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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Twitch Build Guide by SheldonOrangeHusky

Ultimate Plague of the Top Lane (In progress)

Ultimate Plague of the Top Lane (In progress)

Updated on March 14, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SheldonOrangeHusky Build Guide By SheldonOrangeHusky 23,567 Views 1 Comments
23,567 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SheldonOrangeHusky Twitch Build Guide By SheldonOrangeHusky Updated on March 14, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Welcome to the guide

Welcome to my guide Twitch fansEdited image done by NikNak

This guide is currently in progress so bare with me trying to update this guide with images more text guidance and hopefully video footage.

Ok first off this guide is for Twitch mains, if your new to this guy I recommend practicing with this champion in a few games on bot lane in normals, coop vs ai or custom games to get used to csing.

I recomend you watch these videos to learn how to kite, orb walk, cs and playing twitch himself.

First off I want you viewers to watch this video and understand the value of gaining gold income by csing please view this video as it has helped alot of people who end up being feeders become insanely strong later in game because they have the superior cs Arkadian's guide, Tips for Bronze - Last hitting (CSing)

Attack move and Orb walking Orb walking guide

Kiting Kitting guide

Twitch guide tho its old this guide is still relevant for people learning how to play this champion also please pay attention to how twitch is being played throughout multiple stages of the game. How to play Twitch

Imp twitch videos which show some good plays of how to position and play as the zauny rodent :D Twitch vs Jinx

Imp montage best Twitch plays

Unfortunately I cannot provide my own video clips for some tricks which I will try to explain or show you in the future development of this guide so for now I will try to be resourceful by using some videos from content creators that can help with the basics, team fights etc.
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Summoner spells

Teleport: Common spell taken for top laners, mid laners and some rare cases for junglers to.

This spell benefits very well with twitch to gank bot lane, scare off enemy engages in mid or jungle (if it is warded)

While channeling the stealth you can teleport to safety if your getting ganked at the wrong time that seems unescapeable by running or to stealth tp to another location for suprise attacks.

Where to teleport recomend you ask your jungler asap before the game starts to ward when he ends up fighting an invading enemy.

Mid lane, teleport to any minion if your mid ally is getting ganked try to do this early as possible it normally causes the enemy jungler and enemy mid laner to back off, if they keep on attacking make them regret it.

Bot lane, hope your bot lane has warded the 2nd brush your teleport if the enemy engages or pushes too far can make you sandwich the enemy bot lane or a brush in the 1st if the enemy bot is getting too cheeky with pushing too far or diving your bot lane tower.

Alternative teleport for bot lane or returning to top lane undetected.

Teleport to a minion inbetween the first and second tower after you TP'd to the lane activate your stealth before you come in vision of the 1st tower. You need to make the engage first so stealth run past the enemy and attack them while avoiding grabs from champions like blitzcrank having your allies on bot lane with you will 100% guarantee a double kill for you or your partner. In top lane your mostly going to be on your own but its useful with your jungler to which catches the enemy with their pants down resulting in them losing most of their hp or die to twitch.

I've had junglers or bot laners who have been struggling to beat their enemy and me using my own tp stragety has saved my allies lives before and annoyed many enemies
Flash: We can all agree why this summoner spell is useful.

Exhuast and Ignite combo: Don't try this in ranked unless you have 5 premades or you are seriously good at handling the enemy top laner and always prepared to make some escape plays when getting ganked.

Ignite: Great spell to have if your opponent on top, bot or jungle can still be visible anywhere on the map even if they are hiding allowing you to keep on bringing the pain on them also the obvious true damage over time and cutting down enemy healing.

Exhaust: Odd summoner spell to take but useful to reduce the enemy defense, nerf their damage, slow down move speed
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Preperation before the lane phase

From the loading screen (or lobby if in draft mode) you need to know what type of top laner your going to be against its also recomended to view their stats on websites like

If your very skilled, correct summoners to go against you can sometimes not start with a Doran's Blade though its very highly recomended you start with a Doran's Blade.

If your very confident in early game lane phase you can take a Cull to rack up more gold.

your decision of purchasing items in the fountain must be quick since you need to scout and ward your jungler's jungle you do not want a kha zix, diana, jax or rengar to suprise you at a brush if your not at the river before 40 seconds.

PLS for the love of god, ward the river or tri brush or red buff brush and keep an eye on both entrances to the jungle having this vision and information that your partner's jungle has been invaded can give information to your ally to make an alternate choice in jungle rotations.

Your jungler will be happy with you if you keep a look out for his jungle buff and himself if he gets invaded.
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Lane phase

When you arrive onto lane you will be starting with W (venom cask) you will be farming minions aggresively (attacking minions fast and last hitting them) or play passively at some points and just last hit them.

You will be bullying in lane by throwing Venom Cask which will add 2 stacks of Deadly Venom and 2 stacks on Thunderlord's Decree and you can easily just do one auto attack to trigger Thunderlord's damage while also stacking another DV.

You need to try and keep control of the minions, punish the enemy when he starts going for the last hit.

Try to keep as many stacks of poison on the enemy as much as possible but dont get desperate for running past the enemy minions to apply your stacks because you risk getting focused by minions who can assist your enemy in killing you. You must keep yourself healthy in lane.

Use the brushes in top lane and enemy vision to your advantage.

Stealth is key to winning lane with this champion and knowing when to use it

I will verbally try to explain what to do until I get around to doing screen shots and maybe video clips.

1. If the enemy is down to low hp or half hp you can try run away into the brush and wait for 10 seconds to see if the enemy is coming back to take a few minions if you see him/her doing this stealth back to the fight and punish them for not recalling back to base.

2. Playing mind games with the brushes is a risky and funny thing to do if you know how to position and dodge skill shots like a lee sin Q only attempt this if the enemy is bad or if you have enough time on your stealth.

3. Warding the nearest brush your enemy top laner is or could be at like near your tower or the enemy tower brush because some players especially Garen, Rengar, Teemo, Riven, Fiora, Gangplank who tend to use brushes alot more often this can be useful if you have your ultimate to out poke the enemy forcing them to run away to another brush or sometimes fully commit to fighting you but they have to work their way to you.

4. Pretend to be missing or afk from the top lane while camping in the brush, lets be honest not many people inspect the brushes on top lane, you can camp in brush (aslong as you dont get seen going into one) you can just wait until your victim returns to lane and starts to attack your tower this forces them to foolishly attack you under your tower or run away.

If the enemy has a Bami Cinder or Sunfire cape you abuse this with your stealth to trigger tower aggro to the enemy and they wont know it until they take enough hits and when you show up.
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Pros and Cons of twitch top lane

The Pros
+If fed and played correctly without being too cocky with overconfidence he can carry the game.
+Huge casting range on W and E.
+Ultimate gives him the best attack range in the entire game.
+On hit effects with auto attacks work well with his ultimate and runaans hurricane.
+W adds 2 stacks for thunderlord's decree.
+Mid to late game his Rank 5 E will deal 110 ad damage per stack (not calculating the ad or ap scaling) so he has high burst combined with his ultimate he can clear a wave of enemy player's hp in teamfights.

+The only ADC that can sneak past the tanky front line to attack the carries in the back line.

+His Q refunds cooldowns 100% if he gets a kill or assist making his assassination potential easier to pull off.

Here are the Cons
- As all adcs he is squishy
- Super item and gold dependant since his kit is designed for shreding enemy hp his cc and aoe is inferior to champions like Miss Fortune, Tristana, Vayne, Varus and Ashe.
- If he is behind and his team cannot carry him or hold on for him to farm up or gets denied farm pretty much anywhere on the map he will become useless.
- Q has a long CD and has a 6 second timer so you must use it wisely.
- If hit his Q will be delayed for 4 seconds.
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(If in ranked) Recommend partners as your jungler

These are the list of junglers that I feel really benefited the whole team with a twitch top since you know normally he is squishy and you mostly build full high damage items so here goes the list.

Gragas: Now this champion is high on my list mostly because I have some friends who are pretty good gragas players and great junglers in general. This champion has very good sustain in the game while as a good cc kit in his Q, E and ultimate with great burst to.

Vi: Is one of the easiest junglers in the game her Q is easy to land, she has very good sustain in combat, armour shreding which is great with your burst attacks and her point and click ultimate is really good if you need a partner to dash into the backline with you and it has hard knock up and damage to combined with her Q at the end.

Yi or Xin: I put these guys together because they are just basicly easy right click champions with xin having a good knock up and sustain while yi is a tricky mofo to catch and has higher burst damage.
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Thats all for now I'll be back to finish the guide later

This is it for now im gonna finish this guide later at another time, hope this new meta becomes a thing with Twitch mains its really fun to do I've had alot of fun doing this in game.

There are some things I haven't mentioned yet there are some items I haven't talked about just yet that work pretty well and I need to get the screenshots sorted out to.
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