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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author scazza95

Ultimate rammus

scazza95 Last updated on August 11, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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If you are looking for a Rammus build that will go 24/0/10 in one game you are looking at the wrong guide. This guide focuses of Rammus' massive defense and his ability to take large amounts of damage and still be able to get out alive.

Rammus is the easily one of the best tanks in the game. He is one of the best tanks when it comes to taking damage, butt still has potential to deal high attack damage due to his passive, which converts 25% of all armour into attack damage. Also when it comes to team fights he is an absolute weapon. His Ulti deals massive Area damage, defese curl greatly increases his defens and taunt which is able to direct damage towards himself (saved fellow teammates countless times)

Mastery Tree
In the Mastery tree i take a 1/21/8 build.
In offence i take the one skill point for the Exhaust spell, which will be extremly useful early game.
In the defenseive tree i put majority of the points into armour and magic resist, while also take points in dodge and health regen and taking Tenacity at the end to reduce all incoming damage.
In utility i put the 8 points into health/mana regen and also put it into increasing the amount of expirence that rammus gains.

Item build
First item: Doran Shield, gives health regen, added health bonus and added defense (also granting attack bonus) making it easier to last hit creeps.
Second Item: Ninja Tabi or Mercury Treads, depends on the team you are vsing. If its a team consisting of melee atatckers then Ninja Tabi are the way to go for the dodge increase and armour. IF vsing a team of mages go with mercury treads for the added magic resist.
Thrid item: Sunfire cape, gives him added health, added armour and the passive allows for easier farming of minions and allows for both magic damage and physical damage to be dealt at same time.
Fourth item: Thronmail, a very useful item. it gives a massive increase of armour and the passive allows for 30% of all physical damage dealt to be returned to the attacker, very useful against melee opponets.
Fifth item: Sunfire cape, for added armour and health, and stacks with the first sunfire cape
Sixth item: Force of nature, high magic resist, great aginst the mages like veigr and ryze, and also provides decent health regen
Seventh item: Guardian Angel (after selling Doran Shield), provides decent armour and magic resist and the passive allows for ressurection once every 5 minutes, nothing more annoying the a Rammus that wont die :D
Atma Impaler: If you are vsing a team full of melee heros Force of Nature isnt really that nessicary (vice versa with magic heros and Thronmail). So you may consider changing to Atma Impaler. It provides some armour stats and an increased Crtiical chance. But the major selling point is the passive that deals 2% of max health to the enemy per hit, which for a tank like rammus is really useful.

Summoner Spells
Exhaust: Works extremly well with Rammus. Powerball to slow then taunt them into attacking, then once they think they have gotten away use exhaust and continue dealing the damage then once exhaust is over powerball should be just about back up allowing for more damage to be dealt.
Ignite: Nothing special about this really. Just allows for those last hits to be sturck onto the fleeing opponet.


Runes Page
As you can see i went for runes focusing on his Armour and Magic defence. allows for him to be more resiliant start game and deal more damage and it also allows for him to take those few extra hits. Health runes would also be another viable option as Rammus is seen as a tank with lower health then most.

Early game
Your main role as Rammus is to support the the person who you are laning with. In the early game Rammus should try draw as much attention to himself, as he has much survivabilty in comparison to other champs and will last in a fight longer then most. last hit creeps whenever avaliable and use powerball whenever mana is full.

Mid Game
By now you should have atleast the fire cape and should be starting to engage in teambattles. Enter the teamfightes with powerball and try your best to hit the champions in the middle, soo that surrounding champions will also be damged/slow, then activate tremour for wide area damage, then defensice curl to raise defense, then taunt a hero so that they wont be able to escape the team fight. By the end of the taunt most of the enemy chmapions should either be A) dead or b) low health. By now powerball should be bak up and should be able to chase fleeing enemies.

Late game
By now you and your team should have the upper hand. Rammus should be able to solo a tower with no support (vua tremour and defensive curl) and should make the push much easier. :D Just make sure to not get too carried away and whenever a teamfight occurs to go and support your team.

*Powerball is not only an offensive move but also a defenxive move. If you ever need to retreat dont be afarid of using it as it increases your movement speed by almost 400 (towards end) and if the person chasing you by some chance catches you and hits you, they will be slowed making your escape easier.
*Whenever you are attacking a turrent make sure you use defensive curl!!!!! Not only will it increae your defense but it will also increase your ATTACK meaning you will be able to deal a higher amount of damage to the tower.
*also remeber that tremour effects towers. The defence curl+tremour combo will be able to take down a turrent in no longer then 20 sec (while soloing)

Hope the guide helps you :D