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Twitch Build Guide by RezZer69

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RezZer69

Unstopapble Twitch AD - MID

RezZer69 Last updated on February 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello ^^.

I would like to show you that Twitch is not a form of "click the right mouse button and win." Need to him much more than this button. You have to feel the moment when to use the skill, whether to flee or to race and to rebound. All opinions and more about the myths that Twitch is an easy figure I'll try to disprove it.

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Here is all what you need to play good this hero. Gangs, First kill, Items, Teamplay etc.
I'm sorry for 480 max quality but I did it on windows movie maker so you know how it sucks ^^.


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Mid game

Try to attack from behind if you can, if you do not attack you and twitch as it is to himself that he can strike first.
Priority moves is very important because it determines the outcome of the battle (especially for the build and the beginning of the game).
You very often gank. To me it makes no difference whether the beginning or end of the game, the difficulty is still the same and even easier to start when you play 1 vs 1 Then they all begin to fly around the map and you have to fight 1 vs 2, 1 vs 3 which is a bit harder but for Twitch nothing is impossible: D[/color], after buying five items from the list, you can beat the baron alone. I never lose on mid with my guide so I mean I can show you it. Please constructive criticism and enjoy :)

I can show you all on my film on youtube. (look on VIDEO)

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We need to be invisible and take a Doran's Dlade to some lifesteal and attack. If it will be fixed it will be great so remember! Doran's Blade at first!

Vampiric Scepter must be second item in our inventory because if we want to stay at line a long time we need it very much.
Afther this we buy Brawler's Gloves to more criticals. It's very important to be a winner in fight :)

Ok, now we need to finish Phantom Dancer to more attack speed, on this moment we are 1/3 OP.

After PD we need Infinity Edge and we can kill papers on 2 - 3 hits with about 56% critical chance. Now we are dominating on Summoner's Rift :)

The Bloodthirster is next item what we will need. We have now very good attack, attack crit chance and now very good lifesteal so maybe we are papers but we don't die so fast.

Now you can sell Doran's Blade and take second Phantom Dancer because att speed is very important for Twitch and his poison (attacks - dmg from posion by using E skill) and at second you need to finish The Bloodthirster to got incredibly lifesteal. With this build I can fight 1 vs 5 and win.

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Greater Quintessence of Desolation This rune, like the Greater 9 Marks of Desolation helps you to kill armoured enemies.

Greater Mark of Desolation The same like Greater Quintessence of Desolation

Greater Glyph of Critical Damage We need critical strike damage to get first kill. You can think it's not much but i attack with critical on first lvl 1/2 HP of enemy.

Greater Seal of Critical Chance If we need critical strike damage, we need so critical chance. Maybe it's not too much but usually on first lvl I can attack enemy with my big crit.

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Ambush - This is a very important skill without which you are only a small rat.
With it you can travel safely (not really because I can always put Ward to discover your location), but usually.
You can keep track of their position to attack together with the team so as you can see, a very important skill.

Debilitating Poison - It's extremely useful. This skill slows anything within a large range around twitch and will slow more effectively by 6% for each stack of poison. It is very good for ganks, team fights and when you need to escape you can use it too.

ExpungeExpunge - It's what you use to kill people. If they are poisoned you can use it to kill them when they have a little HP. I max it as soon as I can because it helps to start to gain a lot of kills, and if you can not reach an ordinary attack of the enemy which zatrułeś, you can always finish off this particular skill.

Spray and Pray - This ult is great to teamfights to just to align them with the ground, especially when they line up. I got a lot of many Quadra kills. The most useful when all the enemies attacking team tureta then quickly and effectively kill them, or very hurt and need to escape.

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We have to get Summoner's Wrath because Ignite is very important to us during the game. Masteries The rest should take just as we have adjusted the runes that is in my build everything I need to attack, attack speed, critical attack, critical attack chance. If you do not understand something or have any questions ask in comments here or at my video on youtube.

Health Regeneration is also very important, we have a lot Lifesteal why we choose this Masteries Which gives us life regeneration. A previous points we spend on defense armor and magic def.

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If you don't have to kill the victim and minions are attacking the turret you can use Spray And Pray to defence and farm. It's good ulti for farming because 2 seconds and army of minions is dead and you have a lot of money.

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Team Work/Ganking

You need to help your team as often as you can. I described playing on mid in other chapter but here I want to say you how to ganks. If you don't have enemy on mid, attack minions and go fast to lane, 1 kill of gang is minimum. If you can't gang 1 enemy you need to train strategy of playing this hero.
It's my strategy:
I go fast to bot or top and use Ambush to be invisible. I go behind an enemy, if they are two I am cautious. If they dont have attack and got my posion i use Expunge to kill him or if they have too much hp and they are running I use Debilitating Poison to stop them. And when they have little hp i use Spray and Pray
because it has long distance and usually I can kill enemies if they are a long distance from me :)

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Creeping / Jungling

If you wan't to get Twitch Jungler it's easy. You need just to buy Vampiric Scepter first, choose ambush (it gives you attack speed) and kill wolfs, after wolfs go kill Golem to blue buff. The rest will be easy.

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Well.. This is my first guide on mobafire so be understanding please :)If you never played Twitch so you can have some problems with it but 2 - 3 day and you are UNSTOPABLE. And now, go try and kill fools!