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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jermstuddog

Unrivaled Map Presence

Jermstuddog Last updated on January 12, 2010
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Team 1

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Ability Sequence

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Karthus solo
TF solo
Gangplank/Soraka duo
Shaco jungle

Which lane doesn't matter.

This team seems like an odd setup at first glance, but when you look again you have solid laning power early on early on, jungle control throughout the game, uncounterable pushing power with Shaco, and plenty of map-wide abilities to support him if need be.

The hardest part about this team is Shaco needs to be pushing nearly the whole game.

To start the game off, Shaco should take either golem, and if desired, the team can go for the dragon. Other options include trying a 4 man push on a side lane while Shaco gets the Golem, afterwards he can join the team and get a quick tower down.

After the laning phase gets underway, Shaco will want to work his way towards the lizard buff. Once he has that, he is in prime position to gank.

Between Shaco and TF providing uncalled support to all lanes, the early game should go very well for this team.

5-man ganking phase

This is where it gets tricky. Shaco specifically runs from ANY team fight. He does not run with his team, and he does not fight anybody from the enemy team for more than 5 seconds at a time.

He is focused on pushing lanes and downing towers. While your other 4 teammates are running in a 4 man group, either trying to pick up lone junglers/pushers, pushing, or defending lanes.

Inevitably, Shaco will get ganked, and hard. This is what you want. As people start showing up to stop Shacos push, TF can hit his ult to reveal and slow their whole team, letting Shaco make his escape that much easier. If need be, Soraka can use her ult to heal Shaco while he runs, Karthus can use his Ult to catch stragglers or discourage low HP heroes from continuing the chase, and Gangplank can use his ult to slow the entire team down again if TFs wasn't enough. If for some reason that isn't enough, Soraka and TF can teleport to any lane very quickly for even more support.

Should the enemy team decide to completely ignore Shaco and push, your 4-man team can defend at any tower. Gangplanks ult can instead be used to clear massive creep waves while Karthus and TF try to take small bites out of the opposing team.

Also of worthy note is Karthus having heal and 21pts into the defensive tree. It may seem like an odd choice, but with a Rod of Ages and a Banshee's Veil, he is tanky enough to last as long as your team needs for this strategy.

I would suggest a Tiamat late in the game for Gangplank as it allows him to clear whole creep lines with 1 parrrley shot.

This team has the staying power and map presence to completely paralyze the enemy team and push as long and hard as required to break any defense they might try to put up with their 2-pronged attack.


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