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Graves Build Guide by Coach Myga

Jungle UPDATED: PATCH 14.10! Ultimate Graves Guide for Season 14

Jungle UPDATED: PATCH 14.10! Ultimate Graves Guide for Season 14

Updated on May 16, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Coach Myga Build Guide By Coach Myga 87 18 440,718 Views 6 Comments
87 18 440,718 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Coach Myga Graves Build Guide By Coach Myga Updated on May 16, 2024
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Coach Myga's Featured Video

Runes: #1 Assassin Rune page (Good vs Squishies)

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Dark Harvest
Sudden Impact
Zombie Ward
Treasure Hunter

Legend: Alacrity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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Bread & Butter
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Mosstomper Smite

Mosstomper Smite

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Champion Build Guide

UPDATED: PATCH 14.10! Ultimate Graves Guide for Season 14

By Coach Myga
Introducing Myself
Hello guys, my name is Myga - I am League of Legends coach with multiple years coaching experience. I primarily play carry junglers like Graves, Kindred, Kha'Zix & Ekko. Over many years playing at Masters/Grand Master Level (S7 onwards), and also 1000's of smurfing/boosting games I think I have developed an edge with these champions that I can share with you. In this guide I hope to give you the very basics that will help you begin on your Graves improvement journey!

If you want to take your improvement to the next level, come join my coaching community where you will be surrounded by other players who are also positive & tryharding to improve. You will be able to submit your clips & VOD Reviews where I will make you a custom VOD review video so that you know exactly what you need to do to improve!
Pro's & Con's of playing Graves!
- Strong SoloQueue Jungler due to high mobility & pressure that can be created in the early game.
- Fits well into most team comps, very versatile champion & can be flex picked in multiple lanes.
- A high potential to carry every game with good itemization.
- Fun champion with a High Skill Ceiling.
- Good duelist & 1v1 character, wins a lot of duels & has a lot of potential to win unfavourable duels with good mechanics.
- A Jungler that has a good Early game & a good Late game as long as you path efficiently & play well.

- You can't offer your team much CC (Only W, and midgame you can buy Seraldya's).
- You are weak versus high peel comps (Can be good versus enchanters with Serpants Fang).
- Long ranged comps can be very punishing in mid & late game.
- Has a blockable Auto Attack. Tanks can body block your Auto's & this can be a problem in some plays. You also can't Auto through Towers & creeps.
- A unique playstyle that takes some time to get used too.
Steps To Mastering Graves!
Iron IV - Gold IV
- Focus on perfecting your Jungle Clear. You want to know what camps will get you to level 3, what clear is best when you are full clearing & Jungle clearing mechanics! I have a video on some of these topics here: Clear Guide & Mechanics!
- Look to improve your mechanics in team fights & skirmishes! This is crucial for Graves players! Coach Myga Educational Gameplay!

Gold IV - Diamond IV
- Learn Dynamic Pathing (Changing your pathing based on the information available in the game & reacting to how others are playing).
- Start prioritizing Gold & XP efficiency, so you can create a tempo lead over your enemies! This will give you higher levels & more items than others, to improve your winrate and win more games you would normally lose!
- Watch Educational Videos of High ELO Graves Onetricks & learn from what they are doing. Educational Videos should have commentary & run you through their thought process so you understand why things are happening! Avoid Replay channels with no commentary, these will not help you improve as you wont understand why the players are doing the things they are doing!

I have educational live commentary videos where I am smurfing on my youtube channel for anyone looking to improve! High ELO Gameplay
At the above link I post myself playing in higher elo (High Diamond, Masters, Grand Masters & Challenger). If you're someone who is Gold & Above or feel you have a good understanding of the game, but are bad mechanically then this members area on my Youtube will be very useful for your improvement! It's valued at less than one coffee per month & should have on average 7 uploads per week over varius champions & roles!

Diamond IV - Masters
- Continue working on advanced jungle pathing that is tailored to your Jungle match up, what pathing the enemies might take, your laners match ups (Which lanes auto win/lose), how your laners are playing their match ups! In these ranks you can not just power farm & full clear while scaling. The games are much more punishing, the enemies are much better & will be looking to use these same methods above to punish you!
- Master fast, accurate & efficient decision making. You need to learn how to observe a skirmish, track what abilities the enemies have used, and accurately estimate what abilities they may still have up (Flashes, Ults etc). When approaching a fight you want to be anticipating how the enemies might play in the fight.
- Play with intention, you need to start playing the game thinking about how your current actions will effect the game in the next 2.5-3 minutes. Basically thinking half a dragon timer, a camp respawn timer etc in advance.
- One of the largest differences between Diamond 4 & Masters players is the consistency at which they can perform these things at. You want to focus on being extremely consistent with these areas & also be playing with high intesity (Low distractions, good focus & attention).
1:1 League Coaching & Coaching Community!
If you want access to even more content that will help you improve at Graves & jungling as a whole you can follow me on other socials where I post exclusive content!

Thank you all for the support & I look forward to helping and coaching many new players learn League of Legends
Explaining Summoner Spell Choices
Flash is the best summoner spell in the majority of games. It has a good baseline & is very familiar for most players to use. Flash is good versus high CC & versus team comps where if you get caught out of position you instantly die.

Ignite can give you an edge in some of the hardest match up & also can help versus high healing champions. If you're playing with Nimbus Cloak it also has good utility as it's on a shorter cooldown than Flash.

Exhaust is a very good alternative to Ignite. It offers a similar if not higher about of damage & utility in fights in 1v1s. It can also help if you have high oneshot threats on the enemy team. (Xin Zhao, Rek'Sai, Fizz, Talon & Qiyana) to name a few.

Exhaust also offers utility with the Slow & is a great self peel summoner spell like Flash.

(Exhaust doesn't do damage but it allows you to avoid damage, thus living longer & having more eHP. You can then deal more damage in fights.

Ghost is good versus team comps that have a lot of peel & also have a lot of long ranged slows. Ghost allows you to run down the enemy team. It also has a very low Cooldown. I normally don't recommend Ghost on the Lethality builds as you have a high risk of being one shot. It's better on the bruiser/crit builds.
What to do at certain points in the game
Early Game
You want to try and Jungle as efficiently as possible in terms of (Gold & XP) whilst also trying to utilize your early game & mobility to priority to create pressure. You win a lot of early game Jungle match ups and have the ability to outplay some of the harder ones.

Mid Game
In the Mid game you will hopefully be able to leverage the Gold & XP leads you were able to generate in the Early game. You'll start to look for more opportunities to force skirmishes or gank lanes in the mid game if you are ahead. If you are behind, you want to do your best to stall out the game and generate as much XP & Gold per minute as possible.

Late Game
In the late game you want to play based on your build. If you are playing the Lethality build you can look to make picks & one shot players. You can also try and approach team fights from Behind (Flanking), or from the side of a Skirmish.

In the late game if you're playing the bruiser builsd. You can play front to back or approach via the side on a fight. You want to make sure you have started stacking up your Grit stacks before heading in.

These are very specific. You need to assess every game & each team comp to figure out what the actual best play is. If you struggle doing this, you can watch other high elo players, look into coaching or watch your VODs to see what you did wrong. You can then correct that in the future.

I have a coaching program that teaches you exactly what you need to do differently in your games to start carrying!

Be aware you DO NOT need to purchase skins with Riot Games & This will not greatly improve your skills on Graves.

If you do use the S tier skins, these will make it harder to play in the future with the skins that are not as good. You will sometimes fail clean E movements.

Also if you are wanting to make a smurf account & have the best skin, you can buy the bundle deal "Jungle Starter Pack". This can be found in the League of Legends Client Store > Champions Tab > Bundles Tab.

This will give you extremely good value, for 650 RP you will get Graves, Crime City Graves, Vi, Neon Strike Vi, Lee Sin, Pool Party Lee Sin & a 14 day XP boost.

If you are hand leveling your smurf, you can do that faster with a 14 day XP boost & also purchasing a standalone XP boost for Wins.

If you want to skip the time & pain of handlevelling you can also buy accounts that even come with the skins you want! I recommend purchasing accounts here as they offer the highest quality botted & handlevelled accounts. I personally buy all of my handlevelled accounts Here! as I can trust they are highquality, not botted & I get the recovery information needed if I ever run into trouble or want to resell the account!

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