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Udyr Build Guide by Anonymoustrollking

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Anonymoustrollking

Udyr - Twisted Treeline General Guide (Non-ranked guide)

Anonymoustrollking Last updated on March 21, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Twisted Treeline Udyr Guide!

Hey guys! Thanks for viewing my Udyr guide for Twisted Treeline.

Now the main reason I am doing this guide is essentially because I get a lot of feedback after playing a 3v3 game about my unconventional build for Udyr and people have constantly questioned why I do what I do with Udyr.

Now as with any guide, you adjust the build to suit your current situation. However, this guide I'm about to show you is hands down the best and the only true way to play Udyr on 3v3s.

Why should I listen to you? What knowledge could you possess that I don't about Udyr?

Well, simple; I started playing League Of Legends in Dec 2012 and only ever played 3v3s. Udyr was free to play on my second week and I chose him because he looked like a lot of fun. After a single game with Udyr, I saved up enough IP and before I knew it I was playing Udyr every single game, every day, all the way up til I hit level 30. I have about 350 wins in 3v3's with Udyr and more in 5v5 and ranked (Which requires a vastly different playstyle to 3v3s).

I have tested udyr in every possible way I know how and have come to the conclusion that this is by far the most superior way to play him, which allows for abuse of his crazy sustain and high damage output.

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Pros / Cons


  • Huge Burst Damage
  • Naturally Tanky - Even when built offensively
  • Great Utility with stun & speed boost on his bear stance
  • No ultimate
  • Q lays a DoT that does damage based on your AD // Sometimes if an enemy flashes and you hit them with your Q, the DoT will kill them!!
  • Can solo Vilemaw at 10 minutes with ease


  • Can be easily kited
  • No ranged harass, 100% melee
  • Countered by a lot of ranged champions early game
  • Build can be expensive if behind

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I opt for the flat AD runes and quintessences for 3v3 simply because mobility isn't as essential as it would be on 5s. It's completely your choice on blues if you prefer scaling or flat. Personally I find that early game I am not in dire need of high MR so I go for scaling.

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For my style of play 21/9/0 is the most effective 3v3 setup. It gives a balance of good damage and sustain. Udyr is naturally tanky and can sustain a lot of damage, so it isn't vital to put the points into defensive tree.

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Yes, you read correctly. Vilemaw is solo-able at 10 minutes with Udyr and essentially what you need to know will be broken down for you here.

  • Unless there is a guaranteed kill you should ignore early skirmishes and focus on farming.
  • Your first back should be at around 1900 gold so you can purchase your tiamat. This will boost your farming exponentially.
  • You need your Hydra, Cloth Armor and a health pot for it to be doable - Dorans Blade will make it easier with more sustain.
  • It's essential that you have good timing with Udyr's cooldowns so you are able to stance dance correctly for maximum damage and sustain.
  • Takes roughly 20 seconds to solo on your own
  • You are roughly level 8-10 at 10 minutes if you're farming correctly (depends on solo/duo farm)

Now those are the points that needed to be made, here are some tips that you should execute to accomplish soloing spider.

If you're not seen very often in the first 10 minutes of the game and are simply farming, the enemy team won't really question whether you're at spider or not. However, there are few things you need to be aware of.
  • Traps:- Be aware of the location of traps in or around the map that could give eyes on you running to take spider on.
  • Be sure to shove the lane beyond the spider pit preferably to the jungle entrance on their side before you start vilemaw. Otherwise their minions will give vision of you entering spider pit and anyone looking at the map would be very suspicious.
  • Lane pressure - If your team applies a lot of lane pressure early game, it should be enough for you to be able to safely solo vilemaw. Just let your team know that you're going to solo it so they can adjust their playstyle to not die after/or before receiving buff as this will negate its effectiveness.
  • Another reason to shove lane to their jungle entrance side (mid entrance) is to have good vision if they are going to sneak in to see if you're doing spider or not. This could be the difference between giving a free buff and planning an escape route.

So now that you've given me a wall of text, can I get a tl;dr now?

Essentially it goes like this.

10 minutes > spider pit > Q and attack vilemaw > wait til there is 2 seconds cooldown left on your Q then hit W > use hydra passive whenever you can > Stance dance between Q and W > Vilemaw will die > Free spider buff.

Proof - Bot game, but proof nonetheless.

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Core build is costly, but not extremely difficult to buy early.

Ravendrous Hydra: This item will boost your farm rate quite nicely with its splash damage passive and active.

Tip: In situations where you are on low HP, this item can boost your health bar about 50% with turtle stance + hydra active.

Trinity Force: Great stats for dominating. Spellblade passive will absolutely delete towers off the map with ease and the phage passive is great at running exceptionally fast. Every stat this item has is what udyr needs for his kit.

Tip: When chasing an enemy - if there are any low hp minions nearby, quickly attack them and pop bear stance for extra speed.

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Skill Sequence

Max Q for maximum damage, taking one point in E at level 2 or 3 and maxing your W second as it gives you lifesteal and a shield that scales with its leveling.

Phoenix stance is not that useful in twisted treeline and it's not really worth the early point in it to waveclear as you can use that point in tiger or turtle to give extra damage/sustain.

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Updates to this guide will happen over time. So far it's just a quick guide to how I play Udyr as requested by a few people I play with and is written briefly just for their convenience.

However, should more interest be shown in this guide, I may update it to make it more in depth for the general public.

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