or . Im not strongly suggesting the berserkers because the two phantoms you get will already have enought attack speed. so Merc treads are the way to go.Then after boots and a Phantom we go on to the damage part. Grab a Infinity's Edge for the great passive which gives your crits 250% damage. and great damage. After that you grab another For the extra attack speed and crit chance plus the more attack speed the more their health will go down. This may seem weird but i finish after these three items because + X2 will give you great movement speed until you can finish your boots for the Great passive. Then after the boots which should take too long you grab a for the ability to run in a team fight and not die as fast. it blocks one negative speed and gives great health already added on. The the final item you get to finish your build if you get this far is You get this because with combination with your runes and your passive to enrage you will most likely have a lot of health. So grabbing this will give you some great damage.
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Alternative items on Crit Sion

Maybe instead of a second You could get a For attack speed and armor reduction. Maybe even a For lifesteal and great damage. Plus a great passive.

Not many that will do much for him.
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Well these are all my builds to the four ways to mainly play sion.

If you have any questions just leave a comment and remember Dont Downvote till you try it :)

Also i have trouble picking runes so helpful tips would be good for that too.

Add me In Game.

Ill play anytime.

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