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Urgot Build Guide by stargamer112

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League of Legends Build Guide Author stargamer112

Urgot Toplane Main Guide 8.1 ''DEFINITIVE EDITION''

stargamer112 Last updated on January 15, 2018
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An Urgot Guide by stargamer

Urgot Build

LoL Path: Precision
LoL Rune: Press the Attack
Press the Attack
LoL Rune: Triumph
LoL Rune: Legend: Tenacity
Legend: Tenacity
LoL Rune: Coup de Grace
Coup de Grace

LoL Path: Domination
LoL Rune: Cheap Shot
Cheap Shot
LoL Rune: Zombie Ward
Zombie Ward

+9% attack speed and +10 ability power or +6 attack damage, adaptive

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Threats to Urgot with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Garen His passive allows him to heal back what you have damaged but no worries, because his build requires him to build a crapload of HP you will do scaling %HP damage to him the higher he builds. Mind his ultimate when low, but your ultimate requires him to be at 25% hp so you may be able to just execute him at 750HP or so, lolz When he E on you, just activate W if you haven't already. he will back off
Malphite Can't be easier. His attack damage slows do nothing to you as your W is not considered an 'attack', he is melee so you can combo him anytime he tries to farm, and you can finish him off with your ultimate easily as he has no jumps or dashes except for his ultimate. You will need a couple combo's because he is tanky and it will eat your mana.
Nasus Try to poke him level 3 anytime he tries to stack, kill him atleast once before him hitting level 6, don't fight him when his ultimate is active. If not, you are good to go.
Ornn Extremely low damage early on. Avoid his flames and go in right after he has done it. His abilities require HIM to jump onto you, but if you have the initiative, he is useless.
Gragas Melee and needs to get close to you to farm, poke him with your combo. Because of his tankiness you should need to combo him 2 or 3 times before ulting him. If he is scared he needs to farm with his barrels which drains his mana. You should be good with this guy.
Karthus Avoid his Q's. He is very slow and thus an excellent target for your E. Mind his after-death damage and you will stomp him in lane.
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I am stargamer112, playing League of Legends since season 4. I am now Gold V playing Urgot.
Mained many champions in those years, especially toplaners like Yorick, Darius, Garen, Rumble (when it was cool) and the old Urgot. You can say that toplane is my little island.

After the urgot rework i decided to main urgot again because i like those new mechanics so damn much, and he is just fun to play with.

This Guide will be updated frequently whenever there are changes regarding Urgot.
I will also add new ''threat'' champions to the list whenever i encounter them in a game.

This is my first ever Guide, so don't judge the layout please :D

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About Urgot

-High consistent damage
-Tanky + good W shield
-Execute ult
-can easily 1v2 when a bit ahead
-can counter ganks when positioned well

-If E misses your main engage and/or escape ability will be on a long cooldown, rendering you almost immobile
-Pretty slow
-Ult not very good in teamfights
-Ult animation = slow; you can get easily killed before the animation goes trough and than your ult did nothing.
-Bulky champ so gets easily creep-blocked

Urgot is not an underDOG toplaner like Nasus (hehe), Nasus is about playing relatively safe and farming till being ganked or hitting level 6.

Urgot is an all-in-or-nothing champion. You either go in hard, trusting your team or willing to sacrifice for a trade, or you mind your own business.
Your abilities like Q are a bit hard to land and not so damaging, and except your ultimate the range is not so good. So Urgot is NOT a champion to poke enemies with prior to a teamfight or a Baron pit engage.

What Urgot IS good for is all in engages while being ganked by friend or foe, or to initiate a teamfight. Your abilities Force you to literally jump into the enemies face while doing damage; so it is not a good idea to jump into 4 people hiding somewhere.

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His role in the team

As i said Urgot being an 'all-in-or-nothing' champion, is not to be played by the passive styled player.
His role in a team is being as much a frontline tank as possible, to strike at the right time, picking out the enemy adc or any carry with your E so your team can finish him off with you.

Even when there are few or no allies nearby, you can do tons of damage with your %hp ability.

You either 1v1/1v2 or 5v5. You can attempt to 1v3 with Urgot when you are REALLY fed, but there is a very big chance you will lose. Because you can only spend 6 legs on enemies and you need to regenerate them for a time, it's always better to focus them on 1 champion.
If you fight against more people, also more legs will be wasted on random other (supports) or something like that; not what you want.

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New Runes for Urgot [Information about them]

As of Pre-Season 8, Patch 7.22, the Runes and Masteries have been swept trough by Riot. They are now mixed into 1 big bulk of nonesense which a few people can understand at first glance.

The thing is that you can not make many pages of them (2), so you have to carefully choose on which champion you want to make a ''special'' rune page.

Explanation of Rune choices for Urgot:

The section you want to choose is ''Precision''.
It gives +18% bonus attack speed, which is a nice add-on for Urgot's slow base attack speed; farming will be easier!

The next is ''Press the Attack''.
It works extremely well with your combo and W as your W is considered a basic attack (on-hit effects). It makes enemies vulnerable for 6 seconds, dealing 12% more damage to them while your combo is raging.

''Triumph'' Is a nice add-on for when you are in a skirmish with your toplaner and/or jungler when being ganked, as killing people grants you 15% of your missing health; making you escape death!

''Legend: Tenacity'' is a stacking Rune that makes slows less effective on you. Because many champions have slows, there will be almost no game you can't gain from it. You have to stack it though, as the first 5 stacks aren't to write home about. Every minion kill, champion kill, and monster kill progresses your stacks till you have 20% tenacity.

''Coup de Grace'' is extremely good with your build, as you have to get enemies below 25% HP to finish them off. It will provide you with a damage boost of 10% for all enemies below 40%HP. And it will give some bonus AD/AP when you killed someone for 10 seconds.

Next you want to choose the ''Domination'' section.

I had to make a close decision between Eyeball Collection and Zombie Ward. After all i chose for Zombie Ward because it can give you triple the amount of vision you can get in the toplane against ganks than without it. And let's admit, Eyeball Collection doesn't give you the right amount of AD in the early game to dominate, and when you finally got all the stacks in the lategame, it's a worthlessly small amount extra.

And last but not least: ''Cheap Shot'' Providing you with 12-30 true damage to champions with their movement impaired, thus working very well with your E and Frozen Mallet!

Note that this rune page is meant for all matches from normals to bronze V-Gold I. If you play on high-elo, it is recommended to choose the Sorcery rune-path. Containing: Arcane Comet, The Ultimate Hat, Transcendence, Scorch, ''Resolve section'' Unflinching and Revitalize

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His passive does %HP damage, so is extremely good vs tanks and semi-tanks, but only if you hit multiple legs at them. Initially the cooldown is pretty long per leg (30 seconds). But as the game advances the cooldown per leg will be reduced to just a mere 2.5! seconds, so you can spam them late game like a charm.

This passive goes extremely well with your W and make sure that before you jump in, more than 50% of your legs are charged with your passive so maximize damage output and positioning.

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His Q is a blast that damages and slows enemies by a certain amount. Early game it is meh, and you should use it when comboing. It has a decent range and the detonation time is 0.6 seconds which gives the enemy small time to dodge. So if you want to poke you can do it; but mind your mana!

Champions damaged by your Q will be locked on when using your W

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In my opnion the best non-ult ability in the game. A rapid firing machine gun that shoots 3 shots per second for 4 second = 12 shots. Combine that with your legs = 2-8 %HP shots ,according to your level, and you can easily make any kind of enemy go from 100% to below 25% with just one combo.

The trick here is to use another ability onto an enemy beforehand to make your W lock onto them. Otherwise when in a minion wave it will shoot spastically around you like an autistic kid and will probably hit the enemy twice at max :p
Mind that in the early game you need to use your combo if you are sure you can kill, or just to bring their HP down when you are sure there is no enemy jungler nearby. The cooldowns are pretty long and a combo eats mana in the early game, so spare them.

It also gives a MASSIVE shield that can keep you alive at the most precious moments. 75% of the time I get ganked I don't back away, I simply go all in on the jungler, mostly killing them while the enemy toplaner flees in terror!
It is also a very effective way to wave-clear with in the mid-late game.

It also makes you move trough minions to avoid creep-blocks and to stick with your prey easier.

Note that this ability slows you by 125 movement speed for one second as long as you are attacking, but this should be no problem as long as you are in an engage with your E, as it stuns them.
If you are being chased while low and you are not sure your shield will protect you; DON'T USE IT. The slow can easily bring you in range of a fed ADC or something.

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Your E is your go-to engagement ability. This is the start of your combo.
It deals reasonable damage, knocks minions and jungle monsters aside, and place the enemy BEHIND you, which you can use in teamfights to drop the enemy into your teams frontline.

Champions damaged by your E will be locked on by your W
and you can't dash trough terrain!

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Better than Noxian Guillotine, better than Demacian Justice, this is the ZAUN execution!

This hook executes anyone who is below 25% HP, no matter how much HP, Armor, MR they have, they will die! This can only be countered by death escaping abilities or items, ''can't be disabled abilities'' and morgana's shield. You also won't die if you have more than 9999 HP at 25% HP, because yes, this ult does 9999 true damage. So good luck stacking Cho Gath ;)

You fire a hook with a great range, hitting the first champion hit.
While this is a very good ability in toplane or jungle to kill fleeing enemies. In teamfights the chaos is mostly so big you can't see where you fire this thing and you end up hitting a 3000HP Nautilus or something. That's not what you want.

There are 2 ways using this hook.

1: First deal damage, and when you are SURE he is below 25% hp, fire it and reactivate it to execute them.

2: Fire your hook beforehand and make SURE you bring them below 25% hp in 4 SECONDS!

While number 2 is better to make sure you don't miss your ultimate, it rarely works for me, because the 4 seconds go off too fast. It gives them a big long slow, but if you already used your combo, you won't get off that much damage.

Number 1 is my way to go because you can bait their ultimates and flashes and still bring them in for execution when they're below 25% HP

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The combo (how it works)

What you want to do for a good engage is making sure you are in range with your E.

Press E, wait for the animation to drop the enemy behind you.
Then rapidly press Q on the place they are stunned, you have 0.75 seconds (stun time), so do it fast. This will damage them more and slow them.
You press W now and stick with them for as long as possible to get all your 12 shots onto them, try to get around them in a 360 degree angle for all legs to fire.
If they are then below 25% HP, fire your ultimate and make sure you dont miss, reactivate it, and the animation will be a grand finale of your enemies life.

You can also choose to first Q the enemy for you to get in range for your E. It's up to the situation in which you are in.

IF you happen to kill someone in a teamfight with your R, makes sure you stand in the middle of all the enemies, because it makes them terrorised for 1.5 seconds. (works like a slow and stun in one)

This gives your teammates the chance to strike!

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My guide

As I said, this is my first guide ever. I'm not a pro, I'm simply sharing my tips. Please feel free to comment on this guide for tips or questions.

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