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Quinn Build Guide by Papst Ektoz IV

AD Carry Uncatchable Bird ! Quinn Guide [S4, Metabreak]

By Papst Ektoz IV | Updated on January 30, 2014

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About me.

Hello Summoners, my name is Ektoz!
I am playing Leauge of Legends for ~2 Years now and this is my first Champion Guide ever.
I would love you guys to give me some feedback. :)
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Why Quinn ?

Quinn is an ADC that offers alot of kite potential. I think that she fits the meta pretty well because there are alot of Bruisers and Assasins nowadays.
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Pros / Cons

Pros :
- Every single Ability helps you to kite damn bruisers.
- Really good early game due to a strong Atkspeed boost, a blind, a slow and a great passiv.
- Strong chase and clean up with ult.

Cons :
- If you build her the way i do she doesnt offer that much damage like other ADCs.
- Short AA range.
- Hard to master.
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Laning Phase

It totally depends on your support if you are going to play aggresiv or passiv in lane.

If you have a heavy aggresiv support like Leona, you should always try to kill the enemy early on.
If you habe a passiv support like Janna, you should always focus on farming and catching kills with you jungler.
Playing a "high risk high reward" lane, with a support like Sona, may also pay off because u have a decent execute with your ult and the blind. (High risk high reward = permanent trades so everyone in lane is low life all the time).
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Here is where you really shine.
All you want to do is to kite every single bruiser and poke them during that. If you manage to handle you skills perfectly, you will probably never die in a teamfight. Once they are low and try to escape use your ult to catch and kill them.
You want to kite with ur E, by triggering your passiv and the blade of the ruined king activ.
Use your Q only when they really are in position to attack you.

Why exactly is this strong?
- you do not need help to handle the bruisers -> the 4 other teammates can go on the enemy carries, that automaticly puts more pressure on them.
- Since you build both armorpenetration items and botrk you damage tanks/bruisers really hard,
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Quinn is overall a kite monster.
Whoever thinks Quinn is a bad champion because nobody plays her, should at least give her a try.
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Quinn can also be played effectiv on toplane.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Papst Ektoz IV
Papst Ektoz IV Quinn Guide

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Uncatchable Bird ! Quinn Guide [S4, Metabreak]
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