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Tahm Kench Build Guide by yoda gaming

Top [UPDATED] All Hail Tahm Kench (A Tahm Kench Toplane Guide)

By yoda gaming | Updated on April 17, 2020
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Runes: Hail Of Blades (READ NOTES!)

Hail of Blades
Cheap Shot
Zombie Ward
Relentless Hunter

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


Flash And Exhaust
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Top Lane
Win 47%
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Hello everyone! I'm known by many names. In League i'm known as EpicHarambe69 (its ironic) but as I said, I have many names (yoda gaming, Soviet Scammer on twitter just to name a few) as of writing this I have over 55k mastery for Tahm Kench. I just discovered that Hail of Blades is a op rune with Tahm Kench and in only a couple of games I have gotten over 5k mastery! Anyways I won't talk more. Let's get into this guide!!
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An Acquired Taste
Tahm Kench's passive is a interesting one. Every basic attack will put a stack on a enemy champion as well as it deals 1,5% of Tahm's health as magic damage. At 3 stacks Tahm can devour a enemy champion.

Tongue Lash
Is a skillshot type ability that damages and slows enemy's. This will be the first ability to max out because it deals lots of damage as well as it slows the enemy making it easier for you to engage.

Is a very unique ability and makes Tahm Kench to Tahm Kench. Devour is a ability that lets you consume a nearby target. You can not consume a Epic Monster, Dragon or Baron. You will also need 3 stacks of to be able to consume an enemy champion. Spitting it out will damage the enemy.

Thick skin
Passive: Tahm Kench's hp will turn into gray health, and when he leaves combat he will regain 20% of his hp. Active: Activating the ability will turn all gray hp into a shield for 3 seconds.

Abyssal Voyage
Is Tahm Kench's ultimate ability. This will allow Tahm to teleport to a different place on the map, and take a ally with you. The range will vary on the three different levels.
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The early game for Tahm Kench will be very strong. You start with Corruption Potion. You want to get to level 3 as quickly as possible, because then you wanna start to engage and get more aggressive. A gank here is optimal and if you can get one that is very good, but you don't need one. You can engage with your to slow the enemy and go in for basic attacks. You will find your passive stacking up very quickly because of the Hail of Blades. You can now use your the enemy and throw it back in lane, to then pick of the final blow.
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Not very much happens in the mid game for Tahm Kench and you will mostly just farm. You can start roaming a with your down to midlane to help pick off some kills and feed your midlane. To farm more efficiently here you wanna try to use your to eat minions and then shoot them out on the others to farm quickly and efficiently. When there is a teamfight you will be a very helpful asset to the team. You will need to devour the adc to get them out of the teamfight and help your team win. You can also eat your teammates if they are low to get them out of the fight and spare some lives, altough this was very nerfed recently and you become grounded and slowed by 95%,so this option is not very good.
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This will be one of the strongest phases of Tahm Kench. By this point you will have atleast a couple of items this will prove to be very good as you will pick of kills and farm super fast. If you also managed to get and you will have amazing lifesteal. Here you wan't to try to split-push but you will also be a very helpful resource in teamfights and 1v1s. Tahm's will be super good at level 3 and you can use that to push in and get inhibitors or even win. At this stage just try to not die so much because this is no tank build.
League of Legends Build Guide Author yoda gaming
yoda gaming Tahm Kench Guide
[UPDATED] All Hail Tahm Kench (A Tahm Kench Toplane Guide)
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